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TT Isle of Man - full simulation (60 kms)

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thank's for likes bikers ....V.... TT ISLE OF MAN https://store.playstation.com/#!/fr-fr/tid=CUSA08912_00
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Lionel Rakotoniaina (7 hours ago)
bien joué!!!!!!!!
Lionel Rakotoniaina (1 hour ago)
je vais checker tiens :P
Aston 70 (4 hours ago)
merci encore , cette video est une de mes première depuis j'ai posté d'autre videos encore meilleures ;)
Lionel Rakotoniaina (4 hours ago)
j'étais tellement impressionné que je n'ai raté aucun de tes accélérations, décélérations, sortie et entrée de virage haha
Aston 70 (5 hours ago)
merci sympa ;)
Mr. Rethz (1 day ago)
Motogp game should be like this (graphics)
Aston 70 (1 day ago)
yes i think too ;)
DfineX (2 days ago)
damn this the best ride i ever seen... IN GAMEPLAY!!!
Oui Oui (2 days ago)
What game is this ? I might sound stupid if I get it wrong but is it ride 2 ?
На 13ой минутке нормально этак воткнул конкурента! Я задумывался ща ложанешь))) красава, трачу держишь отлично, обороты, однако по моему ты ее на половину запамятовал;)
Joel Davies (5 days ago)
does this game have rewinds? Coz i'm gonna need a lot of rewinds
Aston 70 (5 days ago)
No you need à lot of training ;)
Why we cannot have graphics like this on iRacing
Totally_Computerized (5 days ago)
I just got this game based on this very video , now I have way more respect for what you did to put this run together ...... Amazing that mate
Manuel Pereira (6 days ago)
Why we can't rate videos on youtube with stars. This videos its a 5 stars video. I click "like" as i clicked thousands videos on youtube. This video deserve more than a simple "like" click.
Sledge Hammer (7 days ago)
Bob Priece
mr8I7 (7 days ago)
Now do 6 laps in a row
Aston 70 (7 days ago)
six laps requires a lot of training , good game for you ;)
mr8I7 (7 days ago)
Aston 70 - Ha nice one. I’m sure you know the reasons for six laps aka the length of the Senior TT. Can’t wait to get this game on the TT fortnight which isn’t too long now...
Aston 70 (7 days ago)
may be soon ;)
MRC MY Life 1 (8 days ago)
Subscribe to my channel for gaming content!
j Hutch (8 days ago)
Damn that had me stressed juat watching
Aston 70 (8 days ago)
Richard Mahogany (9 days ago)
Hor Net (9 days ago)
I was disappointed playing it on PS4, the frame rate and graphics looks better on youtube not to mention some ridiculous physics moments and impossible wheelie sticky button nonsense. Needs a lot more work.
Luke Bartley (9 days ago)
How were you moving the riders head into a corner? Is that something to do with the simulation setting? Nice lap though albeit a bit on the slow side. :) jokes..... Seriously this game is an absolute dream. I’m still learning the track at the moment.
Aston 70 (9 days ago)
dynamic look option in game , thanks ;)
Game Sinh Tồn 333 (14 days ago)
What Name Game
Henrique Limoni (15 days ago)
nice video, nice gameplay..
TheVanillatech (15 days ago)
Just when you thought GOOD racing games, good BIKE games, were a thing of the past ... along came this out of the blue. Not had as much fun since GP500 back in the late 90's. That was an epic simulation too! 10 keys on the keyboard needed minimum : lean forward, left, right, back ... turn left, right ... accelerate + break + clutch. My friend and I would spend hours playing it shaving 0.001 seconds from each others "best lap" and messing with the bikes and settings. Now if ONLY they could but the effort they put into this amazing TT game, and make GP500 II!
ytrones (16 days ago)
Do you have a mind map how do you do it
ytrones (16 days ago)
Aston 70 haha I knew it ...but seriously good work not everyone can do this but wait am coming soon ...hahaha.. One day I would like to race with you just once haha... Bye bye for now
Aston 70 (16 days ago)
i learn the track and i do a lots of test before ;) thanks for watch!
Guy Martin (16 days ago)
GizzmoD (16 days ago)
NICE JOB! that aint easy... 12 stars buddy
Aston 70 (16 days ago)
thanks ;)
Bagoes budianto (17 days ago)
For first..i think is 1000cc bike but after hear the engine sound n max speed..hmm..600cc... If playing w/ full sim+VR look like full face helmet+Big electric Fan..😍😍..feels good
Farchy Muqaddas (17 days ago)
Please give me a link for dinwload this game sir
Fatalrabbit1996 (17 days ago)
Nope to real i would freak the hell out if i see someone fall >_< cant do it nope
Wanderley Paulo (17 days ago)
Great game. You rock!!! Congrats.
