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How To Sell Items on the Steam Community Marketplace 2017

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A quick guide to selling Items on the Steam Community Marketplace,using the Steam Mobile Guard Authenticator
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Collin Wolf (1 month ago)
Does it give u s countdown
Collin Wolf (1 month ago)
My items have been on hold for more then 15 days help
punzainais (2 months ago)
Can i get it back when i put in ? Answer pls
Artur Riismaa (3 months ago)
I don't understand why steam has to be a faggot with that hold thing. I tryed to sell desperado crate from pubg in steam and it's currently about 2-3€ and i have to wait like 15 days when that crate is probably like 1€. Saddest thing is that in have to of then and cuz they need a key i can't even open them free.
Major Gosnell (3 months ago)
Hello,Artur The reason behind the wait is because if someone hacks your account they can no longer sell all your stuff before you realise and change your password.Once you have mobile authenticator it is automatic,as soon as you put a sell order it will go up.Hope this helped you Regards Major Gosnell
Maxus Gaming (3 months ago)
i did sell it and someone buy it but i didnt get the money why tell me why pls answer
Cute Caticorn Gaming! :D (3 months ago)
thank you. you helped me a lot, i'm very dumb so its good to have someone to assist me xD
mr peanut (3 months ago)
i cant confirm it
Joseph Myron (5 months ago)
thx it work
josh beerman (5 months ago)
Angel Sandoval (6 months ago)
When you sell something on Steam, does the money go to your Steam wallet?
cheesenipps (7 months ago)
NoSDaemon (7 months ago)
but if i have an item on the market and then remove it can i sell that item right after but for lower price or do i need to wait 15 days? (i have steam guard)
gabriel spenner (8 months ago)
question where is the accent from
gabriel spenner (8 months ago)
awesome that is so cool
Major Gosnell (8 months ago)
gabriel spenner irish,small american
Jeremy H. (8 months ago)
I have the app for around 5 months now and I still get a hold back.. Nicuuuu
What if "hypothiticly" an idiot sat on his phone and broke it... and now has no phone...
Oh shoot that was quick :0. also thank you :D
Major Gosnell (8 months ago)
hypothetically,you would be screwed,but your given a recovery code when you sign up
I'm serious btw.
nihad shereef (9 months ago)
can i ask i want to get this app in to my phone ..iam using pc can u give me link ..to get this app to my phone
Major Gosnell (9 months ago)
just google steam phone app and steam guard
tjah shawn (9 months ago)
Dude the problem ppl have ist how to do these process, the problem is why it don't put my selling items on holding list and not on selling list,you just put urs in selling list right away and that's whats not happening to me, it doest place my item on selling list or market,it just holds it on holding list...
Byxsis The Beyblade (8 months ago)
me too :)
ZaX1d (8 months ago)
ok ty i will try
Major Gosnell (8 months ago)
because you need to have had the steam mobile app for at least 10 days before you can imediately place items
ZaX1d (8 months ago)
i did the same but it after i did check and i tried the second time create listing i didnt work! plzz help me :(
Major Gosnell (9 months ago)
create listing is the one
Oscar Gharibnavaz (9 months ago)
the steam app doesn't work
DSO: Deimantas (9 months ago)
lol on csgo i have about 50euro but i cant sell lol but i will try
nick rutten (9 months ago)
wait how do i bulk sell now then?
Jerry Smith (10 months ago)
What about for buying things? For that do you just do the mobile thing cause it's my first time on market and I'm not sure???????????
MrSpectro (10 months ago)
When you confirm it on your phone it is not supposed to take 15 days
FuranDuron (7 months ago)
Why cant anyone answer to this question? I cant find any proper answers to steam guard and how it works. 1 Can you sell/buy items if you remove steam guard? 2 Can you sell items instantly anymore? 3 Is Gaben a fucking asshole?
Cahno (11 months ago)
it isnt work my item was hold ...
Capri Sun (1 year ago)
when i confirm my items they just go to hold, can someone help me please
Capri Sun (1 year ago)
Thank you ^_^
Major Gosnell (1 year ago)
Capri Sun (1 year ago)
And then they will be off hold?
Major Gosnell (1 year ago)
yes you must wait 15 days after getting authenticator
YourLover (1 year ago)
thanks for the help
ivan laus (1 year ago)
I did everithyng and they put my item in hold.it said it will be on hold for 15 day.after that i can sell it pls answer
FuranDuron (7 months ago)
This is disgusting.
siuol11 (7 months ago)
Yes, after 15 days (as he stated in the video).
Edslayer (1 year ago)
Hey what if u use an ipad would it still work?
DSO: Deimantas (9 months ago)
Edslayer no is not working on ipad i try it you must have phone
CrazyZorua (1 year ago)
how to remove wait...okay pal
NavinToast (1 year ago)
I forgot why I subbed to you, i think it was for your factorio tutorials. Sad to see the lack of views on you content, I'm not really a fan of lets plays in general, but your tutorials are really well made. I hope some day you'll gain more of a following, it's great to see that you're still going!
Major Gosnell (1 year ago)
thank you

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