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That's A Man's Corner⚡️ 322 Km/h 200 MPH ✔️SpecTTacular TT ✔ Isle of man TT

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Text Comments (1797)
My highest speed here was 107km/hr
Pm sidhu (5 days ago)
Even the audience is at the brink of accidents.See how close they are to the road?
maxmixfan1 (5 days ago)
this is not good .-- its total way over the edge insane 1:26
Emil Kallesøe (6 days ago)
2:10 that ass crack tho
NeilLB7 (10 days ago)
They should have this race...but with mopeds...for regular people, like the day before the real one.
Lionel Thibaut (10 days ago)
One of the greatest videos on Youtube. One of my favorite!
thanks for tha cheese (11 days ago)
It's man's country.. Mr Stewart said so.😉
bizkitgto (13 days ago)
Great video, great song!!
bicolmange (14 days ago)
I rolled like a coconut,,,bocon PH..but im still here and love it heheh!
Celtic Bhoy (27 days ago)
that's a maaan.s corner that,,,,stay safe lads...
Siam Gk (28 days ago)
1:24 unbelievable saves
Jhoel Pineda Garcia (1 month ago)
Mama mia
BudMagic1 (1 month ago)
Asscrack at the 2:11 mark
Faizal Khan (1 month ago)
Faisal khan
Jason Dudderar (1 month ago)
Happy ST PATYS ! DAY!!
Jason Dudderar (1 month ago)
SWEET !!!!
DucatiJohn 1965 (1 month ago)
Balls of steel!
mike walker (1 month ago)
I live next to the course and im already excited not only for the racing but all those chicks in leather pants !!! cant wait
bluedick321 (1 month ago)
Mmm so Formula 1 is for fairies :-)
Tony Pate (5 days ago)
The local "wee" folk at the fairy bridge may not be to happy with that comparison ! And the wise never upset them.
senicegy (1 month ago)
Respect to all the drivers,for myself i prefer to enjoy the experience on the video game that is availeble now on PC and xbox one and playstation 4,TT Isle of Man Ride on the edge.In this game they build a exact copy of the real track,it's awesome.
MahaVakyas (1 month ago)
"A Man's Corner" - trigger every feminist
DIOSpeedDemon (1 month ago)
Within Temptation is the best background song for the TT , followed by Thunderstruck by ACDC. R DSD
Matteo Tononi (1 month ago)
Today i was thinking at this while going down the mountain like a crazy on my 125 4stroke bike 😍
ted s (1 month ago)
OMG, My dream. Although my cbr900rr cant hang
gixxer6000 (1 month ago)
Are there any women racing on this island?
Keith Seigel (1 month ago)
VW00794 (1 month ago)
Never get tired of watching this. How fast is fast? Even the helicopter can't keep up.
Douglas Haig (1 month ago)
Holy shit.what speed
Sweeptheleg ! (1 month ago)
I used to think that rock climbers were crazy, but you lads take the cake. I meant that in a good way.
John Smith (2 months ago)
Just after 4 No8 One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen
Victor Mahare (2 months ago)
Haha balls of titanium
christina harrison (2 months ago)
Thats just like getting chased by the cops at over 210mph through the country side ..dont crash.
Jma Bbrt (2 months ago)
One crash it's over forever lol
Freddy T (2 months ago)
What causes speed wobble?
Terry Murray (2 months ago)
1:25 WTF is so underrated as a comment
Terry Murray (2 months ago)
It was the weight of them massive balls through him all over the place 😂
Taillandier Jp (2 months ago)
c est nuptial ?
Taillandier Jp (2 months ago)
comme tout objet on le pisse et on le signe
Taillandier Jp (2 months ago)
celui de la ktm était extraordinaire
Taillandier Jp (2 months ago)
guidon renthal
Taillandier Jp (2 months ago)
if these could give us a lesson , a part of their memories, just for the feeling
Aber nicht im ernst? (2 months ago)
Well i like that! and there is me on my bycicle... shitting my pants...
