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Freud’s Paintings | Painters' Paintings: From Freud to Van Dyck | The National Gallery, London

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Lucian Freud’s former assistant, David Dawson, remembers the arrival of two pictures into Freud’s personal collection of art; Cézanne’s ‘Afternoon in Naples’ and Corot’s ‘Italian Woman’ – both of which feature in the National Gallery exhibition, ‘Painters’ Paintings: From Freud to Van Dyck’. Book now: http://bit.ly/1XauCht Painters' Paintings: From Freud to Van Dyck 23 June – 4 September 2016 Book now: http://bit.ly/1XauCht Explore the connections between painters and the paintings they possessed in an exhibition spanning over five hundred years of art history. Discover the private acquisitions of Freud, Matisse, Degas, Leighton, Watts, Lawrence, Reynolds, and Van Dyck. Find out more: http://bit.ly/1XauCht Members go free: http://bit.ly/1UoDjP7
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