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THE BEST OUTFIT IN GAME FOR CAMOUFLAGE - Battlegrounds Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

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I spent a few hours researching camouflage techniques, US army uniforms, and color theory and applied it to Battlegrounds to find out what really is the best outfit in the game, statistically. Hope you enjoy! For more awesome PUBG content, click here! ► http://bit.ly/2rGisA0 ---------------------------------------- THANKS FOR WATCHING! If you enjoyed the video, SUBSCRIBE! Click here!►http://bit.ly/1yfFzQ9 ...and follow me on Twitter►http://bit.ly/1mC83iX ...and if you're a content creator like me, join the Curse Network! It's my personal favorite after dozens of hours of research. Click here!►http://bit.ly/MerakiJoinCurse Get TubeBuddy to make YouTube BETTER! ► https://www.tubebuddy.com/Meraki
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Meraki (8 months ago)
Sorry for the terrible gameplay! I've gotten a lot better since then 😅 Come chat with me and find people to play with in my Discord! ► https://discord.gg/jzGyv8Z Make YouTube better with TubeBuddy! ► https://www.tubebuddy.com/Meraki ...and if you're a content creator like me, join the Curse Network! It's my personal favorite after dozens of hours of research. Click here! ► http://bit.ly/MerakiJoinCurse
Jaacckkko (4 months ago)
Dude you need to make the discord invite last forever
Irish Breakfast (8 months ago)
nice vid.
Robert Miller (8 months ago)
has way too much time on his hands
John Doe (6 days ago)
Thank's man.
Wong Wai-Kit (6 days ago)
Pubby Gee
OGZombieSquad (10 days ago)
Pub - G .
Acid Trip (19 days ago)
Can you make a new version of this video with the new items and which one would be better for each map? (Maybe even considering the landscape of the new jungle map)
Directx Opengl (21 days ago)
Why is this vid hated so much? Prolly by gays/deviants who love to wear colorful clothes, afro hair etc. :))))))
Zechariah Stryhanyn (23 days ago)
P U B Gee
Tony (23 days ago)
My first day in PUBG. I am sure this was helpful for me. Thanks a lot. Ofcourse I sub dude.
Olpakcom (25 days ago)
3:42 LOL
Camythecamel (30 days ago)
PUB G, Or battlegrounds :)
Camythecamel (30 days ago)
P U B G... Boi, Just say pubg or battlegrounds
Tom (1 month ago)
Alot of excessive talking
Alex W (1 month ago)
"Put 10 cents into your steam wallet" shame that steam has a minimum deposit of $4
FurNaxx (1 month ago)
Can you revisit this topic with the new clothes
VostockREvolution (1 month ago)
pubg is big time pay to win, you must have a high end pc for this shit, 144hz monitor or more, high end auris, mouse, and if you have amd then you are fucked and must buy another rig only for this game because creators receive money of intel, are prostitutes being fucked by the ass for money to not support amd. If you have intel and nvidia and money you are pro, if you dont have you are feed, the game is won by rich kids most of the time, they can see all more clear and fast so you are fucked, CAMP THE MOFOS!
crazyrpggamer (2 months ago)
Bruno Fox (2 months ago)
nice video! but u misunderstood shape! by it is ment to change ur typical shape! everybody knows what a person or a car/tank looks like. thats why u stick sticks or other thinks on urself to smash ur shape up! look an tank or sniper camos up! they changed their own shape so others overlook them. u can not really use it in game though... only option: drop->ghillisuit
Omar Adham (2 months ago)
why show footage of someone wearing blue and not the outfit your talking about. wtf does that have anything relevant to have playing in the background. dumb
Eltic (2 months ago)
You'll still have guns and backpacks so is the shape really important?
Mopar (2 months ago)
All I hear is "PubieG"
Spesh (2 months ago)
It’s not peeyoobeegee it’s pub-gee
Dennis Reyes (3 months ago)
Did you really just say P-U-B-G😂😂😂😂😂😂?
ross twemlow (3 months ago)
The urban camo jacket is amazing camo It breaks up the shape of the human silhouette with its fur collar which also is a very good colour for blending in, the colour and pattern of the jacket is a bit too dark but does match up well with plenty of environments. The jacket also does not stick out dramatically as other jackets do and is quite figure hugging with very slight protrusions which if anything, break up the shape of the human body a bit. That jacket also covers your arms, which are a giveaway no matter the skin colour due to the fact that they are just a block of uniform colour that stands out against the broken up patterns and colours of natural environments. Yes a vest creates less of a surface area, this is not camouflage however. If that was your goal then going into the game with no clothes at all would be a more beneficial tactical choice from that aspect. Also level three bags offer the best camo, yes they are bulky but a) you need more ammo and healing items stockpiled to get you through any encounters of the late bit of the mid game due to looting being too risky at that stage of the game, if you got caught in engagements and had too little supplies then you are f'd as your sustainability to be effective in gun fights dwindles and your ability to heal is hampered. And b) you should be dropping whatever bag you have during the last leg of a match to increase your ability to hide while prone anyway. Just ditch anything you don't need and keep the best of the best for the final showdown. I'm currently parachuting into matches with camo trousers, grey tshirt and the standard hitops as a white female and just taking it from there but I don't have many clothes to choose from so it's not an optimal outfit but is rather effective, all these items are instantly available aside from the trousers which are common anyway.
