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How to Make Easy Money in the Steam Market

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This is a method that I have used to make well over $60 in steam. As far as I am aware it is perfectly legal and it is pretty risk free if you buy the right items. I made $0.15 in this video but I have made as much as $7 on one item. For those of you that didn't pass 9th grade math: Percent of total = fraction/total*100 To find 15% do: Price*0.15=tax Yay math! Link to the steam skin I use: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1914848 Holy shit 100K views!!
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Mirko Šafran (11 days ago)
So if you want some money click on this link and buy something u can get discounts and also money https://www.g2a.com/r/multigame3
m7md games (3 months ago)
so if i buy gamma case key for 1.9 i sell it for 2,6 and make +75% on the equity capital? i hate when it seems easy
Fancy Poncho (3 months ago)
Trust me guys, this is the fаstеst methоd sо fаr tо get frее.steam.wallet.cоdes. It оnly tаkes 4-5 minutеs https://www.g2a.com/r/user-59503c0aa7db9
Fancy Poncho (3 months ago)
Ryan Clark (4 months ago)
*Trust me guys, this is the fаstеst methоd sо fаr tо get frее.steam.wallet.cоdes. It оnly tаkes 4-5 minutеs* https://goo.gl/cUaVJG
BuckiStudios (2 months ago)
-= SCAM WARNING =- Put in your Phone Number and pay 4,99$ per Week If you got scammed, write STOP to the SMS. That does not work in the first 3 Hours!
Ken Archer (5 months ago)
For a free Steam gift go to http://steambonus.com Go there now as the giveaway is limited!
o Zyak o (5 months ago)
this was late comment, but i have to say, that was an INSANE 0.03$ proffit on that deagle, bet it only took a few days to sell huh? xD
Chad Middleton (5 months ago)
*Guys, I can`t believe this. I just got a stеаm gift cаrd for frее in just 5 minutes by using this* https://goo.gl/cUaVJG
Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Billy Mays (6 months ago)
Are you going to cry...
Someone Supreme (8 months ago)
it doesn't work to well now with the 1 week wait time.
Kevin Buri (11 months ago)
Create your passive income empire | Empire Workers https://empireworkers.com/?c=QHM9JD Have fun earning money ! Gather clicks from your friends and hire workers that will generate a daily income for you.
Magic Jelly (11 months ago)
Awesome video dude :) Sub'd
Jose Meraz (1 year ago)
Adrind Azril (1 year ago)
can my friend receive trade offer?..he dont put money in steam
Marco (1 year ago)
yes then steam takes your profit
Valentin Angelov (1 year ago)
Go to CsgoExclusive and enter this code : BABY100. You get 5 dollars and can withdraw ! Easy.
4000Roskillaz (9 months ago)
those are fucking test coins you dumbass i have used that shitty site before
BlizzRBLX (1 year ago)
Are you on the website or actual app?
Cristian Ciocanu (1 year ago)
NARWHAL_ DEDSEC (1 year ago)
wow profit man u forgot the steam shitty tax
Fat Cat (1 year ago)
All I want is a Akihabara Accept
Fat Cat (1 year ago)
Min ware
I remember that I made about $15 on just steam trading cards
Tejhan Diallo (1 year ago)
hyperflight 82 (1 year ago)
hyperflight 82 (1 year ago)
hyperflight 82 (1 year ago)
Buckshot (1 year ago)
+hyperflight 82 lol another warrior behind a screen with no means of showing its face.this is what i call a wuss
Kevin Joaca (1 year ago)
+hyperflight 82 kid
hyperflight 82 (1 year ago)
Kevin Joaca (1 year ago)
valve has kinda patches this,u idiot
hyperflight 82 (1 year ago)
Any Free Rust? can anyone gift me im super poor D: my steam name is S H A N G <3 This is just my brothers youtube ^^
Archie O'Sullivan (1 year ago)
he doesnt like when people ask for money in his videos comment sections
Spunkey Doodle (1 year ago)
Valve has implemented some features into the market in the time since this video was posted that may make this method difficult, I recomend that you excersise caution whe using this method.
J1aming wang (1 year ago)
you sounds like Friberg wtf
Tony Bamanaboni (1 year ago)
Just rob a church! Works everytime!
Nugat (1 year ago)
I made 25$ from 0,5$ and I lost all... fuck your system alot.. Love CSGODOUBLE xD
Runaar INCASO bv (1 year ago)
its not money just a litle coins XD
spoons (1 year ago)
Or like....Scam people
Zamsy (1 year ago)
omg ur hair
Ömer Osman (2 years ago)
hi guys trehe have a free CS:GO keys not joking sorry for bad english -https://wn.nr/G3nh9b
Red Wing (2 years ago)
Um. Nick?