Neil Petersen (2 months ago)
i would hate to be married to one of these guys
Graham Yates (2 months ago)
I first experienced the TT races in 1967 when Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini were constantly breaking each other's lap records in a bid to win - incredible. The Isle of Man during TT week is a 4,000 volt jolt to the brain that lets you know you're alive.
Patrick Johansson (2 months ago)
Some day.. i say... some day❤
Janice Spyby (2 months ago)
How cool was that
Gerhard Kraus (2 months ago)
If you have been there once, you'll return!!!! Absolutely insane . . . (if you think, you're fast, go to the IOMTT and watch, it will help you, to get humble)
muhd ghani (3 months ago)
4:00 😲 look smart
matthew blackburne (3 months ago)
I have an R1 08 it’s ridiculous.but these boys are in a different level to anyone full respect
Janice Spyby (3 months ago)
DR Dan (3 months ago)
#8 at 4:00 on one wheel around he corner is beyond epic.
Kartik Chauhan (3 months ago)
Have your heart in your mouth and drive. ..drive. .. drive
Pidsanu Arjhan (3 months ago)
Shana Kendrick (3 months ago)
I got balls!!!
John Guzman (3 months ago)
music,music,music!!!!from my ears!!
Wolfgang Tatzel (3 months ago)
Nice to see an excellent music, but this speed ist too dangerous - allright for helicopter or aeroplanes ;-)
Vishal Coodye (3 months ago)
To all my senior riders out there, know that we carry your legacy in some or other ways. Riding has been a passion for me, a way of life...its pure pleasure for a man's world.
Jonty Barik (3 months ago)
Øsm 🔥 great I love it #never_say_never😎
kenneth sanders (3 months ago)
Those are men, all man each and every one of them. I'm sure they are happy if your the winner, but probably just as happy to finish, and really happy to still be alive.
pett pette (4 months ago)
did anyone notice the 'ghost' at 2:20?? :)
Xe- Non (3 months ago)
pett pette point exactly what part of the screen?at 2:20
i see you tube (4 months ago)
That's racing at it's purest
Red Rascal (4 months ago)
amazing !
carlos Velez (4 months ago)
I saw nothing except blurs untill 0:20
ThisAllSoundsGood (5 months ago)
Hey Lockk...I'm new to your channel and have liked them all but this simply is the best one yet. The music, the excitement of the race, the raw emotions of the riders and the crowds, and the pure sounds of the man and the machine. Fading out to the sound of the engine was icing on the cake. Bravo.
Marvin Eduardo Juan (5 months ago)
They have titanium dicks
napalmwedding (6 months ago)
The melody of this song makes me think of a baby elephant learning how to walk. Ok, I'm leaving the pub now.
Steven Low (7 months ago)
Have you deleted this video? Keeps saying this video is not available :(
Steven Low (7 months ago)
Lockk9 TT Racing oh ok, it used to work on my phone but nevermind 👍
Lockk9 TT Racing (7 months ago)
Video may not be available on mobile phones + Tablets. You can still see it on a Laptop or Desktop
TL1 Gaming (7 months ago)
Please please please can you tell me where I can get the mashup used for this vid! I love both songs and they're amazing together!!
TL1 Gaming (7 months ago)
Lockk9 TT Racing oh my bad haha thanks so much for the reply!!!!!
Lockk9 TT Racing (7 months ago)
The Link is in the very first line of the description▼ underneath where the video is playing :)
Vid and sing makes me spine chill lol
rocky rider (8 months ago)
That's Bitchin'
Alex B (8 months ago)
That's the true meaning of ride or die and I don't mean that as any disrespect to these gentlemen because they have balls of steel🎥📷📹
S S (8 months ago)
Best sport in the world. Hands down.
blinT12 (8 months ago)
This is crazy sht man ! Lot of respect for riders.
