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Far Cry 5: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

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As you romp around Hope County, the open world of Far Cry 5 has a ton to offer. From vehicles, to weapons, to very good boys (and bears), there's still a lot the game doesn't tell you... For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (183)
Dilson Camacho (21 hours ago)
The skin/pelt is wrong. While explosives will damage the skin and guns will not, if you can kill an animal with only arrows (easier to do with a single good arrow headshot on medium/small animals) you get twice the number of skins. If you have the perk, you get even more skins. This means that if you have the perk and kill the enemy by single headshot arrow or by using jess, lets say, a deer, you get 4 pelts at once. If you use a gun, you get 2. I can go all out and use bait to call cougars/bears, kill them with jess, kill a deer or 2 and make a butt load of cash by getting 4 pelts from each and recover the baits.
Joey KaBoom (1 day ago)
should have shown examples of what you were talking about. did you really show the game ending?
chanozoc (1 day ago)
Console scrubs.
Hc Kim (2 days ago)
This game is just Joke.....Don’t even bother....Worst game of the year~~!!!
12inchRules (2 days ago)
Grace does miss shots.
noro__ (4 days ago)
Put spoiler alert in the title you narcisstic fuck.
Hogsweed School (4 days ago)
auto aim??? i use a mouse
TheElgreko (4 days ago)
I like the knowledge...but this game are easy anyway a glock in the head and gg.
Emily Hill (5 days ago)
Worst Far cry game EVER
Emily Hill (5 days ago)
throw john seeds body in the back of a truck after killing him truck flies across map, and the constant fkn interruptions suck ass..... i got faiths first cinematic after getting 75 resistance points 10min long cimematic you cant skip or pause and is boring as all hells..... in which you have to jump off a tower you have litterally just blown to bits
Emily Hill (5 days ago)
Worse graphics and AI than far cry 2 FFS
Uniplays Sparkles (5 days ago)
I knew LOTS of these, Am I a pro? (even tho I have a girly name ;-;)
John Madinald (6 days ago)
tf that fucking boomer trigger enemies everytime. Especially when he's barking.
Ryan B (6 days ago)
#3 is just because most bullets Penetrate the target to some degree weather armor piercing or not, a little too much you ask me.. killed a moose through the engine block of a pick up with an ak..
Casper Cattrell (6 days ago)
Your accent sounds like somebody dropped a herd of baby goats in a blender. That being said, great vid, thanks for the tips.
sipioc (7 days ago)
I like this game. Now I love it. I need to buy it.
Syed Hassan (7 days ago)
See? Every 1 luvs willyb!!! Who agrees?
Ronnie Pickering Jr (8 days ago)
Thanks for the tips
ToRMeNToR84 (8 days ago)
Man........Please tell me people don't play this game with all that UI crap on!? Completely ruins the experience and challenge. -Weapon Tagging - Off -Detection Meter - Off -Damage Feedback - Off -Explosive Warning - Off -Driving and shooting Aim Assist - Off -Friendly Fire - On Now you're playing Far Cry 5
Smooth Steve (9 days ago)
Turkeys are downright terrifying in this game. Like, straight up. You may think that's ridiculous...but turkeys are assholes in real life. No joke. I've been chased by one...in real life...now in the game. Far Cry 5 is an asshole turkey simulator. Those pilgrims got it right. There's a reason thanksgiving dinner isn't ham. Christmas and Easter already have ham. We must protect society at large by controlling the asshole turkey population. That's what Bob Barker should've been focussing on for all those years.
James Miller (9 days ago)
Actually, all these bullshit tips are obvious. And u get more skins for using a bow. U suck ass
James Miller (9 days ago)
#10 no shit
nez soul (9 days ago)
best tip for co op, if you both are in a car and its hit with an rpg you both die, but one man should always ride on top of the car, it works perfect every time, like the game designers wanted this
tellurye (9 days ago)
1. Ask us to subscribe to your channel in the beginning of the video, when we dont even know if its worth it. UPDATE: Its not, see #2 2. The Tips and tricks arent told to us, because those features have been in almost every game since '99 3. Result? we dont subscribe, and have no idea why Captain Obvious made this video. Thanks tho.
Earl Huffington (9 days ago)
Pussy ass bitch playing with autoaim. You do you, but this ain't gta. The games generous enough nobody needs autoaim. Get those legit vehicle headshots way more rewarding.
Earl Huffington (9 days ago)
Use drugs in real life. You heard it here first.
