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Henry VIII's Astronomical Clock at Hampton Court Palace

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Henry VIII's Astronomical Clock told the Tudor Court everything they needed to know - the times, the tides and the future! Here State Apartment Warder Susan Rowe tells us why it is one of her favourite things - and explains what it tells us of the 16th Century view of the world. You can see longer versions of these 'A few of my favourite things' talks live at the palace throughout the year - visit www.hrp.org.uk for details. A film by Tim Powell at Historic Royal Palaces.
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Jörg Kirchhof (4 months ago)
Even in geocentric universe of ptolemy, earth is a sphere, not flat.
Terence Dixon (1 year ago)
Earth is flat but it's spinning on a platform heading"Mt Olympus"and our magnetic pull comes from gods neglected daughter the moon Aries,Anubis the devil whatever you wanna call him basically -neg energy real name Hephaestus<>Sutseahpeh (Him<or> Her)An apple being picked depicts her pulling from gods blood line space doesn't exist because god wants to correct his first and only mistake when he created light........
Łukasz Cukrovy (1 year ago)
based on flat earth because Earth is flat and motionless !
Terence Dixon (1 year ago)
earth is flat but it is spinning on a platform heading up and our magnetic pull comes from gods neglected daughter the moon
Marlon Sorken (2 years ago)
Flat earth proof.
dlwatib (1 year ago)
+Marlon Sorken Don't confuse flat earth with earth-centric universe. This clock was made after Columbus discovered the New World, so they were perfectly aware that the earth is spherical.
Malcolm McDonald (2 years ago)
The music is 'Crye' by Christopher Tye.
Juanita Richards (3 years ago)
What is this wonderful music? I love it!
roeion (4 years ago)
A great video. I really like it and I have seen i several times. But whar is the meaning of the four numbers at the center dial?
Absolute Janker (5 years ago)
is it original
Mary Ann Strain (6 years ago)
I share your fascination with this clock and enjoyed learning more about it. Seeing the clock up close, including the works was very interesting.

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