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BEST⚡CORNER☘️ , Pullit's Gate , Ulster Grand Prix, Belfast, N.Ireland. . (Type Race, Isle of man TT)

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Thank you for all the Likes + Shares :) If you can please help support the channel. ► https://patreon.com/Lockk9 ► https://paypal.me/Lock9 280 km/h , 175 MPH Corner
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Text Comments (51)
suffern63 (1 month ago)
They'll probably put a chicane in and ruin it,like Mathers Cross.
Sahil Narvekar (1 month ago)
Leonardo F.C (2 months ago)
0:16 Approximately 50 meters crossed in less than 1 second
ap4709pk (2 months ago)
IGR Motorcycle Rebuilds (2 months ago)
Roll on this race season👍👌
RoyRu85 (2 months ago)
Still can’t understand spectators on the outside of a corner. Any corner! If the riders mess up you’ve got 150-200kg of bike between your teeth.
biocybernaut (1 month ago)
Some people don't have brains... that's why.
Calvary Crusader (2 months ago)
I've gone faster in a 747.
Bhavesh Singh (2 months ago)
Made my day
Ljubo Rajic (2 months ago)
Das ist Best Corner SUPER!!!!! Thanks!
Máté Ágoston (2 months ago)
Isn't that Jordan's Cross?
Lockk9 TT Racing (2 months ago)
Right-Hander after Jordan's. Map► https://FB.com/Lockk9/photos/p.1015207388619808/1015207388619808
Cm Rider (2 months ago)
Real or no?
Angel RP (2 months ago)
Wow, nice
rickburnout666 (2 months ago)
Balls of steel
Andres 727 (2 months ago)
voongnz (2 months ago)
Go Bruce Anstey! #FlyKiwiFly! 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿
Brisset habib (2 months ago)
John Moura (2 months ago)
So fast - - So brave!
Makaveli (2 months ago)
Silver Stacker (2 months ago)
Cheap asses like the videos but can’t even donate a buck on Patreon... 🙄
fred blogs (2 months ago)
god help them ,,, right next to barbed wire fences shivers down ma back
adrixyperla ortizmora (2 months ago)
Ride or dieee
RC78 (2 months ago)
speed muito bom
Baz07RIR Walker (2 months ago)
U’ll not be standing there in 2018. All prohibited after last years accidents
gasdive (2 months ago)
I can't believe anyone would willingly stand there. That just looked terrifying.
candlebougie (2 months ago)
Baz07RIR Walker just the exit of the corner or the whole area
Rubens Filho (2 months ago)
Muito show 👏👏✌️
Jerald Jones Gabaran (2 months ago)
Who's gonna win this year?
ManmadeSmiith (2 months ago)
Aye, its alright like.
Lockk9 TT Racing (2 months ago)
- :)
Jujugu Gugaga (2 months ago)
😎Balls of steel😎
Tim Man (2 months ago)
TWO SETS of them bad boys too LOL AMAZING stuff
CANYON KILLER (2 months ago)
Jujugu Gugaga I was just typing the samething!!
Quem é Alfinete ?!! (2 months ago)
Metal Head 420 (2 months ago)
turbostatic1 (2 months ago)
fuck f1, this is where it's at
Włodek 1410 (2 months ago)
Lotfus Klai (2 months ago)
18/10 stainless steel 🥇😜😂
Xavi Spit (2 months ago)
11/10 ;)
movistar gsxr (2 months ago)
Oh yes,,,,,noting better : )
Paul Hull (2 months ago)
Il be there 2018😁
Paul Hull (2 months ago)
dacountryone Get it sorted and get over I've been going to Ulster gp from 1979,I've a few vids up on my YouTube channel,best wishes from N.Ireland👍
dacountryone (2 months ago)
Lucky you,i would love to be able to watch this in person,been following REAL road racing for 10 years now.nothing else compares to this.GREATEST RACING ON EARTH.best wishes from the states.
Paul Hull (2 months ago)
Fergus DaHouseCat No sorry I live very close to Ulster Gp but there is camping available behind paddock
Fergus DaHouseCat (2 months ago)
Paul Hull you camping?
S J O'Kane (2 months ago)
Feckin awesome 😉😉😉
Rafael Rodrigues (2 months ago)
Show de bola. Sou Rafael do Brasil do Rio de janeiro.
Hornet (2 months ago)
Yeaaaah !
Damián caamal (2 months ago)
Chido, saludos

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