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Chocolate Port cookalong

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Find out how to make the most luxurious Georgian chocolate drink in this short cookalong film where our food historian, Marc Meltonville, demonstrates how to make Chocolate Port.
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Text Comments (6)
Middnitespecial221 (2 months ago)
No fermenting of the beans?
Mara Henao (2 years ago)
I must try this!!!
Alyss93 (3 years ago)
Are there any good cooking shows on TV like this, using strictly historical recipes? If not, there should be!
MrPh30 (1 year ago)
Alyss93 James Townsend and Son here on on YT is in the category, look them up .
tzkelley (3 years ago)
Happy to see proper measurements rather than the French, metric equivalents.
MelittaDilemma (3 years ago)
This could be so great for cold autumn evenings!

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