TheAeroflotbitch (9 days ago)
you do meth?
gedLi (9 days ago)
Im watching far cry videos because of cpy.
Hunter Turner (9 days ago)
Well I actually disagree with the auto aim stuff, I don't use auto aim, your aim never really improves, you're just really good at killing targets by aiming and shooting without actually aiming.
livibam (10 days ago)
It also doesn't tell you that you'll be stuck in night time.
Hunterkai (8 days ago)
livibam damn that sucks. Hopefully they release a patch to fix that soon.
livibam (8 days ago)
Hunterkai I've been stuck in night since completing the 1st story mission
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
livibam only some people. I think I'm stuck in the day. It's hard to say because it'll be nighttime for some story missions but I think it's been daytime for just normal gameplay
karli GatiRecord (10 days ago)
this video speaks to me in xbox one x what councel does it speak to you
Kruut Von .Trendkilla (10 days ago)
Sadly Boomer is a piss poor companion. Grace has dropped half the camp before you get around to reviving that useless dog.
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Kruut Von .Trendkilla strap him with a remote explosive and it helps.
Munchycrust (10 days ago)
The intro was a bit wrong. The game has nothing to do with race. Many of the cultists I've seen are black and Asian. So obviously this is not a supremacist group.
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Munchycrust yeah I've seen I few npc's say stuff like that.
Munchycrust (9 days ago)
Hunterkai exactly lol. I saved this one citizen in game and he said "this is why we need the second amendment" lol
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Munchycrust I think thats why there's some people complaining about it. It's not the neo-nazi murder fest they wanted
K Hatch (10 days ago)
The only Ubisoft game I really liked.
Killer7_2 (11 days ago)
auto target?? not on pc, you have to actually aim
JIMJAMSC (11 days ago)
Great game maybe even GOTY but far to easy. The money system is totally screwed. Why bother with fire fights using costly ammo when you can go fishing or hunting. In one area after a hour or so I had enough money to never worry about it. Add in perks and companions and it is broken.
mrdeclansir (11 days ago)
It's pretty good ... about half way through but I find myself getting frustrated by the outlandish amount of patrols that you randomly come across even when your trying to talk to an NPC ... also for a game that forces you into stealth for about half the missions the stealth mechanics are annoyingly undercooked ... lost count of the amount of times a silenced weapon has killed someone out of everyone's ear and eyeshot only to still be discovered immediately
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
mrdeclansir using a bow will help too as I've noticed the click from a silenced weapon can also alert them if they are to close or your using a .50 sniper from less than 40 meters (about 43 yards). I've actually cleared the first areas outposts with a bow without alerting anyone but when I went to my next one I switched to the sniper and now I always alert them.
mrdeclansir (9 days ago)
Hunterkai thanks I'll give it a go ☺️
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
mrdeclansir that happens because someone is seeing the body fall. It took me a while to figure this out. You need to distract everyone with a rock or can first
Ellioto (11 days ago)
Has no one tried throwing smokes onto fire/ Molotov's it makes the fire huge try it guys it works
PaNDaSNiP3R (11 days ago)
Ellioto I’m gonna forsure now lol
LeiFlux07 (11 days ago)
You mean you play with tagging on?
Munchycrust (9 days ago)
LeiFlux07 why not?
JCash 100K (11 days ago)
Great vid! Well done n great tips, some I wasnt aware of 👍
Sandman3984 (11 days ago)
Don't be afraid to toss some bait into outposts. If you have a good vantage point like a radio tower or a rooftop you can toss some bait into the outpost and let the local wildlife handle the cultists without ever showing your face. A grizzly bear wrecking shop makes for great undetected bonus
NyuuMikuru1 (11 days ago)
Sandman3984 I came upon an outpost only to have it cleared by a bull and a bear without having me doing anything.
Dead Prepper (11 days ago)
No auto aim for me, I turned that shit off. Along with hip fire markers
Patriots Fan (12 days ago)
Thanks for casually spoiling the game idiot
paft (6 days ago)
Patriots Fan You'd only know that after finishing it.
Joshua Gamez (12 days ago)
We need a rare 1 in 50 animation for healing where we slap a fukin band-aid on our wrist like it did something useful
coladict (13 days ago)
#5 is a perk you activate. It *is* something the game tells you.
seen been (13 days ago)
casual console players
Kamron Grant (13 days ago)
I want to point out that Boomer sadly cannot drive either! :P
TheSpiritBeing (13 days ago)
Here’s a tip... there is a Very Steep difficultly increase if you play on hard. On PC at least, I hear console has auto aim.
