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HD Full throttle - Death @ TT Isle of Man (IOMTT) Road Racing

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Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. TT the best race ever... Riders die at the sport they love... People even die at the comfort of their bed doing what they love... Who knows you will be the next... :-D So Enjoy life to the FULLEST! This video is posted for DISCUSSIONS and know the thoughts of the riding community.
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Deimos Station (8 days ago)
Breathtaking?? For what, exactly? There's nothing so special on that isle that isn't already everywhere else. Stupid host.
Gix Lip (8 days ago)
The most stupid sport in the world
Jaykehn (18 days ago)
Its a fvcking Pod Race
Celtic Bhoy (26 days ago)
canny wait till may 28th
xG Terry (27 days ago)
Rip The Legend Joey Dunlop
Andrew Hanley (1 month ago)
Lol @ the sheep running away at 1:30
Syeikh Al Razi (2 months ago)
whats is TT means?
R07H5CH1LD (3 months ago)
I'M NOT SORRY FOR SAYING THIS All these guys from the first to the last one are complete rubbish, I don't get how can you be such a narcissistic and disrespectful dickhead to the whole your family and everyone who loves you...they don't fucking deserve their miserable lives... naaah I'm sure nobody really cares about these pieces of shit, the whole thing is about the marketing and making huge profits by the people behind the scene... it's not just the possibility of literally passing away for no obvious reason other than some stupid and meaningless children's whims, you bastards, have you ever talked to people in that situation or even thought about the possibility to spend the whole rest of your life in a fucking wheelchair without being able to move even an inch big part of your body and not being able to eat and drink water by yourself (not even mentioning about getting on a bike again) , would you be then so proud with yourselves, watching your own KIDS, mother and dad, brothers and sisters, all your family and close friend suffering for the rest of their lives because of you being a prick who wanted to 'ride the adrenaline' with over 180 mph, making all these poor people to be the ones who MUST now take care of you because you need to be taken care of forever... And yeah... let's not talk about my english.. fuck it, obviously i've got much more than this what some of you are about to mention, so it's pointless, right?
DeM0_o (3 months ago)
Please ban this
Jazakallah (3 months ago)
Cool crashes
Shane McRedmond (3 months ago)
For those calling for road racing to be banned, consider this, roughly as many people have died attempting to climb everest as have died at the TT. Should we now ban mountain climbing also?
Robert Mendes (3 months ago)
22 B (3 months ago)
And you put ads on this...? Shame who ever you are
Tranceislands (4 months ago)
What if those bikes were ridden by Female drivers on this track ??
nascut1984 (4 months ago)
6:51 Mick Doohan. LEGEND
vitor lopes (4 months ago)
DJVHANproductions (4 months ago)
i'm not saying that it should be banned as i think everyone is free to do what they want with their own lives plus i enjoy watching it, but i think that every single participant of this race secretly or subconsciously wants to die, or feels dead not being able to ride a motorcycle on a road course with minimal safety features, i think that having balls of steel is not enough, you have to be driven by something else to race in the isle of man
Anthony Rife (4 months ago)
translater for portuguese
Buff Camel Salesman (6 months ago)
Metallica and Tool as background music. Fucking AUSSIES M8 \m/
Thế Giới Xe (6 months ago)
I Love Isle Of Man
The Velo In The Vale (6 months ago)
Isle of Man TT ... Made in Britain ....
Pr. LaChaderp (6 months ago)
At 10:40 you can hear the neatest version of One - Metallica, kept thinking to myself I know that melody.
shame on you (6 months ago)
Give your life... for some smiles? I dont give a shit about them , if they die or if they live but this is just stupid as fuck.
Ayo MazRotti (7 months ago)
Of course it has a purpose: to clear out the gene pool.
Kieran Pugh (7 months ago)
Fuck that shit
Roy Luke (7 months ago)
If u do this u will die..... white people : let's do it .....this animal will kill u White people : aww I want one .... many have died trying to climb this mountain .....white people : tell my wife I love her 😂
[DF]Pivotkid80 (7 months ago)
image this shit in night
Tami and Edwin Ramos (7 months ago)
The race can't be stop doing so it would be a insult to all the riders that did not made it out. Riding is a drug
Mee Khing Lim (7 months ago)
They are tired of living
Rick Sanchez (7 months ago)
TT= Titty time
Kayla Noller (7 months ago)
It must be crazy entering an event where at least 1 person WILL die.
Mike Davitt (7 months ago)
I went 160mph once on my Katana back in 1991 and that was on a straightaway. Can't imagine the thrill of this race.