Cekeybula (2 years ago)
I have really ...diffrent question for you, what's the point of... lvl-up on steam, and trading cards, is it usefull in any way, in gamming or buying games? and is that profit really usefull to get money for buying game?
Asdfgj Asdfgj (1 year ago)
+Kazzor How?
Kazzor (1 year ago)
Kylan Plunk u sound drrrrunk
Asdfgj Asdfgj (1 year ago)
+Cekeybula You can use profit that you earn to buy anything on steam.
Phoenix Leaf (2 years ago)
i hope u dont hate me but can u please buy some items i list i am really begging for money right now
die Jule (1 year ago)
Yuya Fujisawa (1 year ago)
you could just delete the comment and stop acting like an ungrateful idiot. Just a friendly suggestion if you are going to act like a dick
Tomcraften HD (2 years ago)
Hendzie Lumayag (2 years ago)
this video sucks
Zamsy (1 year ago)
so does ur mom
Lucky Knight (2 years ago)
Sub and I will sub back
JollyS (2 years ago)
Subbed and now sub me like you said
TheRussianPT (2 years ago)
nice video, but fuck the 7 days trade ban!
Sulfuric Acid (2 years ago)
this isn't much but thanks to this video i went from 0.30€ to 0.80€ and still rising m8
toplel (10 months ago)
bruh, you should become a finance manager with this sick quota
SmartfyrHD (2 years ago)
can i get real money from a csgo skin?
Spunkey Doodle (1 year ago)
If you trade somone for paypal cash but that will usually lead to you being scammed.
Calvin Mason (1 year ago)
+Tyson Larson It's opskins not opskin
J O C C O (2 years ago)
+Tyson Larson lol im sorry I  just tried clicking the link I gave but it leads to wrong site.. just type opskin.com or bitskin.com on ur address bar manually..  
Nukichuu (2 years ago)
do you need the game to buy items and sell them?
+Nukichuu of course
Golden Pan Gaming (2 years ago)
i have many weapons and taunts in my invantory of tf2 but i can't sell them all even i am p2p ;( what should i do?
Clowntrooper (1 year ago)
+Matthias Tammekivi Oh right. Thanks
Matthias Tammekivi (1 year ago)
+clowntrooper61 Oh,, those are for temporary use. Just a feature if you want to change guns in the middle of the game.
Clowntrooper (1 year ago)
+Matthias Tammekivi Oh really? Because I was playing and I picked up a gun someone on my team droped and when I left, it was in my inventory.
Matthias Tammekivi (1 year ago)
+clowntrooper61 You play the game and they appear in your inventory with a notification.
Clowntrooper (1 year ago)
+Matthias Tammekivi Also why you drop, do you mean they will appear in your inventory or do you have to physically find them in a game and pick them up
Dream (2 years ago)
This kind of sucks.. In every way. It's literally just Csgo
Douglas Karlsson (2 years ago)
Big Fan (2 years ago)
The Exterminator (2 years ago)
The Exterminator (2 years ago)
Kelthoras1 (2 years ago)
Went from 2 or 5€ to 12€. EZ money
Jeroen Eecloo (2 years ago)
Osvaldoo JJES (2 years ago)
Go fuck ur self
Hectra_ (2 years ago)
I cant take his lisp seriously
Typhova (2 years ago)
You should've kept that deagle, it had a beautiful nametag on it
ziomekzedzielni1 (2 years ago)
Hey, what about making series of it what particular items u buy etc. Similar series how people do "from 0 to a knie". I know the method is about buying all skins which gaps have 15% on market but still i would love to watch such video. Its new thing comparing that everybody do only trading videos :) Also it has freaking great amount of views so i think its not that bad idea huh ;p?
ziomekzedzielni1 (2 years ago)
Hey, what about making series of it what particular items u buy etc. Similar series how people do "from 0 to a knie". I know the method is about buying all skins which gaps have 15% on market but still i would love to watch such video. Its new thing comparing that everybody do only trading videos :)
Spunkey Doodle (2 years ago)
thanks for the suggestion man! That is actually a really good idea.