TheSpiritBeing (6 days ago)
The bullets are more lethal, and they have heightened awareness of where you are as well, they can spot you even in perfect cover. It's like Alien Isolation. The Alien gets hints toward your location from the CPU, so the Alien in that game literally is cheating. I get the feeling this game has the same mechanic. It's Much harder to hide, and when they find you, which they will, it is incredibly easy for them to kill you. Not to mention their hive mind. If one of them catches a whiff of you, they all know exactly where you are. Also their awareness meter fills much faster if the catch a glimpse of you sneaking around.
paft (6 days ago)
TheSpiritBeing it seems like the only difference is the ai has annoyingly good accuracy.
Sea Hawks (13 days ago)
autoaim? hahahahahahahaha
jadavix (14 days ago)
lolazox3 (14 days ago)
Shawn C (14 days ago)
Love far cry 5..... cheeseburger and boomer (I call the pair either boomburger, or cheeseboomer) are mostly why. Oh and peaches is awesome too. now if only I can have all three :/ hmmm peachboomburger?
Brennan Hearn (14 days ago)
Thesmokeeffect (14 days ago)
Lol this has auto aim
MrWebby93 (14 days ago)
Is there a tip/trick to make the end better?
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
MrWebby93 yeah, don't casually show it in the video.
Matthew Kusinski (14 days ago)
I knew all of this already just by playing the game. Clickbait. P.S. i find it utterly stupid if you’re driving a pickup truck with an open bed that the dog, cougar, and bear can’t hop in the back. It just takes away from the immersion of the game. Hell the dog could ride shotgun just like in real life at the very least.
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Matthew Kusinski I tried for so long to get boomer to ride shotgun 😣
Cachorro Velho (14 days ago)
This guy voice is really annoying
Dirvinator (14 days ago)
*Pro tip* Nobody wants to admit it but the game is trash. Don't buy it or if you already have, return it.
12inchRules (2 days ago)
This has to be the dumbest comment I read today. And I watched pewdiepie.
Killer7_2 (11 days ago)
trash?? they took away the annoying towers and removed most of the HUD, and its a far cry based in the USA other than that it's like every other farcry with different guns, story and more than 1 primary villain. You're the trash hear just cause you didn't like the game doesn't mean it's trash.
PaNDaSNiP3R (11 days ago)
Trash no but I somewhat agree with you. Online actual gun play sucks
Redneck Ram's Parlor (13 days ago)
Dirvinator Trash? No. Standard Ubisoft Far Cry style gameplay? Yes. If one either doesn’t like that style of game or is tired of the formula at this point, then one should be smart enough to know not to buy the game in the first place. Personally I was ready for more generic, Far Cry gameplay and am having fun with it.
Tommy Smith (14 days ago)
Just casually show the end of the game lol
drabnail777 (6 days ago)
thanks for heads up bro
Earl Huffington (9 days ago)
Thanks I already had that ruined but I don't need to see anymore. Like fuck maybe I just like killing people and I'm sitting on the story geez Louise.
Tommy Smith (10 days ago)
I mean kept it vague for a reason if you know which part I'm talking about it's not really a spoiler to you cause you already know but it is still funny that it's just so casually shown
Noah Lowery (10 days ago)
Bro this is some bullshit. They can’t be putting spoilers in these man that’s fucked
Patriots Fan (12 days ago)
Tommy Smith fr
TheCannabidiol (14 days ago)
Here's one you missed: once you start one of the collectible missions (vinyl records, baseball cards, etc.), you can buy a map of the collectible locations from any shop for $1200.
Lewis (14 days ago)
instructions unclear. Used drugs in real life
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Lewis instructions unclear. Got dick caught in ceiling fan
Jonathan Bohm (14 days ago)
Best way to kill animals use the fury drug and hit them all they usually die in one shot
sonofkabisch (14 days ago)
It's fun to take the speed and strength drugs, then go hunting with the bat...bison and moose flying left and right
Chris Miles (14 days ago)
The one I discovered (about half way through) was that you can silent snipe the alarm boxes in outposts. This makes a ‘no alarms’ bonus easy even if you get detected. That said, with Peaches and Boomer as simultaneous companions, it is pretty easy to take out an outpost without firing a shot.
Chris Miles (7 days ago)
Daniel Pender ... damnit! ...
Daniel Pender (9 days ago)
That's been a thing since part 3...
