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TT ~ GLADIATORS ~ ★200mph~DREAM★ . . . Isle of Man TT

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THE WORLDS GREATEST MOTOR-SPORTING EVENT - IOM - TT SONG►http://goo.gl/Ycmwd (Into My Dream) (Clubmix) by Foggy. Ulster GP 2013▐►http://goo.gl/sh0NBe 35%off Code→JUMP35
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eye (6 months ago)
Only race in the world where all participants are winners.RESPECT
Alex Stevenson (6 months ago)
PURE RESPECT, mad Sunday is the one you never see videos of, that`s the day the track is open for the people/fans to try and emulate their hero`s it`s a hospitals worst nightmare, the death toll on mad Sunday way out numbers the racers,
venkat reddy (10 months ago)
Why the music sounds like Darude -Sandstorm remix
movistar gsxr (1 year ago)
True gods of speed
movistar gsxr (1 year ago)
I would like to see a footballer have go at it.
Tomas K (1 year ago)
movistar gsxr people dondt Even know how hard core this is
diether007 (1 year ago)
they have iron balls
Raj Newar (2 years ago)
best of best. appreciate feel of speed
Peppis Pirata (2 years ago)
si annulla tutto..e si entra in uno stato di lucida follia
Peppis Pirata (2 years ago)
Karloz Alvarez (2 years ago)
DANI Dani (1 year ago)
Foggy Come into my dreams
Nome da música?
david galeski (2 years ago)
thank you for trun me on to the TT
Habat içten (2 years ago)
the best tt isle of man leader john macgunnies <3
Javier Iturbide (2 years ago)
+Metin2 • WinSome dunlop is still the true og legend to beat
Denis Grozdnov (2 years ago)
1:43 HIS DEAD ??????
Alex Stevenson (6 months ago)
He`s not dead, he was back racing the next year! Conner is his name
Nino Schier (2 years ago)
+yhins anderson pabon becerra i think he even won in 2014 or 2015. He said it's worth it to race there
Psacuhl Lollol (2 years ago)
+yhins anderson pabon becerra he's alive;) his name is conor Cummins...believe it or not but he's still riding and has now become one of the best tt riders:)
Are you sure?
Nikola Miljkovic (2 years ago)
+yhins anderson pabon becerra No he isnt, he broke many bones, but he is alive
It is really necessary to have iron balls!
maxmixfan1 (2 years ago)
Roadracing is NOT a crime - its so much pure ART . . . :D
Nigel Phillips (3 years ago)
Dedicated to biker mates sadly here no more, and those still on the road. Big thanks to Unc Mick for the Castrol GTX transfusion...
Alexey Kalinа (3 years ago)
в Харкові этак можна тільки по дорозі біля дворців геподопів)))
Daenyel (3 years ago)
yeah thats gladiator style...and a lot leassons about physics...Respect!!!!
Queen Love (3 years ago)
esageratamente stupendooooooo....my dream!
Matthew Spring (3 years ago)
my hearts beating at 200 bpm just watching this
Chazz Jocazzi (3 years ago)
Note to self : do not have a hot Cup of Java whilst watching this. The heart beats wildly and a sense of heat permeates from the neck down. Time to ride my Suzuki Katana 1100 ...NOW !
Martin Hensen (3 years ago)
Leider GEIL !!!!!!
GERstarBROT (3 years ago)
So true :D Ich verspüre den unglaublichen Drang einen Motoradführerschein zu machen :D
Burhan Aynaci (3 years ago)
Echt hammer
Arturo Burgos (3 years ago)
Now this is what I call Balls.The music gives it more excitement...Man,, I wish here in America would do something like this.. closing down a small town just for Racing.I know the town would benefit a lot of Tourists.This is what is all about riding a sport Bike.Driving a dam car is Boring.Awesome Guys.!
flierefluiter johnny (3 years ago)
There are many ways to die.
Paul Bergin (3 years ago)
Makes f1 look like the dept. For health n safety......... 100% elephant balls,,, respect!
Marco Garcia (3 years ago)
Catalan!! ni en tus mejores tiempos eh??
Ljubo Rajic (3 years ago)
Daniel Carreras (4 years ago)
esto si que son bueno
RecRide (4 years ago)
Now I want to push my bike to it's limits, too! :D
MUSTANG115hp (4 years ago)
Why can't north America have real road races?
dlclendenen (3 years ago)
Because the pussies would whine about people who die and the liability.
hezbollah20efi (4 years ago)
Znacie może tytuł tego utworu? Dobra Żartuję
botor1997 (4 years ago)
@Velotrol daka Why  BB? It's TT- Titanium Testicles :D
Josep Caliz (4 years ago)
es bestial
Gilberto Garcia (4 years ago)
Arturo Albujar (4 years ago)
Simplemente, EXPECTACULAR !!!!!!!
Velotrol (4 years ago)
3:55 over 200mph inches from a hard, very hard by the way stone wall? Thank you sir, but no thank you! They should change the name from TT to BB which would stand for Big Balls, and to all the ladies out there my deepest respect you are definitely a unique breed. :)
Chris Collins (4 years ago)
This vids are the best. Keep them coming.
Robert Formato (4 years ago)
you go girl,
lucagsxr750 (4 years ago)
come dice vasco...e quanta nostalgia....
martin vogel (4 years ago)
könnte ich stundenlang kucken
Alessiucciocaro (4 years ago)
+Bajnokable No, he's not. 
Katelyn Dwire (4 years ago)
My shit would fly out of my pants so fast, I wouldn't have the time to see if I shit myself. 
wussboyd1 (4 years ago)
girls arents supposed to say that LOL,  Very funny though and very true!
Melvin Palencia (4 years ago)
These guys have balls. Respect! 