derpy derp (2 years ago)
sushmitha bhaskar (2 years ago)
Guys I just found a good website which gives you free_steam_wallet_card_c0des https://www.facebook.com/440666586125230/photos/a.440669546124934.1073741828.440666586125230/440669502791605/?type=3&pidid=c6d21fa7-05eb-4444-8425-8baa34dc3965 How to Make Easy Money in the Steam Market
yow mama! is (2 years ago)
donate here plsssssss https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=187325582&token=70nrk2V5
Arch1994 (2 years ago)
offering to cash in your steam wallet for 50% of it's worth, message me
Patrick Allen (2 years ago)
*Guys I just found a good website which gives you free_steam_wallet_codes* https://plus.google.com/108125310391702419265/posts/XEc4a2AqPbb
I use market. I still have all my sales on, but no one has bought them. I'm waiting for it because I'm poor and I want the $! I have 1 fucking CDN. ONE. CENT.
sjon jansen (2 years ago)
so if you buy games from here, it is way cheaper :)
Pedro Henriques (2 years ago)
+Teh Oortus Brah, that's just g2a.com . totally legit, it's even where i got my CS:GO . But what he send is his refferal link. You can use it if you want, if you don't just use g2a.com . And yes it's true, G2A is alot cheaper then Steam, Got my CS:GO for 7€ while on steam it was at 11€
sjon jansen (2 years ago)
+sjon jansen https://www.g2a.com/r/user-56437a7ba13fa this site
sjon jansen (2 years ago)
+sjon jansen https://www.g2a.com/r/user-56437a7ba13fa this site
Guilherme Muniz (2 years ago)
Guys I just found a good website which gives you free_xbox_live_gold_c0des https://plus.google.com/105285816099913202128/posts/3ox6AzAYbhG How to Make Easy Money in the Steam Market
Givewoab (2 years ago)
step 1: buy cs:go step 2: follow instructions in video for a very long time to get your money back step 3: get bored of doing that and make no money
mymanPADDYMCNAIR (2 years ago)
clickbait yayrexfsd
DubstepCake (2 years ago)
but i don't have cs:go :c
DubstepCake (2 years ago)
nvm i have cs go XD
ProGamerGabe (2 years ago)
Thank you!! :D Love it! Can't wait to play new games
Blu Robot (2 years ago)
I wasted all my items and I buyed crap
D Trox (2 years ago)
It works until the price goes down and you have to sell it below 2 $ the price you paid..
Mikael (2 years ago)
Good one, actualy the profit is not too big sometimes, but i will try with some cheap ones.
MegaBluegamers (2 years ago)
I always have that i have to wait before i can sell again. how do i turn that off|
Aidan Davies (2 years ago)
U cant
My name is Joe (2 years ago)
Nathan Kelly (2 years ago)
and btw retard it doesn't take 15%, the math is a little bit different, but I couldnt care less to explain the nuance to such a moron.
yolo 1337 (1 year ago)
What are you, 10? The reason you want to find a 15 percent difference is so that you can get some profit, "retard".
Jonathan4275 (2 years ago)
is regular price the middle line on the graph?
pokermoola (2 years ago)
i'm new to steam are you making cash or just steam credits
Julian Natale (2 years ago)
+pokermoola Steam Cash.
NopePlays (2 years ago)
way to make $$$$$ : Play comps. I've played about 50 comp games, I've gotten a bravo case which is worth about 10$, this will take a while, but its free?
Pressing (2 years ago)
+JonnyKiller I got 1 i opened it i thought it was like the other cases price :( im stupid
Fl4shbang (2 years ago)
+Niklas Kannisto you can get them... they are just extremely rare ;)
Michael Saylor (2 years ago)
thank you for the quick tutorial, Spunkey.
kit CaCe (2 years ago)
Nice video!
William The Gamer (2 years ago)
Reply to this comment for an easy way to get $50 steam bucks.
damik1318 (2 years ago)
+William „MeantSolid44” The Gamer o rly?
irishfever1 (2 years ago)
+William “MeantSolid44” The Gamer ayy lmao
AjPjSay (2 years ago)
k bitch
NODER EZ PZ (2 years ago)
idiot the steam takeing 15% someting like that
jacob (2 years ago)
+ez-gameing pls engrish rite
NODER EZ PZ (2 years ago)
+DotJJ yes 
DotJJ (2 years ago)
+ez-gameing Do you English?
127Kronos (2 years ago)
nice video man but just one question, can i start wiht 17 cents ?