Kai Tiffany (7 months ago)
Sell tourism on the premise of riders racing without basic safety precautions on dozens of dangerous corners where hundreds of riders have died over the years. Not that there are NO safety precautions but I've never seen any other venue with so many exposed hazards ready to mangle the human beings that run into them. It's sanctioned Russian-roulette; to get even close to winning anything, you've got to spin the cylinder and pull the trigger many times. Maybe you get lucky, maybe not. I don't see what's noble or brave about unnecessary recklessness.
Bond James Bond (7 months ago)
This is stupid putting your life and spectator's lives at risk for what? To prove who has the biggest penis on the block. What a "selfish" bunch throwing their lives away and leaving their kids and loves behind. smh
Bond James Bond (7 months ago)
lee van cleef another idiot responds. Natural selection at its best.
lee van cleef (7 months ago)
Bond James Bond fuck off pussy.
Mynor Moreno (7 months ago)
What's the name of the song 4:28?
Richard Parker (7 months ago)
The town makes 25 million in revenue each year, the winner receives 26 thousand prize money. Dumbest think I've ever known. Why would anybody even show up? Macho nonsense.
lee van cleef (7 months ago)
Richard Parker Dumbest think. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣🤣🤣😅🤣
fool of fools (7 months ago)
if they go 200km speed chance of being live is 30/70...
AR15 (8 months ago)
If I could join this race I'd be the slowest of them all. "The slowest racer on Man TT ever'' I'd be the very first.
MrThomas (8 months ago)
Ban this shit, it's not the dark ages that every year 3 people die just for entertainment. And build a memorial for the fallen on Isle of Man.
Yan Cahyo (8 months ago)
Its their live... We just see n fun...the race.
Aceh Merdeka (8 months ago)
Why they race on this track ? Why they don't fixed that road ? That's fucking bumpy road ever for 2 wheels
Ammar Akbar (8 months ago)
These guys are the flying Dragons
DubHead (8 months ago)
So it's stressing you out, because it's dangerous?!?! 😂😂😂😂
Mark Barry (8 months ago)
Is skaif just a dickhead it is not a race track just a road get it right is the most dangerous road in the world these guy have ball.
raj Singh (8 months ago)
did first one died
The_ Joker (8 months ago)
If Murray Walker says it's the greatest motorsport event in the world, then it is. No argument.
douglas787 (9 months ago)
Don't cry for the fallen riders. It not tragic to die doing what you love.
BRI336 ALBANY (9 months ago)
People may call this crazy , foolish over a 100+ people have been killed in this event since it's start. How many die of overdose using illegal drugs like heroin. Now that is stupid. Risk of addiction is nearly guaranteed. One airliner crashing will kill more then all who have died in this event.
Anonymous Mysterious (9 months ago)
This is suicide , this must be banned!!!
Dat Mimikyu (9 months ago)
Ending music name?
Ali Khan (9 months ago)
They can't ban this. The last great motor sport. I've been sad ever since group B was banned, would be devastated to see Isle of Man TT banned.
92gsr2589 (9 months ago)
yea :( wach my vids please don't like
Raden Putra (10 months ago)
What is the title of the song at the end of this video?
Camsty 1 (10 months ago)
Loving the Metallica in the background
Tropical Satan (10 months ago)
"No speed limit" false fact the speed limits are still in place
I help anytime (10 months ago)
Waaaaaayyy much dangerous than Group B.
Arisgod27 (10 months ago)
Holly shit. one word comes to mind. CRAZY.
John Keig (10 months ago)
The 2000 dislikes must be from local Manx people
SteadyTheMobbin (10 months ago)
S & M baby
SilentHackerHD (10 months ago)
The one sport we have that makes it to TV, I live here and I remember most of these crashes tbh
Anthony Raymond (10 months ago)
Woops........Fuck off channel 7 I am not watching any crap you put on. Fuckin Mongrel TV network this one. Go back to supporting your Headchoppers aka ISIS and AL QEADA.
Marissa A (10 months ago)
Wonder if you can fit a diaper under those race leathers? lol..I'm pretty sure I just shit my own pants just watching this video..God speed boys
Masaruk Putih (10 months ago)
this race have no safety..
Raibin Zamuar (10 months ago)
wow dangerous
haithumawni (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/j7HlrI1COSs?t=268 what is that song?