Aston 70 (17 days ago)
thanks ;)
Richard Jammerzen (18 days ago)
WTF oO i first thought this is a Bot driving :-P , very good i'd say, i'm not that familiar with pro driving and i for myself ride a sidecar moto (Bandit GV75a) irl and play this game only for a cople of hours with medium settings and some adaptions to compensate my lack of skill :-) very good ride!!!
Aston 70 (18 days ago)
sidecars for may 2018 news official game developer ! ( free )
Richard Jammerzen (18 days ago)
I just googled it. It's like Birthday :-) https://i.imgur.com/CY5zkYO.jpg
Aston 70 (18 days ago)
sidecars are planned soon ;)
Richard Jammerzen (18 days ago)
sidecars would be awesome
Aston 70 (18 days ago)
thanks , soon new update with sidecar on this game ;)
Fabrizio Pompili (18 days ago)
Wow dude
Aston 70 (18 days ago)
thanks ;)
gabby DelHD (18 days ago)
Obligado a comprarme la play
Aston 70 (18 days ago)
si puedes sin dudarlo ;)
Brad Cote (19 days ago)
Awesome video man!!!
Aston 70 (18 days ago)
thanks very much ;)
雷震富 (19 days ago)
Vrizy (19 days ago)
very very clean driving.... good job... using joystick??
Aston 70 (19 days ago)
thanks very much, joystick ps4 ;)
C'est quoi cette simulation qui ne respecte en rien les tours minutes sans parlé des rétrogradages qui n'impactent pas la vitesse
je chipote, quel est le rôle d'une simulation, d'être le plus possible réaliste.Là ça saute vraiment aux yeux et en plus sur le TT qui est quand même LA course la plus recherché au monde en moto cela se voit trop, et dès le départ.
Aston 70 (19 days ago)
calme toi morandini depuis cette video le jeu est patché , tu chipotes vraiment pour pas grand chose
tu as déjà fais de la moto sur circuit ? Là quand tu regarde la vidéo et que tu fais de la moto libre, tu te rend compte qu'il y a un truc qui ne vas pas dans cette simulation.
Aston 70 (19 days ago)
respecter les tours minutes ????? ensuite le retrogradage a 1 incidence sur la vitesse seulement pour en juger il faut y jouer !
Gerard Vailoces (19 days ago)
nice video..i wish I could play(drive) like that...may I ask what controller are you using for this?:).thanks
Gerard Vailoces (18 days ago)
nice..maybe you could do the ninja h2r...love that bike. :)
Aston 70 (19 days ago)
hi gameplay on ps4 , thanks for watching ;)
Wolf0ne (19 days ago)
Great lap! Nice throttle control and gear selection! Just got this game a couple of days ago on PC and I tell ya, it's a lot harder than it looks. I'm using an Xbox1 controller and would appreciate advice from anyone out there on adjusting the Steering sensitivity and other settings =)
Mark Gusti (19 days ago)
Aston 70 (19 days ago)
thanks Mark ;)
BOS5 (19 days ago)
was the clutch sfarted to slip after half way through track?
Tony Pate (20 days ago)
Shock horror ! The Union Mills monkey tree as been felled call the Mannin line.
Tony Pate (20 days ago)
Sundays only 1-15 TO 2-00 pm (01624) 661368 while at it ask how many F's in Ferguson ?
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
oh my god you are a poet , call now ;)
shravan hm (20 days ago)
May be he is guy Martin in disguise ... awesome video mate 👌
Guy Martin (15 days ago)
TheVanillatech yeah
TheVanillatech (15 days ago)
If he was guy martin, before the race he'd have a cup o tea with his ma ... and crash out on the last corner before the finish!
Guy Martin (16 days ago)
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
Thanks but guy is better ;)
knuspryAlex (20 days ago)
This game is so crazy. And the rl races even more
knuspryAlex (13 days ago)
Your Willie TT Isle of man. It's in the title
Your Willie (13 days ago)
what this game please name?
educated.sloth (20 days ago)
the pops THE POPS!!
SsZ. B.s (20 days ago)
Hilo rider no NOTHING ... MAXIMUM Respeckt
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
Maximum thanks ;)
Estu Beberagua (20 days ago)
Graphics - Excellent Sensation of speed - Amazing Sound Effects - So Very, Very BAD. Seriously, what is wrong with the throttle-blip noise when changing gears and at low revs. It sounds like it's from a C64 game back in the 1980s Listen to the section from 19:28 to 20:10 on repeat. No bike has ever sounded like that.
