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Find link building opportunities by searching for "Bloglovin" comments

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Link building via blog comments has waned over the years due to the amount of abuse the tactic has received in the form of web spam. The updates with Google's Penguin algorithm has also targeted low quality blog comments that's been used for link spam. Commenting on blogs should be done as a part of a discussion or conversation. It shouldn't be used for the sole purpose of generating a self-serving link. That being said, you can still look for opportunities to earn a backlink by looking for blogs that use the Bloglovin plugin. Simply use Google or another search engine to look for blogs that use the Bloglovin plugin (For example, you can search using : skin beauty "Bloglovin" to find a list of opportunities). You will then need to check the source code to find those sites that use the Nofollow attribute. Even if the link is no followed, the link that is left on the site could earn your site some organic traffic over time. Watch the video to find out more.
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Wayne Small (4 months ago)
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David Knapp (4 months ago)
really nice.
Cristina Velez (4 months ago)
Good.. This company helped all of us..

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