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Henry VIII's kitchens at Hampton Court Palace

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The kitchens of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace are the largest surviving Renaissance kitchens in Europe. Occupying nearly one third of the ground floor of the Palace, 36,000 square feet they have become internationally famous as the home of Tudor food. Today they are home to a unique project; a team of Food Historians who have been given the challenge to learn from actually using them as they would have been 500 years ago. Here, Marc Meltonville, Project co-ordinator for the Historic Kitchens Team, gives an introduction to Henry VIII's infamous food factory...
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Amy Lorenzo (28 days ago)
To think cured meat was for peasants and raw meat with nothing done to it was for the rich shows how much our world has changed.
Para quem tiver curiosidade em ver o documentário em português brasileiro, é possível assistir o documentário legendado no meu canal.
Alex Ehlers (1 month ago)
I want to recreate 19th century cooking.
Theseus9 (2 months ago)
Jeeezus! that is a huge kitchen!
Christine Cameron (2 months ago)
No roasted lamb. I am heartbroken. :-(
anna Last (3 months ago)
No wonder Henry 8th was such a pig.E\Killing 7 eating swans & peacocks, what devils those people were, the very idea of it repulses. TOO MUCH OF AN EXTRAVAGANT LIFESTYLE.Living off the backs of the poor. It's appalling Henry 8 should have had a heart attack earlier in life. He was more like an OGRE. Fat pig that he was, he should have been put on that spit & roasted for his guests to eat.
Yuri Ingram (4 months ago)
Before complaining realize the fat king created jobs, 600 people had jobs
Banī Kokoro (8 months ago)
Ok, when they said "roasting room" I actually thought for a second that they had a roasting room, the savage roasting.
The Salty Pickle (26 days ago)
That's how you know you've been on the internet for too long.
Chris Rambarran (10 months ago)
Self proclaimed kings were greedy bastards that took and took and took.
Faux Manchu (5 months ago)
Chris Rambarran Tyrants.
soyon manlai (6 months ago)
They were aristocratical rulers
Eleven Steinson (7 months ago)
lol :)
The Tightlaced Anarchist (10 months ago)
I'd like to taste Tudor's food
Drake (1 year ago)
Ingesting gold, you can even buy liquor today with gold flakes floating in the bottle
Kelly Jones (1 year ago)
That kitchen is even more jaw dropping when standing in it.
Theseus9 (2 months ago)
I bet.
ALEC GRIMES (2 years ago)
Very informative video. Wow...that food look GREAT !!!
Daniel Ryan (2 years ago)
Its not much different today. The uber wealthy eat ice cream sundaes and burgers coated with gold.
Robert Frapples (4 years ago)
Ever wonder why there are no English restaurants in your neighborhood?  No "Big Ben Drive-in"? No Picca-dillycatessen? That's because the British have always created the nastiest cuisine of any civilized country on Earth! Everything is too sweet, too gritty, too greasy and generally too gross to eat. Mmmmmm! Suet! 
Kevin Byrne (6 months ago)
@Robert Frapples -- Fish and chips is usually nice. Afternoon tea can be very nice. Likewise, the Sunday roast beef dinner. The less attractive foods -- jellied eels, mushy peas, chip butty (french fries / chips between slices of buttered bread), etc. -- are mostly working class food ; the workers could afford only cheap ingredients and they needed a lot of calories, so they ate fatty, starchy foods.
anghinetti (1 year ago)
Britain is not a country.
Adrian Stokes (1 year ago)
Well a lot of American food is actually based on English food, bacon for breakfast, fries, Yankee Pot Roast, for example.Also, from a country that has syrup for breakfast squeezes cheese out of tube, please!  Oh, and by the way, where does Cheddar Cheese that Americans love so much come from?  Now, erm let me think.
pigmental23 (4 years ago)
Come and say hello to the team, as you know we are very approachable.
pigmental23 (4 years ago)
Hygiene was a major factor in the late middle ages, while they did not know about pathogens, they knew that clean hands and a clean mind were signs of good health. We readily accept the myths of the tudors being dirty, but the written evidence contradicts this. Pure gold is fine to eat, it is still done today. The strawberries, like much fruit was cooked to death so vit c was not an option.