Steve Scott (11 months ago)
I want you to imagine for a while that you raced down a country road that was not meant to be raced on, and you hit the walls. Instead of dying you were paralysed from the neck down, being spoon fed and shitting your pants and being changed like a baby. No life for a young man who wanted to feel alive for a day and spend trust of his or her life being cared for. I have seen this in life. It does happen. Go to tracks days where they teach you to slow down on corners and where to open up. The traffic commission don't give a bollock if you die. As long as they get there money through sponsors. Please stop being a prat because your friends died end this madness.
upinsmoke2897 (11 months ago)
This race makes the Monaco Grand Prix look like Mario Cart.
Raphael Wechselberger (11 months ago)
1:30 is that guy dead?
filo4590 (10 months ago)
No. It's Conor Cummins, he's back racing.
lil'pyro 076 (11 months ago)
the isle of man. try to survive this whole suicidal race.
La Fiebre Del batteground (11 months ago)
1:30 RIP
Boalol lal (11 months ago)
7 people dead in a week, 4 of them not even riders. Not sure how many bystander died because of riders crashing but hey should probably look into how to make it more safe for the public. Wont be long til it''s illegal if bystanders keep dying because of it.
CANYON KILLER (11 months ago)
these people must have special suits to fit there massive balls. averaging 2plus deaths per year. this is the only race you will see the person crying hugging there family after the race because they lived
Darnell Beauge (11 months ago)
If I had kids I would probably stop doing this..But that's just me only speaking for myself
idkwhattoputhereok? (11 months ago)
I must do this before I die
Franco Isa (11 months ago)
deam the music on this documentary is so subtle but rich as fuck
The Baphomet (11 months ago)
When my mother and father have passed I will be taking my 636 around this road (we lost my cousin to a motorbike crash no one knows I own a 636 they would disown me if they knew)
The Great (11 months ago)
People say they would risk their lives for something they love,But they need to think about how people around them may feel
walter white (11 months ago)
separates the men from the boys
SamLikesPlayingGames (11 months ago)
The captions say "artists porn event" instead of "motorsports event" at about 1:39
Jeff Martin (11 months ago)
Blood sport
BHALT0S (11 months ago)
it's funny to watch these stupid cunts kill themselves, it is entertaining, I got a burnt human skull at this race last year, fuckin awesome what you can find on the road.
yaDidntCallmeThatHurts (11 months ago)
normellow (11 months ago)
Talk about game over !
imlerith (11 months ago)
finish alive already is a trophy
Sammy Spaniel (11 months ago)
It's not right for these riders to cause their children to grow up fatherless over a sport. These are not heroes and there is nothing noble about it. It's just a selfish adrenaline addiction.
Steve Scott (11 months ago)
With the low life idiot who thinks that his bad language has upset me. I just laugh at it, it shows me the lack of education and a small brain.
Steve Scott (11 months ago)
Do the riders have any training before going on the track. where to slow down, where they open up?
Steve Scott (11 months ago)
WTF. how do people die in the comfort of their bed. what sort of bed do you have.
Steve Scott (11 months ago)
why shorten your life when they could live till they were 80. I am left disabled because of a bike accident because I thought I would be alright so I know first hand. The young man who died on a bike won't see his children grow up and watch them get married. What a waste of life and for what? He didn't think he was going die. it's utterly stupid to say no one life's forever. People do live into their 80. mother's seeing their young sons being buried is the most deverstating and everlasting misery that any mother can go through. thank you for your comment and noted. But think what I have said and think of others who are left behind that is all Im saying on this matter
Sam Taylor (11 months ago)
noticed that tools music is playing in the background
Erk Ergül (11 months ago)
If someone tries to suicide we stop them, but when people try to ban an even where 200+ people have died, they go crazy.
Steve Scott (11 months ago)
I had an accident on my bike and now I'm in pain everyday and on my bed every single day. because of a bike that was faster than I could handle. so I know thrill of them. do it on a track if you have to ride fast. you have a better chance of survival.
Steve Scott (11 months ago)
I think they are stupid. Don't know if you are a live unless you risk your life. What stupid statement is that.
Steve (11 months ago)
this should of been the Fast and the Furious
Chuck Lidell (11 months ago)
Where's the corpse? I want to see the corpse
oreofudgeman (11 months ago)
how do these guys manage to fit their balls in their racing suits? Jesus fucking Christ this is terrifying just to watch.
Gianluca Schaar (11 months ago)
In cars you fall of the mountain you have a rollcage On motorcycles you hit a curb you are dead
MOTORCYCLE ADDICT (11 months ago)
Another great video , these guys are Warriors. MOTORCYCLE-ADDICT
MoReMaXiMuM (11 months ago)
Stupid dad, go Race there. And the children wonder why daddy is dead lmao

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