Michael Sanders (3 months ago)
“Yeah this camouflage would probably be chosen by the military if they played pubg, it’s green brown and baige. All right so now we’re going to recreate that by wearing all white” wtf
Ricardo Mokveld (3 months ago)
Best outfit for miramar?
Cyril Melecio (3 months ago)
Ricardo Mokveld khaki colors would be best. There are new outfits I'm pretty sure as I see there's like brown skinny jeans and stuff
S4R1N (3 months ago)
I love how you have all this third person gameplay but don't fucking show us the fricking items in game with you using them. Also downvoted for saying "P.U.B.G", just say pub-g like everyone else.
A SJR (3 months ago)
This video is a waste of time he doesnt even show him using the camo in action.....if you really want to see the best camo outfit in the game check my channel no joke way better then this guys out fit gg..
Jake Atkins (3 months ago)
You said shape was about making yourself as small as possible ie don’t wear a jacket. Shape is actually about breaking up the shape of a person, so a jacket would be better to disguise the outline of a person 🤦‍♂️ also that US military pattern is shit compared to British MTP. This video did not help😒. Wear desert camo if you can’t find green because most of the map desert colours suit the ground better.
What is the mask you use
Penworthy (4 months ago)
Just wear all black
MarekTRN - Minecraft (4 months ago)
But why do u keep saying PBG? It's PUGB
J B (4 months ago)
Runs around in. White jacket *
Tulex (4 months ago)
Jeremy Wu (4 months ago)
4:35 He switches off level 3 helmet for level 2 helmet... Are you good bro??
Mopar (2 months ago)
Jeremy Wu He sounds a little.. under the influence. Haha
Oni Gaming (4 months ago)
what about just getting a ghillie suit
Joshua Medina (4 months ago)
This is sick, thanks man
Sion Jesse (4 months ago)
You have a really handsome voice <3
Wolverine (5 months ago)
4:35 You missed a Helmet 3 :(
xSkj (5 months ago)
the bloody tank top is $1
socialphobia (5 months ago)
4:35 level 2 instead of level 3. NICE
Rai (5 months ago)
Video starts at 3:00
garettleigh (5 months ago)
subbed bro thank u
Hentai (5 months ago)
the bloody tank top is now 0.40
Kobke (5 months ago)
it's funny because my friends says black skinny females are the meta on the game loool and they all are but me
Vyp3r 99 (6 months ago)
Tank u
Arrow (6 months ago)
how do you get those dogtas?you know what i mean the neckline
Arrow (5 months ago)
Crunshers which? I have a black and a white but i don't have them?
Crunshers (5 months ago)
it's part of the tank top
Franjo Radakovits (6 months ago)
The Swedish military did an in-depth study of which shapes/colours etc. are the most effective at fooling the human eye, and came up with results that overturned the previous standards. The results were so different from previous camouflage patterns, that they actually didn't even implement them all the way. According to these results, what you want is fairly large fields in your patterns, NOT those minute broken fields. (You can find this camo in The Division, actually!) Check it out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M90_(camouflage)
Dawn Ripper (6 months ago)
Wouldn't be surprised if PUBG becomes pay to win and if you pay $600, you get a Ghillie suit to start with!
VostockREvolution (1 month ago)
pubg is big time pay to win, you must have a high end pc for this shit, 144hz monitor or more, high end auris, mouse, and if you have amd then you are fucked and must buy another rig only for this game because creators receive money of intel, are prostitutes being fucked by the ass for money to not support amd.
Cyril Melecio (3 months ago)
That's not how to win though. If you have a ghillie sure you have an advantage but it's not always guaranteed.
XD XD (4 months ago)
I doubt it.
AyyeSlothy (5 months ago)
It's $900 for a red bandana I'm sure the ghillie would be couple thousand
The Allied Powers (6 months ago)
OCP, the US current would be better for the dry colors of PUBG.
Depictions (6 months ago)
Actually, I think using the camel coat with leather gloves and a beanie with a gas mask is the best, it makes you look more smoothed out with the ground and blend in more with most trees, dirt, walls, ect. thats what i use. and i have had people ACTUALLY come and go prone RIGHT next to me without noticing me.
