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MOTORBIKE ► My Passion ► My Life [motivational tribute] ᴴᴰ

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Marcello Plants (24 days ago)
Nice video. Congrats. Can I ask which song is? Thanks
8Bikers (23 days ago)
Thanks Marcello !! The song is : Epic Cİnematic Action Music ⁄ Dead Island
darKnessAndTheDreams. (1 month ago)
2:04 - 2:08 .... Beautiful Video. This Video Deserves more views.
8Bikers (1 month ago)
Thanks darKnessAndTheDreams 👍👍👍
tartare fine herbes (1 month ago)
rip Mr HAYDEN. NEVER FORGET THE KID OF KENTUCKY. from france ✌evrebody
8Bikers (1 month ago)
Hi tartare fine herbes 👏
LookattheBiggerPic (1 month ago)
Amen Brother...
Giovanni Adrian (1 month ago)
I love this! Outside of my family, riding is everything to me... My Passion, My life
8Bikers (1 month ago)
YES ! Motorbike forever
ricardo anes (1 month ago)
My Pussy
Siegfried Höner (1 month ago)
Mal wieder ein ganz tolles Video, Klasse. Kann man sich mehrmals ansehen und immer wieder genießen. Da kann ich nur noch hinzufügen: No Bike, No Life!
8Bikers (1 month ago)
Thanks Siegfried......Yes no bike, No Life!
Ordinary Biker Oz (1 month ago)
Good job.
8Bikers (1 month ago)
Thanks 😉😉
Philip Plank (2 months ago)
Wow! awsome video
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Thanks Philip !
Markos Man (2 months ago)
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Júlio césar (2 months ago)
My God, I love motorcycling.
8Bikers (2 months ago)
YES ! 😉😉
Rodrigo Tarpinian (2 months ago)
RIP Nicky !!!! fuckin great video ...cheers from brasil
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Thanks Rodrigo !! Nicky in our hearts
DELTHAFAL115 (2 months ago)
song? wow nice :D greetings from Mexico
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Thanks DELTHAFAL115 ! , The song is:  Epic Cİnematic Action Music ⁄ Dead Island
The_Doubleface_Channelz (2 months ago)
Wow amazing video. Good job 🙏
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Mielczar (2 months ago)
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Thanks @Mielczar
Ducati Rottie (2 months ago)
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Due Cilindri (2 months ago)
8bikers number one....fantastic video !!
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Thanks Due Cilindri
DRV Passione Slalom (2 months ago)
8Bikers (2 months ago)
Thanks Daniel ! 😉

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