AlbostyleG (4 years ago)
Lets face it we cant handle that today so I would say they were more advanced then than today when it comes to preparing food .
Kuchi Kopi (3 months ago)
AlbostyleG cheap labour, back then....
3636Clarence (4 years ago)
Gold is inert. Eating it is neither heathy not unhealthily. It goes right through our system. Hey - in that sense, it's reusable !
amesavis (19 days ago)
Heavy metal poisoning is the way they used to kill kings.
Jolene Williamson (5 years ago)
Eating gold--I'll pass on that Thank you...
nightofcrimson13 (5 years ago)
Fascinating documentary; however, it fails to address one important aspect - the lack of hygiene in Tudor kitchens, including those at Hampton Court! I'm quite sure today's re-created meal preparations at Hampton Court are conducted under the most up-to-date health codes - which were not around in the Tudor era! In those days, kitchens and meal preparation were totally unsanitary by today's standards.
Matthew Kleid (5 years ago)
Henry loved strawberries, very high in Vitamin C, so probably not scurvy.
Goodiesfanful (5 years ago)
Would that include the standards of food hygiene of the time?
imacceptingbut (5 years ago)
Are Renaissance fairs/festivals this accurate to true cooking technique? Does anybody know? I've been wanting to go to one for about five years now and never seem to make the time to actually attend. Sounds like a lot of fun though!
3636Clarence (5 years ago)
Find this absolutely fascinating. Am a big fan of medieval and renaissance cookery. Thank you much.
Jennyness (5 years ago)
It won't hurt you, you can't digest it. It just kind of moves on through.
Corgi_pawz lps (5 years ago)
Jakegothicsnake (5 years ago)
LLAAV!! (Means Laughs Like An Anime Villainess) XD
movement26 (5 years ago)
As far as jobs go, working in Hampton court kitchens with 600 other muckers sounds ok........never go hungry.
Jakegothicsnake (5 years ago)
Ingesting gold does not sound healthy.......Is it????
MateusVIII (6 years ago)
@AWickedMind that is true
MateusVIII (6 years ago)
@AWickedMind i agree on most things, but i wouldn't really like sugar in my wine
badeesh (6 years ago)
chicken withut souce? white?? stupid
JohnPaul Dixon (6 years ago)
"You want fries with that?"
Steven McBrien (6 years ago)
1 person obviously has indigestion.
duchess clotho (6 years ago)
@AWickedMind Unfortunately we would probably get food poisoning. lol.
Jakegothicsnake (7 years ago)
Oh God, they actually put high priced metal on sweets??!!!! That CANNOT be good for you!!
fleurgi (7 years ago)
there diet was nasty
fleurgi (7 years ago)
@AWickedMind what about cheescake? can u say no to a cheescake diet...i think not lol
anasnaknota (7 years ago)
they should add more actors to make the reenactment looked real
mckfrr (7 years ago)
@AWickedMind. lol. And you would be dead sooner than later, which is why Henry was fat later on in life and had died.
A Xzeihoranth (7 years ago)
Ren Faires can suck it. THIS is how you do historical reenactment!
Lord T. W. Hudson (8 years ago)
Hampton Court is brilliant. If you're particularly interested in Tudor feasts then take a look at Heston's Tudor Feast - it's on Youtube's Channel 4 actually. In that Heston recreates a number of Tudor dishes in his own way for a table of celebrity guests. It's really good!
Yes, I would love to be there on one of those 50 days & get to taste some Renaissance food. It must of tasted very different. I have a medieval recipe book which may have been very similar; they ate just about anything & everything.
Nokomarie (8 years ago)
That would be a great way to spend an afternoon.
asiako25 (9 years ago)
I strongly recommend the book by Alison Weir " Henry VIII , the king and his court" she describes every aspect of Henry's everyday life! it's great!

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