Anonymous Person (1 year ago)
+127Kronos mind = blown
127Kronos (1 year ago)
Yahya Ather (1 year ago)
+127Kronos how much do you have now?
deadboy (2 years ago)
I have 1 accounts,but i got banned, because somoene scammed me with steam wallet money 5$ and i gived him my awp sun in leo, but later, i was keylogged, scammed. And now that 2 profiles is now OW ban, because that guy was cheating, who stole my account.i contacted steam, they cant help me, because its my fault.. And i have no proof, that i didnt hack and got ow ban.. ... It be very glad if somoene gift me cs:go.. :) Btw, if u understand i didnt hack, goted stolen my account/scammed and that guy got OW banned..
Dr Melee Brothers (2 years ago)
I'm sorry. I can't read idiot. Learn to spell, please.
Julian (2 years ago)
No man, im sorry ! i feel bad for you...
TechScopes (2 years ago)
KillerKeelmestar (2 years ago)
Andrew Pero (2 years ago)
Antonia Silva Souza (2 years ago)
Muselk voice.
Joe Micros (2 years ago)
+Antonia Silva Souza Steam cards feed my gaming addition! Grab Points supplies my steam cards.
Cole Witko (2 years ago)
"I like the name on this gun" gun is named "senpais penis" I tried so hard not to laugh but I did XD
steam: olivierdog (2 years ago)
Everyone shut up with you're negative reactions this guy try s to help you ( really good way ) and you just be so negative you should be happy that he is making this Fuck of bc it really works
ツFam (2 years ago)
Zatorox (2 years ago)
If u turn the sound really loud u can kinda hear his chair cracking a bit xD this guy is fat x).. His profile pic is a cake x)
BrokenRobotGaming (2 years ago)
+Zatorox and his profile picture is a pie not a cake
Zatorox (2 years ago)
+Spunkey Doodle Ah ok that explains a lot.. but why don't u buy a new one xD?
Spunkey Doodle (2 years ago)
+Zatorox I hardly think 180 lbs is fat but it is a 10 year old computer chair hahaha
is there a way to sell stuff but not have to wait 5000 years for you to be noticed beneath ALL THE CS:GO STUFF?! (and at the same time not be selling anything cs:go related?)
GatoFeet (2 years ago)
Money free for real no Joke!!!!!
SBraven E (2 years ago)
Lol someone i know got a csgo key for $2 and then he open a crate and got a knife that sold for $200.......XD (Fade)
Valentinas Riauba (2 years ago)
Stfu u know how to earn money on steam is to go and help your family then found jobs earn money buy steam money done, and what you all do is sit your fat ass on sit and eating Pringles trying to make steam money. S.T.F.U
Wing Tip (10 months ago)
you are actually retarded
Roman Bellic (2 years ago)
+Valentinas Riauba k srry m8 i stop now
Juan Lopez (2 years ago)
Kill yourself
Spunkey Doodle (2 years ago)
+Valentinas Riauba I prefer wine gums.
King SHIIFT (2 years ago)
+Valentinas Riauba you forgot the MLG Dew
Kerim Kerim (2 years ago)
There are so many bots in theam market so you cant buy an underprized item probably but its a nice trick.
Magic Jelly Beans! (2 years ago)
Thank dude, this really helped me a lot, can't wait to see your vid on trading :D P.S. BobbyQ
hamzah gamer (2 years ago)
Nice video man!! Reply me on hangouts!
edvinasba (2 years ago)
Don't you need to wait a week to sell an item that you just bought?
Blendin Blandin (2 years ago)
+Edvinoske This was made before that shitty rule too.
Quan (2 years ago)
No, it's only like that when it comes to trading. You can sell them straight away.
Lord TiMzki (2 years ago)
Dis is how i made cents 1. go to tremor games 2. get some coins 3. spend it on some tf2 items like Genuine stuff 4. get the item from the bot 5. see how much they are worth on steam market. 6. sell it 7. wait a while or maybe a day. 8. done u got cents now to buy trading cards and other things dis is for real. not spam spunkey doodle
CheesyPvP (2 years ago)
Aywizzle (2 years ago)
can u plz make a vid on how to make money oof steam without having any money XD plz
UltimatePrinceofBB (10 months ago)
You need to be premium there though to be able to trade your drops and crafted items. Premium means you bought any item in the store, or you could buy a premium key (that makes you premium) that costs like 1-2 keys (i forgot) and you activate it
GamerGalaxy (2 years ago)
1) play tf2, it's free. 2) the more you play, the more items you'll unlock. Get some items. 3)sell 100% free.
pajam (2 years ago)
+RagingGamer sorry, but thats not possible. unless you earn drops and can sell them the way he did in the video.
Wrench WD2 (2 years ago)

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