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
i do a new video with update soon ;)
Estu Beberagua (20 days ago)
Hi, that's great news. Looking forward to sound matching rest of game! Great vid and can't wait for this years TT.
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
hello , yesterday the update of the game corrects the problèm with the throttle blip noise , thanks for watching ;)
gunna beesee (20 days ago)
ok,i need this game
Richard Speed (20 days ago)
Fantastic video I crash with the racing line, probably I’m to aggressive, but very nice 👍🏼
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
thanks ;)
ytrones (20 days ago)
That's how you do it new sub
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
Sasa Totic (21 days ago)
WOWW Best sense of speed game
Aston 70 (20 days ago)
very good ;)
Doar Eu (21 days ago)
I really like the feeling of speed at 160kmh and up....car racing games shoud really learn from this !
Aston 70 (21 days ago)
yes , really good sensation of speed ;)
iremìa bliss (21 days ago)
The graphics are good
Gian (21 days ago)
Horrible..It has the same graphic of ps2.
nvstewart (18 days ago)
Retard, has to be. I used to play TT Superbikes on PS2 (basically the same game but much older, and looks so crap compared to this)
koettfaers (20 days ago)
Gian shitty bait or retard. My guess is retard.
fahmi perwira (21 days ago)
this video is underrated. it needs more views, more likes, more publicity. btw riding on PC is so hard, the physics are ridiculous sometimes. how many hours did you spend before you can do this amazing ride?
Luis Calderon (3 days ago)
yeah, some weird physics on pc to say the least, slides out of nothing. And bushs and rocks are the same fucking thing!
SuppahGranny (15 days ago)
i wanna try and beat this now haha
Ryan (19 days ago)
Who is underrating this video? :S
fahmi perwira (21 days ago)
a lot of tests is a good thing I think. cheers mate. I'll keep trying then
Aston 70 (21 days ago)
thanks very much , i do a lot of test before ;)
Riley Hale (21 days ago)
I think they could've done better. Especially with AI
SmugRoom38 (19 days ago)
Riley Hale we can only hope for an update
TheSHYRRIU (21 days ago)
nice in speed 2x
Vanilla Bumblebee (22 days ago)
Tietie: Eil off Mähn
locomojo0485 (22 days ago)
I suck at video games...
Olaf Thedetlef (22 days ago)
Respect Dude.. It's a very hard good Game but without line or crashes so fast "thumbs up" !!
Aston 70 (22 days ago)
thanks very much ;)
Cédric D (22 days ago)
Nice run
Aston 70 (22 days ago)
thanks very much ;)
OniZetto6666 (22 days ago)
I can drive a race car around the ring under 7 minutes, but a bike plus Isle of Man? No thanks... And the funny thing is, I've never been in a car since my license test and I'm a daily bike commuter. XD
Well done sir that was a pleasure to watch
izonme (23 days ago)
Sweet As ----- Good ride!!!!!
Aston 70 (23 days ago)
thanks ;)
The Max (23 days ago)
Stunning! Love it! Well driven :)
Aston 70 (23 days ago)
thanks very much ;)
Aston 70 (23 days ago)
thanks very much ;)
Darus (23 days ago)
how to memorize the track RIP Daniel Hegarty
Jason wong (19 days ago)
RIP Daniel
Darus (23 days ago)
oh ok
Aston 70 (23 days ago)
in the beginning i do a lot of tests and gradually i'm better ;) ....RIP Daniel !
x Jaffa Cake (23 days ago)
This is AI
Smart Sams Tv (24 days ago)
Disliked, because I was expecting a very good racing line according to the title, and it looks like you're still learning the track.
ytrones (16 days ago)
Smart Sams Tv the game was just released what did you expect
Aston 70 (19 days ago)
six laps a 200 km\h on average these are all heroes .
Jurgen B (19 days ago)
Few hours to learn it on game 7 years at the real track xq
koettfaers (20 days ago)
Smart Sams Tv shitty bait
Aston 70 (24 days ago)
you need only few hours it's normal ;)
Andreju Kohler (24 days ago)
thats crazy! i cant imagine playing without the radar!! so skilled rider! well done
Aston 70 (24 days ago)
thanks very much ;)
DELHOME Julien (24 days ago)
Superbe vidéo ;-) j'ai fait un 35 eme tps mondial avec la CBR 1000 de McGuiness, vue cockpit, full simu, juste ABS sur mini en 17mn58 et des brouettes...avec 3 chutes sur le tour qui m'ont bien fait perdre 30 secondes au total. Je vois que comme moi, tu perds beaucoup de temps sur la partie depuis "Sulby Bridge" a 10:26 jusqu'a "Parliament Square" 12:41. On y voit rien avec les ombrages, et la pas de mystère il faut connaitre la portion par cœur pour lâcher les chevaux...sinon c'est cuir froté direct MDR. J'ai pas encore essayé les 600 mais ta vidéo m'a donné envi, faut que j'y retourne. V a toi, que le Triskell de l ile de Man te porte chance!!
