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Warning♣This is a sport.not.a.game⚡️✔️ (ROAD RACING) . Isle of Man TT Type Racing

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Text Comments (741)
Israr khan Hassanzai (18 hours ago)
Leave everything. Tellme the song name ?
maxmixfan1 (5 days ago)
Love you Lockk9 .- this is racing ......
John Normal (8 days ago)
Valentino Rossi often comes along to watch the TT
Mihai Remus Gavrilita (11 days ago)
Anthony Smethurst (13 days ago)
God like riding skill. F1 hasn't got Shit on the tt Riders
Darren Kibble (24 days ago)
Lockk9 sure knows how to make a good video.awesome job
jeff deathrage (26 days ago)
Cool H (30 days ago)
I love the voice
Starts at ENGAGE GEAR and Vroooommmm...
Armando Reyes (1 month ago)
quiero manejar una
Aashis Magar (1 month ago)
Balls of iron.
Mihai Remus Gavrilita (1 month ago)
Cezar Carvalho (1 month ago)
Sweeptheleg ! (1 month ago)
With balls that big, how do they squeeze them into their leathers? Is there like a built in pouch for men with extra big ones?
Jagadish Thumkunta (2 months ago)
Can me send this song link
Mar Dema (2 months ago)
I thought if it rains you needed to stop the race or do half of it behind the safety car, i mean that's what an f1 driver does!. This guys don't need wheels, with their massive testicles is just enough.
Gabriel San (2 months ago)
sacale la musica, y deja vivir el sonido puro de las motos!!!!!!
Aber nicht im ernst? (2 months ago)
WHAT THE FUCK....i´m still shitting my pants....
CRITY CITY (2 months ago)
Tejash Virani (2 months ago)
Mike Asenato (2 months ago)
courage trust me it's the fear, That is the chase
Kite boy (2 months ago)
If only there was""":::""""" Music"""""""
Michael Moretti (3 months ago)
I'm not sure all of that was from the TT. Were some of those edits from Ireland?
Lucky 222 (3 months ago)
200+ MPH in RAIN !! Fucking Shit ..but...the Song is Amazing !
Sampath K (3 months ago)
Women are gone long ago. Its happy to see at least few men are still remaining.
firemegastorm (3 months ago)
I can't figure out wether the are closer to death or more alive than all of us
milwaukeegregg (4 months ago)
These guys use dump trucks to carry their balls around...
Bordi the one (4 months ago)
There are only few people in this world who can do this. And think how many we are nowadays.
maxmixfan1 (4 months ago)
Ronski Speed ft Elizabeth Egan ,- Speeeed with you . . .
Dejl 006 (4 months ago)
Black Dog (4 months ago)
Pure Insanity
FEMOBE (4 months ago)
Ramesh Bera (4 months ago)
João Joaquim (4 months ago)
Vida loca..
Issac Murphy (5 months ago)
isaac marcus me learn to ride safe
Randolfo Santos (5 months ago)
Ellinas The Great (5 months ago)
Sean McKeown (5 months ago)
The pinnacle of motor sport everything else is a poor substitute. Somewhere in all this, is the meaning of life!
Money Tron (5 months ago)
What's the music name?
Rômulo Assis (5 months ago)
Fantástico show adrenalina pura uns dos meus sonhos correr
foxyblonde73 (5 months ago)
Cant stop watching this one. Thank you xxxx
Ananth Anath (5 months ago)
Moto gp give another chance but here there is no other chance to stay alive
Rick Robinson (5 months ago)
Truly Bitchin!
Ruben Guzman (5 months ago)
I rode a GSXR 1100 for 9 years, and seeing these guy's ride this fast still leaves me in awe!!
nuno lopes (6 months ago)
com ser piloto?sem denhiro com ir para um pista ou enquipa
eye (6 months ago)
RIP Simon andrews.we respect your passion.
xXMy aaXx (6 months ago)
Omg so hurt oh my god
Christos Antonopoulos (6 months ago)
Dont do this in the wet with any luggage guys i lost traction at 200kmhr metzler M3 tyres on a 94 MODEL CBR1000F
hamed chikh (7 months ago)
respect for this guys
KEEVEE2 (8 months ago)
for me the real heros of motorsportracing
nuno lopes (8 months ago)
E Bue fixe altamente . gostava de ver mais vedios assim e que deste like ja os vi tudos e sao bortao .
George Teece (9 months ago)
Reminds me of a good buddy lost in time something about on the limit and paying the price he is gone i live what he could not accept i miss him Something about 150 plus it takes you to a levevel that cannot be explained it is anti social stupid and risky for others but what a short life of absolute ball clenching fear The full on realease of a W T F cannot be under estimated
David Mc (9 months ago)
Legends, long may the sport live.
