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Trade PUBG free skins for CSGO skins and get a Knife!

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PUBG trade skins for CSGO Knife, keys, gloves, skins for free using trade site. Site: http://bit.ly/2Gp1Nto PromoCode: TRADER To get bonus. 1. Like video 2. Subscribe. Good evening. Today i gonna show you how to trade you PUBG skins to CS GO and take profit. First of all you need to log in. Then enter your trade link. Here. If you want to get good bonus for first trade, enter promo code on the right top side of the screen. After that, choose the game which skins you want to trade and select them. Then click to deposite botton. While a few moments trade offer is generated. Click accept. Confirm the trade from your mobile device. After that you recieve money on your user account. You will be able to choose any skins. For example this Stat Track Flip Knife. Press witdraw. In a couple of seconds you will get new skin. Is there is anything left in your balance, dont worry. You can always use your account balance value to trade some other skins. Our tradebot gives you good bonus for first trade.
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Text Comments (55)
CryptoAge (1 month ago)
Can anybody show withdraw screenshots?
ctrl_anna (17 days ago)
https://prnt.sc/ixapz6 my awp withdrawal ;D
DubStep Bro (29 days ago)
nice kara dude, i got this h1z1 skins https://prnt.sc/ipsnwl
Tor Growser Top (1 month ago)
I got karambit from this site https://pastenow.ru/2QYI5
Yes, you need to be able to trade although someone in the blood to whom it is necessary to study
Just Do It (1 month ago)
i want to get an awp redline mw i have an ft what should i do and how do you get the float values
Slavik Okuntsev (1 month ago)
Very cool site to earn money! Really work product and earning very well! I advise everyone to try!
Чёрный Волк (1 month ago)
Thanks for the information, it helped me a lot
ut utuuu (1 month ago)
Its very easy to trade, the service is quite simple
Azessa16 Azessa16 (1 month ago)
it cant see my inventory EVEN if it is on PUBLIC
ut utuuu (1 month ago)
thanks for the knife!
Igor Panfilov (1 month ago)
It is immediately evident that the business is occupied by the professionals
Hanc (1 month ago)
Very cool channel Thanks for the useful information, I wish you further development The author of the channel respect and likes
You know who is the best person in the world? Read the first word again
Cat Catovsky (1 month ago)
cannot trade my awp medusa on your site too high what does that mean?
Tor Growser Top (1 month ago)
wow its woking well
Golden Dragons (1 month ago)
nice promo thanks

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