Bill Lawton (8 months ago)
The old guy in the beginning, "this is Mans count this". Who is that?
Tony Pate (8 months ago)
You may enjoy on You Tube GRAND PRIX RACER a look at the TT's less glam sister event and starting point many a TT star ?
Bill Lawton (8 months ago)
Thank you Sir, I knew he had to be famous. I live in the US so I have never followed F1. I have heard his name particularly watching Murray Walker videos. I didn't know about the TT until a couple of years ago. I stumbled across a TT video and have been a passionate fan since.
Tony Pate (8 months ago)
John Young Stewart , More commonly known as Sir "Jackie" Stewart , Three time F1 world champion .
David Saakian (8 months ago)
I've watched and listened to this many many times, thank you!
imagine how much faster they would be if they didnt have to haul those MASSIVE balls around
xwasx08 (9 months ago)
Whoever maintains this channel and does the editing and music I truly thank you for these videos. Please never stop. There's something about watching these over and over that gives you a sense of freedom and euphoria. This sport is amazing and the utmost respect goes out to everyone involved and everyone that's passed doing what they love. Cheers mate.
Sliiim Cridder (9 months ago)
How the hell do you have control of that much torque ???
The Snooker Gym (9 months ago)
Does any one know the name of the corner at 2m28s where they take a series of four lefts in the mountain pass with a sweeping helicopter shot following them?
Brendan O' Neil (9 months ago)
IoM TT is the widowmaker. A friend of mine's Father was killed there in the 80's. R.I.P. This is as real as it gets, 'proper' racing for those who want to take it all the way.
Citizenthirteen (9 months ago)
Men have a gene to be warriors. Destined to die in some battle at a young age , to burn out and not fade away in an old folks home eating pudding three meals a day. This is another way to express this almost suicidal calling. This is the only way I can explain this insanity.
Dean Thorton (9 months ago)
At 1:52 was the second dude riding a wheelie through that spot?
BigMac39 (6 months ago)
Yeah with the speed these guys carry and the undulations in the road it is very easy for the front wheel to come up in certain spots. These guys even catch air at some points in the course. Very scary stuff. I suspect when that happens they get on the back brake and pray their front wheel comes back down lol.
Mike W (9 months ago)
These guys are some of the most fearless riders on the planet.
john doe (9 months ago)
What majesty. This is the pinnacle of Motorsport and the highest tier of competition.
Matt Bewers (9 months ago)
yourleftnut1 (9 months ago)
i don't think it'd be a good idea to sit on the side of the road..
should i go and watch football? ehhhhh no i go watch TT. i love full throttle screamers
Leolo Black (10 months ago)
there would be no fear without death...but this is man´s country, this :)
Dennis Anonymous (10 months ago)
Still the best vid for me made by lockk9 tt racing..just awsome!
GDSArt-design (10 months ago)
Love it. Absolutely love it
Andy Howell (11 months ago)
what is this remix? it's amazing
EL - LEON (11 months ago)
Kyle M. (11 months ago)
3:10 god damn that must one fun ass stretch of road
jerseysmaniac (11 months ago)
this is so scary.. holy shit
pop eye (11 months ago)
Hat's off to these rider's! 🙏 Ride safe everyone.!🙏
vondenballs (11 months ago)
The best TT vid.
Frank The Rabbit (11 months ago)
i made a mess in my panties
Angel (11 months ago)
Waiting on the day when I will see this madness with my own eyes.
1wannabee1 (11 months ago)
Mannnnn! That is 1 of THE best vids I've watched on youtube. Cheers mate, (ffs I nearly wet me y-fronts bloody watching these fella's ;))
John McGuinnes187 (11 months ago)
woran liegt es, dass man dieses video nicht aufm smartphone anschauen kann....?
Taylor Gaston (11 months ago)
Well I was laying in bed about to sleep and that came on. So much for sleep with all this adrenaline in my body. Where my motorcycle keys at

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