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FAR CRY 5 - Fails & Funny Moments! #2 (Stupid Animals, Boomer Is Crazy!)

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Text Comments (466)
rogue hero productions (11 hours ago)
Emmanuel Limaco (13 hours ago)
does this game just have am insane amount of bugs per what?
Tyler Hensley (21 hours ago)
the song at 6:02 is so peaceful and happy whats it called o:
Julian Montañez (22 hours ago)
The Eyes Of Ire (1 day ago)
looking forward to getting this game, FINALLY!
Catherine Rainville (1 day ago)
And that girl at 10:25😂 I’m dying. I love this game
Catherine Rainville (1 day ago)
At 10:15 THAT GUY THOUGH OH MY LORD😂😂 Welp, guys gotta do what guys gotta do.
alex cancelleri (1 day ago)
0:09 you got destroyed
Nunya Biz (1 day ago)
This is one of the stupidest games I've ever played. I'm a big fan!
*Made a nice cinematic music video for "Set Those Sinners Free" song from Far Cry 5 OST. Would be great to get some feedback on this, especially, on the channel.* https://www. youtube. com/watch?v= 2ftd3lnqz9c (delete the gaps)
defkorn Park (2 days ago)
So many bugs and glitches. This is the worst far cry game I believe.
Viibe (3 days ago)
Those semis are no joke. I was fishing once, and I turn and get RKO'd by one..
Montree 083 (4 days ago)
wwe supercard france (4 days ago)
0:33 WWE
zombieruler100 (4 days ago)
Hey guys! Come check out this awesome way to make money in Far Cry 5 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMefBGr9W-s
Big B (4 days ago)
The most annoying thing about this game is that there is always a fucking helicopter or airplane following you and shooting you when you are trying to do stuff
Pedro Bahena (4 days ago)
I just got this game yesterday and it’s badass
UBISOFT U FUCKED ME IN THE ASS... for the last time to many... i will never buy your games again SUCK A DICK SOFTLY please
auphaiphai (5 days ago)
7.48 นั่นคนไทยเหรอ!!!?
SADat4AM (5 days ago)
03:37 haha-ha-haaw...
Three G's (6 days ago)
6:54 funniest moment to me
Bakerz Dozen (6 days ago)
glitch heaven
Bakerz Dozen (6 days ago)
lol that first oine
Robert Kristiansen (6 days ago)
This is Funny shit ..I Like Far Cry 5 ..Think its the best in the series so far ...That is if there will be another Game in this Series...!?
Crazy Animal Gaming (6 days ago)
nice highlights brother. definitely enjoyed it. Check out my gameplay if you ever get a chance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og6_PRt3wlA&t=3s
brandon shirley (6 days ago)
Anyone wanna play add A reapers soul on xbox 😋
Sinan Uysal (6 days ago)
8:46 what a fucking power bro
Honey Bear (7 days ago)
Nice trailer
Dylan Wolff (7 days ago)
Okay 2:20 with the grapple swing was awesome!
Thedragonguy03 (7 days ago)
9:31 Quite literally a self-propelled-gun
Mortada Talib (8 days ago)
11: 10 😂😂
kamil2358 (8 days ago)
That superman part was best :D
Mr. Fidols (9 days ago)
lmao almost no lags
Nino Perez (9 days ago)
Helicopter flesh traffic assignment admire Republican rebel breath
Bunny Sai (9 days ago)
@GameSprout belive me there is a dialogue in the game saying that "The cults are collection of ass holes
Courage Ekhaguere (9 days ago)
I freaking love Farcry 5 so fun😂
GamingGUY350 (9 days ago)
fuyck you bitch videos stoler
Bigweevil (9 days ago)
Nice, how's mine in comparison. https://youtu.be/CkbsN9cAOoI
teedy lp (9 days ago)
what was this for a plan
Gage norton (9 days ago)
Add me on Xbox:bowman7583
Temmie Channel (9 days ago)
2:38 wut p.s. 8:10 "Я быка разрезал в хлам попросту..." = "I cut a bull to fuck just..."