Patrick Marsh (14 days ago)
The stealth in this game is broken. I legit snuck up and threw a knife at the head of an enemy who was ON A ROOF by himself and they still knew something was up. Like...What
J C (6 days ago)
Richard Fisher Interesting. I didn’t have any issues with that one. I guess bugs are completely random.
Richard Fisher (7 days ago)
J C I haven't got there yet, but am having problems with the gas truck delivery mission in Falls End
I threw dynamite Shot someone Threw a shovel OUTPOST LIBERATED UNDETECTED
J C (8 days ago)
Richard Fisher Are you having problems with the doctor mission? When I get the black bear skins and deer skins and go back to Hope county jail to meet the doctor nothing happens. It doesn’t trigger completion or anything it just keeps saying “meet the doctor” when I’m right there in the same room as him.
Richard Fisher (9 days ago)
Patrick Marsh yeah I punched a guy and within seconds the whole world was there battering me.. there's no one then all of sudden...
KingSweettooth1 (14 days ago)
I barely started playing far cry yesterday and i really need to finish it cause i want to only play god of war until i 100% it.
Angel Betancourt (9 days ago)
JIMJAMSC Really? Because I’m on the final stretch to fight Joseph Seed, I have everything else completed and everyone other achievement besides multiplayer arcade shit and I only have 3Days 14 hours and 24minutes played lol.
Ramon Jimenez (10 days ago)
Same here
JIMJAMSC (11 days ago)
Don't understand people spending $60 dam dollars and then speed running the game. It is already broken but add in the ability to make tons of money in a hour, using perks /companions to Rambo the brain dead ai and race through the main story. I am at84 hrs and just completed one area/zone.
Epic Wolf (13 days ago)
Don't handcuff Father and wait about 1-2 minutes.
Colin pierce (14 days ago)
Joseph Seed looks like Jim Jones
Enclave grunt (14 days ago)
This list is completely useless, most things you can just easily find out with just playing it for a hour.
Or you could play 3-4 And you would be familiar with all this
Hunter Turner (9 days ago)
Not to mention half the things on the list, the game does tell you.
tacoguy210 (10 days ago)
Nice profile picture
Quinn Killeen (13 days ago)
Nah i never blew up a bear, ha ha. I wanted to get money for the skins, and truth be told Boomer and Grace were my most used companions, but i never told Boomer to walk into an enemy camp, because i did not know that he did not trigger conflict. i would tell him to attack one of the enemies, then he would tag other enemies while doing that. I didn't like using the parachute because it was slow, i would wing suit fairly close to the ground then use a parachute. I guess i'm just impatient
Enclave grunt (13 days ago)
Firstly shame on you for not using the best companion in the game and who doesn't like skydiving(ingame i'm afraid of heights). But parachute is that not a bit common sense, i mean there is drop take down. And if you never toke down a bear with explosive to get damaged skin, then you don't how to far cry.
PikachuchuTrain (14 days ago)
You can see enemies through walls if you mark them. But even better, you can switch this off under options if you want a challenge.
NodMan (14 days ago)
*_Number One and ONLY Tip/Trick for Far Cry 5: GET CHEESEBURGER..._*
GenerAhuk Cap (14 days ago)
Tips and tricks video: shows a huge spoiler This channel is stupid lmao
evilbeardedman (15 days ago)
Grace is a monster.
TheZipperDragon (15 days ago)
I love how this game is like Wildlands, but the lack of a new game plus kills me since unlocking my favourite weapon (The side-arm grenade launcher) Takes longer in this game than the others, at least 5 hours, at least in my place. I wanna see the other 2 endings without youtube but I've put at least 60 hours in this game. Also, the lack of a normal balanced multiplayer like farcry 3 kinda bugs me, but I still love farcry arcade, though I don't get why you there are arcade machines to go into multiplayer when you can do it from the menu, same with the store.
GuanThwei LP (15 days ago)
#9: Mack (WAB) would be pissed at this #8: This game has become way too casual #6: The game tells you in almost every loading screen that perk points work in arcade as well #5: This xray shit has to stop in gaming, casual shit... Mack from WAB is flipping his shit #2: FUCKING CASUAL AS SHIT AUTO-AIM!!!
Derrian Ramey (15 days ago)
I could kill animals with bullets and still get a perfectly fine pelt so you dont HAVE to punch or kill it with an arrow... At least with my experience
Lucky S (15 days ago)
The arcade is a great idea and I've already seen some cool maps but the problem is, and it's a huge problem, there is no stability. Arcade mode runs like absolute crap. I have a great internet connection and I see people morphing across the screen like I'm using a dial-up modem and playing with people from Asia.