Panos Laftshs (9 months ago)
This riders it's not humans guys I swear...They have so many skills
Panos Laftshs (9 months ago)
This riders it's not humans guys I swear...They have so many skills
Lu Silk (9 months ago)
These men have ice flowing in their veins,respect.
Melek Turgut (9 months ago)
Khurram Shahzad (10 months ago)
awesome i liked
AkRaM A lraQi (10 months ago)
WOW men 💪😊
AkRaM A lraQi (10 months ago)
I have 50cc 😅😅😅
Punetha Power (10 months ago)
super drag
Punetha Power (10 months ago)
super drag
Jeroen Wubbels (10 months ago)
lmao , one guy says the other one is nuts.
Cesario Cantu (10 months ago)
great video
Blue Boy (11 months ago)
Strange sport... Run on open traffic road, is very strange!
Simon T (3 months ago)
him self Not strange, special. Very special.
A Rizk (1 year ago)
Bobby (1 year ago)
Idiots racing in the rain - what for?
Simon T (3 months ago)
Sir Bobby Because they can, and for the love of their sport, adrenaline is the most addictive drug on the planet.
Jakri1 (1 year ago)
this is total madness , and i like it
Norse Man (1 year ago)
The TT guys put everything in on each race, meaning, they know if they crash the likelihood of not surviving is huge. I have all respect for the TT riders, their skills and bravery. However, you would have to be a bit out of your mind participating in these races. At the end of the day, it is only us who ride that recognize their names so it is not for glory that is for sure.
tp532001 (1 year ago)
Top racing, Top trance music, love it Lockk9 thanks
patrick reif (1 year ago)
Sound and Video Mix Lägender👍👍
did you notice? no one is using Naked bikes..perhaps these bikes skid to utmost..
Simon T (3 months ago)
Shyandeep Roy Chowdhury The fairings are there to improve aerodynamics, try sitting at 200mph on a naked bike. I dare ya!!
Sudarshan Sharma (1 year ago)
oh my god
Moonshine smooth (1 year ago)
Baddest ass racers in the world!!!
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
Will you make a video with a Nightwish song as the soundtrack, possibly with Planet Hell? I think that would be bloody awesome!
Clark Kent (1 year ago)
Man I wish Joey Dunlop was still around. My Favourite rider of all time. Riding on the edge, life couldn't be better.
BossDK (1 year ago)
this isn't a sport. this is war of men with balls of steel.
sagun khadka (1 year ago)
i really want to see them ride with my own eyes..imagine them passing in secs chewwwwwww....
first track name??
Ajit Pandey (1 year ago)
Isle of Men more like glory of beating fear and death at its peak of 6th gear
avinash aranganathaan (1 year ago)
when I can also became like this guys - a skilled bike racer 😎😎😎
MCdeDulles (1 year ago)
ravi kumar (1 year ago)
oh fckng creepy
Fakto Grafik (1 year ago)
Great compilation. Great soundtrack.
mcDarkD (1 year ago)
lol this is a sunday spin out for some people.
mcDarkD (1 year ago)
just park and wash till next week.
mcDarkD (1 year ago)
and they say nothing.
symun buuntw (1 year ago)
they push their life live or dead to win d race.or else its no challenge.
Włodek 1410 (1 year ago)
symun buuntw like in every sport, but this is level 100 hard
Endless Space (1 year ago)
anyone know the brand for the helmet at 1:12 ?
Ron Chalker (1 year ago)
Amazing guys, lunatics, but amazing.
Tony Pate (1 year ago)
These are the "sane" one real lunatics take a mate and use 3 wheels You Tube CRAZY ON BOARD SIDECARS SOUTHERN 100 ISLE OF MAN then we have the guys on 4 wheels 1994 MANX RALLY SS7 BRANDYWELL IN CAR WITH MARK HIGGINS all on a 15 x 30 mile ish rock poking out the Irish Sea still keeps the sheep safe playing with toys !
1063ghost (1 year ago)
Devilriders 😰👍
Shannon Scott (1 year ago)
Michael Uhlir (1 year ago)
damn! these racers are on a whole other level than any other racers I have ever saw. intensity on rocket fuel and enriched uranium!
Bian Prasetio (1 year ago)
master bike
Морячок ! (1 year ago)
Мне жаль юношей которые погибли. :(
jim henry (1 year ago)
A sport for Men and Hero's
SPEED_RZ (1 year ago)
place where stars become legend
manonamountain (1 year ago)
Oh,and no wonder the Dunlop boys got a tyre named after them!
manonamountain (1 year ago)
If you think Buster Gonad's got massive knackers......think again!
nelsonthekinger (1 year ago)
great track by the way
nelsonthekinger (1 year ago)
This is the real deal
alden aroza (1 year ago)
its death race

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