Kit (10 days ago)
fuckin glitches fuckin video
Mati Sadkiewicz (10 days ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday
VENOM180 (10 days ago)
The cars are so buggy it's so hilarious
Neomania Titan (10 days ago)
This game is a BUG
Eli Walker (10 days ago)
0:22 Thanks for the feature guys!!!! I appreciate it. I freaked out so much when I seen it lol
AoyLon Ninja (10 days ago)
6:15 is what you came for
Hillbo Baggins (10 days ago)
Do more of this pls
Crankout2war (10 days ago)
1:10 is the best
Orangecheif. anonymous (10 days ago)
Goddamn is this game addicting
Isaias (10 days ago)
6:10 😏😏😏
mellany arias (10 days ago)
NEEBS is that you? 5:30
Super C (10 days ago)
Definition of this game “WHAT THE FUC- BOOOOOOOOMM”
LITTY WOE54 (10 days ago)
4:23 you just got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!!
RUDY Gomez (10 days ago)
HussaR (10 days ago)
2:20 woooo that's me! <3
Benjamin Atkinson (10 days ago)
Call inflation volunteer secret experience defendant closed love insist kick dozen official
Kayla Noller (10 days ago)
$60 Game....
Danil Torlukov Gardner (10 days ago)
Allie Pixley (10 days ago)
Far Cry Pre-alpha edition, version 0.3 for TEST purpose only! Oh no wait, it's actually a full game... and oh it costs 60 bucks... hmm... Awesome montage though :D
TimidLeaf (10 days ago)
1:55 poor bear ),:
kaleckton (10 days ago)
Unimpressed with this 60 dollar game plus extra costs.
Chiru93 (10 days ago)
This clip lol 1:11
Jimmy Hein (10 days ago)
this is so fun to look at that i have to buy this shit game
King Noctis (10 days ago)
8:33 Autobots roll out
MA DEUCE (10 days ago)
Noraa Flower (10 days ago)
That first one had me dead
Reines Alpensalz (11 days ago)
ESport ready
Numéro 4 (11 days ago)
josh d (11 days ago)
lmao poor boomer earned his wings in this one
sul fus (11 days ago)
Far Cry 5 à seulement 46.99€ sur ce site avec ce lien : https://www.instant-gaming.com/igr/gamer-0b1a89/
fishing fever (11 days ago)
Every day a moose gets hit by a plane in far cry If you donate 5 dollars we can stop this
Definitely not a troll (11 days ago)
Forg0tin (11 days ago)
That first clip was funny ads shit
Paddy Duke (11 days ago)
I'm annoyed as at faith seeds area one min your doing a mission an the next thing she pops up an puts in the Bliss its ruining my missions very fuckin stupid it is
Poopy (11 days ago)
2:00 this cougar got drugged by bliss
Son Goku (11 days ago)
So peaceful.
Miter Lok (11 days ago)
The definition of insanity!!!
Álvaro Peinado (11 days ago)
0:22 Dude, that scared the shit out of me
Honza M. (11 days ago)
AnoNymitY Grimm (11 days ago)
Ja das zweite ist mir aber auch passiert😂
Justin Hogan (11 days ago)
Classic farcry 2 multiplayer map Last Bastion is recreated for farcry 5. Map Creator JHK23
Justin Hogan (11 days ago)
Check my channel for map preview
Villain Crew (11 days ago)
0:30 I was waiting for a "WATCH OUT WATCH OUT!"
Niklas Saftig (11 days ago)
6:27 Red balloon
Matthew (11 days ago)
Anyone on Xbox want far cry?
pou12Tomas (11 days ago)
Hey guys i captured Funny bug in Far Cry where can i send u that clip please?
robert robertino (11 days ago)
i love farcry 5 Fails :))))))
kim jong un (11 days ago)
@ 6:24 I hate it when people waste a mag like that
CMDR NomadHorizon (11 days ago)
5:30 BATTLEFIELD!!!!!!!!
Foreign_ DREAMS (11 days ago)
first clip Me:OH HELL NO.......2 sec later.......By have a great time
Man Kwong (11 days ago)
Far cry5 is a good game, but shitty ubisoft
F Σ L I P Σ 188 (11 days ago)
Leo Wijaya (11 days ago)
Damn that thumbnail :v
Bear_Sean22 Gaming (11 days ago)
The intro lmao
anonymous (11 days ago)
never thought i'd see someone use a moose to crash a plane
Tyler Marshall (11 days ago)
That wolverine is not afraid of us!!!!!😂😂😂😂
eizol568 (11 days ago)
Get wrecked Moose!
Eduardo Henrique (11 days ago)
Lol, this game have more bugs than stalker series hahahah.
tiran lackrif (11 days ago)
should i get this game?
Jaden Downing (11 days ago)
The beginning 😂😂😂😂

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