Tom nook's sweet ass (15 days ago)
for the first time since i subscribed you guys actually taught me something, i'm impressed congratulation
Dr Popper (15 days ago)
*Witout aiming*
Perfect Cell (15 days ago)
Don't say battlefront I woll have to drink a bowl of sewage to get that EA taste out of my mouth
Hurbster (15 days ago)
Is there a secret to getting a good ending ?
Mike, from Texas (15 days ago)
*I had to speed this up to 1.5x just to make it sound normal.*
Matt (15 days ago)
been playing this game along time and now started playing Ghost Recon Wildlands
A W (1 day ago)
Matt I am downloading wildlands is it worth it ?
Nobodyknows808 (7 days ago)
Check out darkdally for GRW content and it’s year two season pass ect. He’s tested all weapons n bullet drop. Found a broken OP shotgun that blows up any vehicle in 1 shot up to 73m lol. So any enemies come in a vehicle all it takes is 1 pellet to hit the car, truck or chopper and instant explosion.
John beason (15 days ago)
Matt I platinumed GRWL I really enjoyed it.
Michael Westen (15 days ago)
number one: it's piss easy with all that health regen, shit loads of ammo and a god mode wallhacking insta killing companion or even better, a co op friend
John Doe (15 days ago)
How to beat the game in under three seconds; 1) Pick up game from store 2) Look at cover 3) Put down game from store 4) Go home and cry because it's too expensive
coladict (13 days ago)
This reminds me my €150 God of War collector's edition with figurine will be arriving in a week.
King Anonymous (15 days ago)
Use drugs in the game not in real life.
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
NyuuMikuru1 ??????? What?
NyuuMikuru1 (11 days ago)
King Anonymous Unfortunately, they don’t tell you drugs is not what people thinks. Taking drugs thinking just like in game may result in death or life changing injuries and addicted.
Headless Horseman (15 days ago)
I love willyb YouTube channel
Blaze P (15 days ago)
Almost done with the campaign, and I can honesty say ONLY explosives damage skins. I’ve killed so much wildlife w/ silenced pistols/snipers/etc (don’t think suppressor effects skin, just like it), and they still pop up as undamaged!
Helicopter fire damages skin
Joseph Seed (9 days ago)
Noah Lowery yes with the harvest master perk and using a bow you will get 4 skins every kill
H. Nav (9 days ago)
The "harvest master" perk does indeed double the arrow-kill skins as well.
Noah Lowery (10 days ago)
dml! There’s a perk that gives you two skins when you kill animals with firearms. Having that and using an arrow won’t get you 4 skins. So get the perk and don’t waste time with arrows. I am very happy with that feature as I never used arrows to hunt in Farcry 4 cause it wasn’t worth the difficulty
Average Xennpai (15 days ago)
Burn kill also damage skin Melee kill give 4 skins with Harvest Master perk combo, use Magnopulser to stun any wildlife then melee them to death
Ethan DuFresne-Brown (15 days ago)
So close to beating this game already. Really wanna get it done before God of War
Joseph Seed (9 days ago)
I take my time and 100% it my first playthrough and 2nd and now on my 3rd , even taking your time its about a week each playthru
dknollRX7 (8 days ago)
Ethan DuFresne-Brown, I got the gold edition because I’ve never played FC3. Everyone I know said the story and antagonist are amazing, so I’m looking forward to that after beating the game....but GOW is my next purchase as well.
debore 365 (15 days ago)
Am actually taking my time cause GOW is still 1 week away :(
Spider Man (15 days ago)
Like strapping Remote explosives to Boomer! Let's just say he lives up to his name...
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Spider Man you can but it seems to glitch sometimes when you do. Sometimes it will go off right in your face and sometimes it doesn't go off at all, but do try as it's funny as hell when it glitches boomer.
Spider Man (9 days ago)
Hunterkai Can't you just stick a bunch of Sensor explosives on him and 1 Remote explosive.
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Spider Man nope I am being serious, It can be done. It just needs to be really quick. The second you throw the grenade tell him to go to a location. You should have 5 sec from the time you release your grenade.
Spider Man (9 days ago)
Hunterkai F me! You're not joking are you°●}●\{\
Hunterkai (9 days ago)
Spider Man lol if done just right you can use 3 as well. 1 remote, 1 proximity and one miscellaneous That has sticky as well like the grenade. Just need to be really quick with it.
Giovanni Esposito (15 days ago)

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