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How to use Scoop.it in a white-hat link building strategy.

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Scoop.it is a great site to use in your link building campaign if you are using outreach as one of your primary link earning tactics. The platform has content curators that are actively looking to share links on their content platforms. Their content platform might be a Scoop.it audience or they might have their own or access to another platform. The platform is simple to use. Simply sign-up for a free account and start sharing your content with relevant contributors. There is a paid and free version. The key is to keep it relevant and to pitch valuable content. If your content doesn't provide any value to the curator, it won't get shared. Watch the video to see how we used Scoop.it to earn a curated link fro one of Scoop's curators. Subscribe to our blog: http://businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com/blog
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Vlad Martinez (19 days ago)
clear and easy to follow ! thanks a lot for sharing
very honest and good one. i never found anyone explainin it better than you.
Thank you :)
JohnMark Fitness (2 months ago)
Is the suggest function no longer available?
Ricky Kelly (3 months ago)
Just go to google and search: WUMO SEO. They are the best SEO company and ranked my website in a matter of Sixty days. They give you 100% money-back guarantee. I just adore WUMO SEO.
Music my Muse (1 year ago)
Thank you! Nicely explained.
Thank you very much for the compliment. :)

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