Aston 70 (24 days ago)
merci Julien et bravo pour ton temps , depuis cette video continue de progresser mais but c'est avant tout de faire les 6 tours sans chuter , bon jeu a toi ;)
Freerider (24 days ago)
Going to get this myself. I know it will fullfill most of my gaming needs as of this day. Just too tired of pay to win and the need to play 25 hours a day just to have a little fun. Being stressed out isn't exactly my kind of fun. Racing motorcycles has a clear and calming objective, automatically blocking out disturbances of life - Other peoples insecurites.
BreizhZoneHaunted (25 days ago)
Salut je suis dans le même temps 20min avec la honda 600 mais quand je vois le top 10 à 16"45min jvois mal comment reprendre 4 min même si je débute et qu'il faut tryhard ^^
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
slt maintenant je descend 1 peu moins de 19 minutes en 600 et le top 10 ne m'interesse pas , du moment que je m'eclate c'est le principale , les mecs roulent avec toutes les aides possible , enfin bref chacun a le droit de piloter comme bon lui semble , bon ride a toi , merci d'avoir regardé ;)
libraers agung (25 days ago)
how do you know to brake and downshifting on the track without driving line ???? great ride btw
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
in the beginning i do a lot of tests and gradually i'm better . thanks ;)
senicegy (25 days ago)
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
thanks ;)
Hersacce (25 days ago)
9:07 RIP Bob Priece
Nixxion _ (19 days ago)
i kinda understand why he drove right into that fucking wall.. it comes so fast around the corner and if you come to fast and you jump you are fucked... sad
Notice me senpai (20 days ago)
this is the wall bob priece crashed into and died
Dony dou (20 days ago)
Sorry but i didnt understand your comment
Gelidus (21 days ago)
Bob drives in front of him ;)
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
i contribute to this sad reality RIP Bob ...
Vin Jak (25 days ago)
Pleas dude tell me what keyboard setup do you use..if you are using keyboard at all. I find so hard to drive with arrow keys-and also what are your trottle-brake and stearing settings-Ty very much in advance :)
nvstewart (18 days ago)
Just buy a xbox controller, they work on pc's as standard.
Horst Schlemmer (24 days ago)
Vin Jak und can download a driver Programm for gaming pads. So u dont need to use the arrow keys
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
i play ps4 whith pad , not pc ;)
i7fan (25 days ago)
They must add so that when we lean forward we see it with an animation coming closer to the windscreen, and when leaning back the view comes up higher. Also it really lacks reverb when going through areas with trees/buildings all around us. Should be louder engine/bike sound with more "echo" (reverb) when enclosed with environment all around us. These 2 things added and this will be even better. So weird they didnt do so we lean forward/backwards visually in cockpit cam. Thought it was a given. Same with reverb. Every game has it. I guess they ran out of time, but i hope they add it in patches. Also i noticed on some tracks where there are bumps that make the bike drop down a bit like on one of those short tracks there is a very hard slow corner and the bike drops down as you take that corner due to the tarmac has a drop in it, and there is no sound from the bike as it hits the tarmac. Like no shocks/suspension sound. Just total silence. Bikes sound a lot when dropped down like that. Tires, shocks/suspension and general "ka-bum" sound from the bike itself. Really digging this game, but i hope they add these things. Camera moving forward/backwards as you push/pull stick shouldnt be hard to implement since we can move the cam with R-stick anyway. Adding reverb to areas with a lot of trees/buildings/rocks around us shouldnt be hard either since the audio programs they use for games already have that built in. They just had to assign "zones" to trigger the reverb in those areas. One last thing would be a clutch button we could assign. Nice to have to give it a bit more action and for wheelies. :)
i7fan (20 days ago)
@Tony Pate thanks but what did you want to show me with that? That there is no echo in a video where the mic is close to the bike and the engine overtake all sounds? First off the mic is overtaking all nuances in the soundscape so it drowns out those sounds. Secondly, this is a game. The idea is to immerse you more. All motorsport games have it, and the sound engine (FMOD) has this function to add reverb zones in order to add more immersion and realism like when going into a tunnel or out in open plains. Its to create a better experience. If you want a dry single sound and play that for hours - fine, but it can be made better and give you more of a feeling of going through various areas of that magnificent track. Heck i would even add "bush zones" when leaning in so that you go through bushes that smack against your helmet and have bush/twigs smattering sound against the helmet. If i worked with the sound on that game there would be nuances in the sounds going through that long track instead of hearing 1 single sound for 20 minutes.