The Law (6 months ago)
This man made the dirty tank top go from 5 cents to 60 cents
Colin Macy (6 months ago)
I've been looking for a video like this for a long time. Thanks so much for the tips. Will be buying them😂😂
LilBanana (7 months ago)
great video otherwise but your looting hurts me in the head
Slayers PK (7 months ago)
this was as basic as possible and i run a better camo set up as is looking for improvement
Fruity The Wizard (7 months ago)
Not even close to a good camouflage..
Radical Randy (7 months ago)
id rather look cool af
Pub Exploit (7 months ago)
This is probably the silliest video I have seen all week. Everything in this video is common sense.
ThatDudeMax (7 months ago)
Guys there is cargo pants beige out now for VERY cheap go buy em on steam for maximum potential!
astro (7 months ago)
Sure camouflage doesn't really change a whole lot. But neutral colors like black, grey etc can give you an advantage over someone in bright colors. As they do stick out massively.
Astro Doodie (5 months ago)
astro black is a terrible camo color,it sticks out like a sore thumb in open areas,grasslands,bright areas etc only really useful in shade
Jordan Lee (7 months ago)
In my extensive amount of testing camos in PUBG the best combo I have found is Grey Camo pants, long sleeve black shirt, urban/camo jacket, work boots and leather/camo gloves. The dark colors help you blend into shadows when you hide by trees and shade you in bushes, also helps you blend into cover. Skin stands out, cover it, also, for best effect become a black woman, small frame and harder to see (Not being racist but a mid dark skin tone is harder to see)
Hore (7 months ago)
good vid just whyyyy did u switch full health lvl 3 helm for a lvl 2 ???
Mohammed Al-zoom (7 months ago)
Pee ya be gee 😂
Robert Arranz (7 months ago)
Pee u bee gee.
TastyCrats (7 months ago)
why do you say p-u-b-g you weirdo
Meraki (7 months ago)
+TastyCrats probably cuz I'm a weirdo
Janvar Pitelkov (8 months ago)
Glad i wasnt the only one thinking the clothing mattered a little bit
Pascal F (8 months ago)
so what items? maybe name them once
Pascal F (8 months ago)
grow a cancer
Meraki (8 months ago)
+Pascal F I... do. Did you watch?
Oakley704 (8 months ago)
what are the shoes he has on in the end?
Mika Boogaarts (8 months ago)
hi-tops blue
Mcalister Peter (8 months ago)
how could people afford 10 c in the game! Jesus
Thomas Norman (8 months ago)
Grey is the most neutral colour contrast throughout colours, hence it being adopted for universal patterns, and there are camouflage types: stripes, digital, dots and natural - all disruptive.
ThatPCGamer (2 months ago)
Thomas Norman Universal patterns usually hinder more than they help. You can't expect it to work as well as a pattern tailored to your environment.
Meraki (8 months ago)
+Thomas Norman Good tip my man!
Haunting (8 months ago)
3:43 "I don't have the points right now to purchase a female"
L0gicWülf Schulman (1 month ago)
Why is youtube in the deep web
TheKelloz (1 month ago)
Red your comment and as i was reading it, exact same time he said that sentence. xd
DeeKay (4 months ago)
buying GF 50gp
Jaacckkko (4 months ago)
You need 3,000 points to change your character!
NoLife Gaming (5 months ago)
Big Benny (8 months ago)
Camo only works for campers. I see you move you're dead.
Chris Sztof (8 months ago)
Nice video, but I disagree with no jackets. Two of the winter jackets have quite effective camouflage patterns on them (there's a few Pubg clips and videos floating around that demonstrate this advantage well). They both also give you the minor advantage of hiding your vest (the level 1 and 2 vests are both pretty terrible camouflage, and even hiding them might make a sniper question what part of you to shoot at).
Gabriel (8 months ago)
+Meraki what jacket do you use?
Meraki (8 months ago)
+Chris Sztof good points! I've actually switched to wearing a jacket myself!
rare memer (8 months ago)
Long Tang (8 months ago)
Pubic g
Gucci Fam lit (8 months ago)
idk why but i cringe when he calls it P.U.B.G
Max Fröhlich (8 months ago)
best camo: be a nigger
DerJonn (8 months ago)
My Camouflage-Outfit: Black sleeved Shirt (long) Padded Jacket (urban) Cobat Pants (grey Camo) If you take all this, your character has a dark camo pattern all over his body and you are nearly invisible if you lie in a bush or behind a tree (in the shadow)
Nishant Dixit (8 months ago)
Thanks for the time and effort spent. I don't get why you are getting so much hate. well whatever who understands the internet. Thanks anyways
Triarii Cat (8 months ago)
Zebitty (8 months ago)
So how does the ghillie suit factor into your reasoning here? I've seen it used fairly effectively, but I guess like most tools, if you use it wrong, it won't help.