LoRGermany (11 months ago)
Melvin Palencia She has vagina balls ^^
Nino Schier (2 years ago)
What does the woman at 1:30 have?
Borain73 (4 years ago)
à l'Isle de Man, tous des frappa-dingues !!
Mark Control (4 years ago)
░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Bob is building an army. ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   Bob is against the new Youtube Il███████████████████].    /  ▌    Copy and Paste this all over            ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..       / \     Youtube if you are with us
IDejvidI (4 years ago)
He's not dead. Next year he stand on start:)
Calvin Edmonson (4 years ago)
That's how you "wring out" a sport bike, simply incredible.
bunnywantsplay (4 years ago)
No, he is alive. He suffer some injuries but nothing too serious I think. It's name is Conor Cummins ;)
Builder Pro (4 years ago)
@Bajnokable No, he did not die. That was 2010 and Connor Cummins was back racing within a year. He is more alive than most of us will ever be.
Bajnokable (4 years ago)
1:44 dead 100% very sad
FotherMucker34 (4 years ago)
Andrea Pellini (4 years ago)
3:56 the wall
Slim Mathers (4 years ago)
RIP... Ride In Paradize..
cmmg04 (4 years ago)
bob byo (4 years ago)
Your use of the helicopters and the street shots are the best....you are sooo in a class by yourself.....I enjoy all of your video tributes.......congrats and well, well done sir !!..............
Hensen1954 (4 years ago)
Best TT shots and music I have seen, very well compiled, just great !! Many thanks.
mouhcine snaike (4 years ago)
Isle of man maby i come soon
Pierre Irwan Macé (4 years ago)
Poor church
FotherMucker34 (4 years ago)
The name of the song is?
Tira Nelson (4 years ago)
Horace Hogsnort (4 years ago)
All it takes is incredible nerves of steel and blinding fash reflexes.
bayu sidewave (4 years ago)
very cooll and dangereous race
seboufdu59 (4 years ago)
1:45 dead?
Chris Von D**** (4 years ago)
too true.. wich is why i fear my dreams of one day racing at the TT are forever going to remain just that.. dreams..
Paweł (4 years ago)
To jest Zycie! W ciągu 10 min przeżyjesz więcej niż szary zjadacz chleba w całe życie!
TheCarablanco (4 years ago)
Can one imagine the stamina, concentration, and physical control required for such an effort? Some sport afficianados don't consider motorcycle racers "athletes." To be able to be flexible yet controlling a 500 lb 170 mph torqueing accelerating G-inducing synapse collapsing metal shod steel wheeled rubber tired bio-bullet bolting down a fogged and walled asphalt surface whilst conducting affairs with other like manifestations. . .mere words cannot adequately describe this kind of athleticism.
Jak Nyc (4 years ago)
nothing in the world of racing is like isle of man..!!
Oidahawi (4 years ago)
0:29 .... lol 30 limit :DDDD
Uniquemovievault (4 years ago)
This is so epic!
Manuel Sáez (4 years ago)
Eso es una carrera de motos y lo demás son tonterías. Y el valor que hay que tener, para correr aquí. Sin embargo, los laureles se los llevan los que corren los mundiales.
Sanjey Rai (4 years ago)
how the hell do they see where they're going, I can barely keep up watching a vid, unbelievable
heuerlover (4 years ago)
1:45 looks horrible ... i doubt, but did he make it ?
mark fleg (4 years ago)
mi dream is 200mph!
TR5T (4 years ago)
Every time I watch this it scares me, it makes me sick, it makes me want to ride.
Complete nerves and confidence doesnt look like theres any room for error or doubt ..
vegarosa69 (4 years ago)
0:22 Freaking fire coming out of the exhaust. :-o
Emad Taha (4 years ago)
Jiří Kadlec (4 years ago)
I still wonder, how these guys can sit on their bikes properly, considering size of balls one must have to compete in this insane race...
moppedcrak (4 years ago)
its a gread video
Sharifuddin Ramdan (4 years ago)
wow.no safety for road..
Gab Riv (4 years ago)
mon yasuhiro (4 years ago)
I like it!
В ккаком виде спорта человек стоит поближе лицом к погибели, чем тут???
Oimsu (4 years ago)
They are crazy ;)
Denis Mikser (4 years ago)
riders With BALLS ...
فرحان عتيبي (4 years ago)
koengixxer (4 years ago)
conor cummins.. speld it wrong ;)
miquet brian (4 years ago)
tres grand defie
BOT_ROCKET (4 years ago)
Who is the rider at 1:44 that hits the rock wall? Holy Crap!
frou lee (4 years ago)
very nice chalenge!
MoldyBread333 (4 years ago)
They actually reverse it for races like these. It's 1 up, 5 down. easier to shift gears when coming out of corners real fast. They call it GP style I believe.
amaan hasan (4 years ago)
I saw that guys but going up and down
Av3nTad0R _ LG (4 years ago)
Video + Musik = EPIC !
Shillionaire (4 years ago)
Try "Discovery Velocity" channel...I've only just found they are broadcasting all races on a 24 hour delay..
Echologic (4 years ago)
alright, thank you once again.
Shillionaire (4 years ago)
The only thing you can do i think is wait for the DVD to come out, they are sold by Duke Video in the isle of man. also you can keep up to date on the isle of man TT facebook page, and manx radio TT facebook page....All the best!!..
Echologic (4 years ago)
thank you! So, i suppose that there is no other way to see the competition?
Shillionaire (4 years ago)
You can listen to the commentary live on manx radio TT....online
Abdulrahman Al Ghalib (4 years ago)
21 parents/spouses disliked.. :(
paul Smith (4 years ago)
RIP Yoshinari Matsushita.
Rahman Hanif (4 years ago)

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