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Stationeers - Major Gosnell - Episode 10 Logic Auto Solar Tracking

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In this episode we set up a logic chip auto solar tracking. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCit0tWBgocg4FCf2g8u2sOg Greydusters youtube
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Armory508 (2 months ago)
Thought you couldn't mix data and power.
Major Gosnell (2 months ago)
you can but you cant feed data into a power outlet on an item ,so data will only flow into green inputs on machines and power will flow into red power outlets.
UnexpectedInquisition (2 months ago)
Nice ;D Was looking forward to the update
Major Gosnell (2 months ago)
Thanks,sorry for the delay ,I work double shifts on the weekends so hard to make videos,had wanted to upload one on friday,but that damn solar tracking computer bug thwarted my plans.

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