Tony Pate (20 days ago)
i7fan Reverb and echo in the "forest/city" try You Tube MANX GP JUNIOR FLAMING ENGINE CRASH
i7fan (25 days ago)
Hehe. What i wrote would not make the game harder though. Leaning forward/back we already do! But we cant "see it". This is bad. It makes it harder! The other was just the sound. Reverb when going in forest/city areas the sound should have echo - like in real life. ;)
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
good analysis but it's so good to have TT video game that forgive him many of these defaults ;)
Barty Fufkin (26 days ago)
What controller/controls did you use?
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
pad ps4
NiNo Maxx (26 days ago)
This is insane
Red Squirrel (15 days ago)
It's compliment, like crazy, fantastic, nuts :D
Aston 70 (25 days ago)
if i did something wrong or i'm shocked i'm sorry it's not the purpose .
Falkon Dezigns (26 days ago)
Someone really died at that spot 9:07 in real life.There are videos of it on youtube! Rip to that poor soul and to all those who died doing what they loved the most. Subed!
Donny Groothedde (24 days ago)
On an R6!
Aston 70 (26 days ago)
yes these are all heroes ! RIP
Spoo Ky (26 days ago)
great video thanksss
Paul Middleton (28 days ago)
this bike sounds nice
KJL Jung (29 days ago)
All of my hair on my neck stand up.
SKINZ GAMING (29 days ago)
Felt like i was sitting on the back and felt perfectly safe, nice vid.
mati2626 (29 days ago)
muy bueno!
Bike Guy (30 days ago)
1 persons g/f left them for a biker... Nice vid. Good to see someone in first person with no line assist!
Pablo M (30 days ago)
How's the difficulty? It's just like all moto games that suffers the lack of a real challenge when you play a little bit?
Pablo M (29 days ago)
Ok ty!!! Nice gameplay btw
Aston 70 (29 days ago)
he is very inpressive whithout driving aids and the challenge is good
Brokenegg4sale (30 days ago)
@Aston 70 were you using manual or auto dude?...nice riding.
Aston 70 (29 days ago)
thank's again for watching but i never play online , i do not have a psn + ( i'm a old boy ) ;)
Brokenegg4sale (29 days ago)
watched this bout 9 times now...impressive...would you consider an online race for us fans?
Aston 70 (30 days ago)
manual , thank's ;)
EXMerser (30 days ago)
Real speed 1.25))
Ecoi Villesis (1 month ago)
ps4 pro?
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
i never play in multiplayer with T T . thank's for watching ;)
Ecoi Villesis (1 month ago)
whyt i dont see anyone in multiplayer?
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
Fat ps4
Other Peoples Meeples (1 month ago)
Brill 80)
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
thank's ;)
LeFlow (1 month ago)
no radar WOW :D
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
fortunately ;)
gaz meister (1 month ago)
nice driving man,cant wait for pc release !!!
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
thank's , soon for you , G G ;)
Opas Rache (1 month ago)
Top Driver
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
thank's very much ;)
Alen Mikulaš (1 month ago)
Thats How It's supose to Be played, First Person and no Driving line
Luis Calderon (3 days ago)
anyway, its far away from being a simulator, physics are weird, bikes slide out of nowhere, IA bikes are like solid iron blocks, and bushs and rocks are the same fucking thing!!!! and only two ''crash'' animations and situations?: 1)colision into any object, a rock or even a fucking little bush, all the same 2) backwheel slide. Nothing more. anyway, i think you might be playing with some autohelp, cause in pc when you go from 4 gear to 2nd or 1st gear very quickly the backwheel will automatically slide, and you make that very often in the video.
Freerider (24 days ago)
Yup, a driving line will only make it all way harder, because we will all be looking for it even after it is all gone, and then we are on thin ice simply having to face the real world of learning the track. Then we will start questioning our imprinted driving lines up against what we are doing and what we are supposed to be doing. It only causes a rubble of insecurities we never had in the first place. Just start, and take it from there.
Red Phoenix (24 days ago)
Bullshit. It is hard enough not to crash because the physics are geared towards realism, so a drive line does not spoil the fun.
BreizhZoneHaunted (25 days ago)
i play only like that too full simulation its morest impressive
Aston 70 (28 days ago)
so sorry " agree "
HondaRR CBR (1 month ago)
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
thx ;)
Nong Toan (1 month ago)
1 like
Aston 70 (1 month ago)
THX ;)

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