DemonLincoln666 (8 months ago)
3:43 "purchase a female" women aren't to be bought and sold you objectifying woman hater.
Jaacckkko (4 months ago)
You need in game points to purchase a female in the game
Sääski (5 months ago)
DemonLincoln666 why u so triggered?
Hawkstar59 (6 months ago)
hahaha god this sounds like a trump tweet +1
Meraki (8 months ago)
+DemonLincoln666 I love women, women love me. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it! SAD!
Strictly Fate (8 months ago)
I hate the way you say p u b g... why not just pub g
MajorOcelot (6 months ago)
Why not PB? Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. 2 words. Not Player Unknown's Battle Grounds.
Meraki (8 months ago)
+Strictly Fate bad habit! 🤔
Vascor (8 months ago)
The way you say PUBG is just triggering.
MusTaChe Bananaaa (6 months ago)
Sounds like "puberty" in some foreign lanuage XD
Strictly Fate (8 months ago)
Vascor me too...
Cy Gardner (8 months ago)
This is totally pointless if you're going to have any body armor / helmet
ThatPCGamer (2 months ago)
Cy Gardner Which is why you should equip a jacket. Although the size of your character increases, it's worth what you gain in concealment. The most important thing is reducing outline, which a camouflage jacket and pants can still definitely do. And that way you don't have to worry about a dark police/military vest being visible.
xMaGiiSK (8 months ago)
This sounds like a sales pitch
Red baren (8 months ago)
Velacroix (8 months ago)
Can't agree on multiple points, mainly if you want to be small as possible then why do ghillies exist? Sand, sage, browns are good, but the white on the camo pants you selected--not so effective given the terrain of the map. Urban camo is going to be a different set of rules altogether.
Deadly Skorpion (8 months ago)
but arnt the combat pants (khaki) better? they are not so visible as the white from the camo pants
Omega Disruption (7 months ago)
Deadly Skorpion I think the camo pants blend in better since the khakis are more visible in Rocky areas
jack kaufmann (8 months ago)
There's a green tang top I always disagree with wearing white
xEroarz (8 months ago)
Nice vid MDawg. Anyone care to tell me what min maxing is? Thanks!
Meraki (8 months ago)
+xEroarz it's a term from MMORPGs/RPGs. Basically means pushing the absolute advantage in one category while sacrificing another. Doesn't fit perfectly here, but I guess you're sacrificing fashion :) thanks for watching!
aYz (8 months ago)
is it just me or did he say "pubie G"
ZackJaw Gaming (1 day ago)
aYz I think he said P U B G
Dylan Hall (3 months ago)
SkyHiGH he pulled a fugglet. (I know I'm late btw)
Fernando Trolles (7 months ago)
meh Pugba
SkyHiGH (8 months ago)
lmao I feel you but he said P U B G quick so it sounds like that haha
Meraki (8 months ago)
+aYz damn I hope not
NitroCorn (8 months ago)
Thanks brother. I will defiantly give this a go!
Meraki (8 months ago)
+NitroCorn anytime my man! Hope it goes well!!
I'm Jonny (8 months ago)
What's the outro song? It gave me such a chill vibe.....
Baka Musky (8 months ago)
Dude, Shazam doesn't work on it aswell. I want to know it! xd
거짓 천사 (8 months ago)
just go full commando naked, it's 10/10
Meraki (8 months ago)
+Ashdoll how did I not think of this
Tanie (8 months ago)
Why don't you take first aids from the people you have killed ? at solo you could take 2 aids at ruins you had only 1 and at squad you could take aswell you had none
Tanie (8 months ago)
But still nice vid
PwnstarUK (8 months ago)
you just described my character already , well i use the yellow and green coat on top of the bloody vest. fun tip: the lvl 3 bag in the crate has a different and better camo than the standard one you find.. its actually 2 different lvl 3 bags try find one.
Shirazenema (8 months ago)
Microtransactions so fucking sad.
Acolyte Harvard (8 months ago)
Master Blaster its like 10 cents lol
Kassutsu (8 months ago)
You research real military camo? Cringy as fuck really..
jim brown (8 months ago)
Disagree, i have about 400 hours now and i tend more towards the cammo jacket and the gray cammo pants. In general its better cammo for all situations, house camping (window checkers) forest work, rocks and dirt... Its no good in the yellow fields granted, i where the dirty white top for that and ditch the jacket when ring determines the last 200m or so and if and when it will benefit me.
HerresProductions (8 months ago)
I have wallhack .. i can see them anyway
HerresProductions (8 months ago)
Renosal idc, i code it myself
Renosal (8 months ago)
HerresProductions 1. You're a dick. 2. Have fun getting banned, no hack lasts forever. Sincerely, a fellow hacker.

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