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Joe Budden Responds to Migos Diss | Everyday Struggle

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Text Comments (5863)
John Smith (21 days ago)
back when the show was the best
Afric Network (26 days ago)
Its crazy this was last year less than a couple of months ago, and it already looks classic, Shout out to Joe Budden
Paul Houck (28 days ago)
Rap needs this duo back
Paul Houck (28 days ago)
My favorite episode
streetz Legend (30 days ago)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨Go listen to my new hit single #SoundCloud & #YouTube (Facing DEMONS) link in bio that shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 like this video 💯🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
reef Buck215 (1 month ago)
AK u a pussy bro you scared to say how you feel bro and I can't respect a nigga like you say how you feel and stop being a pussy SMFH
emahni jones (1 month ago)
What is Joe budden talking about?... HES SHOOK.
Dylan Davison (1 month ago)
“Quavius” 😂
June Bugg (1 month ago)
Avion Wright (2 months ago)
if that nigga hatering call him joe Budden Real rap
Prince.o x (2 months ago)
Who's watching old videos since Joe left?
Aaron Cosby Jr (2 months ago)
back when everything made sense
Thugger21 (2 months ago)
Can joe budded stop being an old head for just one day?
BdDaBomb (2 months ago)
This conversation between interesting people is a good show. They are so aware of there fields
BdDaBomb (2 months ago)
I miss the show
1FlyBlasian (2 months ago)
Quavo said the pussy adlib right
Darrion Lucas (2 months ago)
I seen that birthday thing im pullin ah joe budden lmao put ross for March
Brian Woods (2 months ago)
DJ AK is stupid
bliss X (2 months ago)
That is hate. broadcast thier flaws but dont say their success. joe is a hater in denial. If all U have is snide remarks but nun good to say. And then u gonna talk about mumble. Nigga u clearly dont listen to migos. Can someone tell me the song and line where they mumble
Jasper Sihoe (2 months ago)
N: my eyes are dry Joe: yea, matches the owner🤣
Jasper Sihoe (2 months ago)
I can rhyme Quavius with Prius🤣
Tony Faria (3 months ago)
Joe budden =g.o.a.t
John (3 months ago)
maTEASEYoBitch (3 months ago)
Im late after the play my clip doe i was hollerin😂😂😂😩
maTEASEYoBitch (3 months ago)
I mean y’all could just stop being so sensitive and let budden have his opinion. She didn’t even have to comment on that, “mumble , young man mumble. Everything u hear doesnt always need a response
Brann Lamont (3 months ago)
I miss y'all
Hermish Wagner (3 months ago)
If he hating call him Jake Paul... Oh my bad wrong song
jayb Cummings (3 months ago)
Your a hater talk in bout his name smh get a real job
jayb Cummings (3 months ago)
They been popping forv6 years you a year see da diffrents. You suck
jayb Cummings (3 months ago)
Stop it bruh u trash Joe bruh
Johnny Andrews (3 months ago)
King bate. Mr. Joe
Johnny Andrews (3 months ago)
Joe button is real deal crazy. Lmao. He knows how to get under people skin. And he does it well.
4 Fake (3 months ago)
Lol Akademiks is such a pussy.
jonas smith (3 months ago)
Imagen DUMB nigga not take school that serius ,, mix swiss and sweden .. then name them self OFF the BROKE place CHEEP food store ( stuff with no branding cheepest posiisble KOMMUNIST style all pacing green and white ) .. have FAKE bitch BITCHHING aboiut ho expanive it is she is ... swiss is sheper thenh SWEDEN
jonas smith (3 months ago)
ice when yiu can afford POWEDER snow ... ?!??! shout oput to travis rice ... strings like slash ... hu shure ... WHITE MUSIC ,,, for NO dumb folks with stuppid sillcon HORES with TOON of make up look like a DUNGEN DRAGION
Tinez (3 months ago)
Fuck it Ice Tray the gang.
Eric Cerminara (3 months ago)
I miss this show man...
Carl McPherson (3 months ago)
Whoever that was freestylin was super wack 👎🏾
Mi-Mi Canterbury (3 months ago)
Dee Bennie (3 months ago)
Play my clip 16:17 😂😂😂😂 I been knew migos was a fraud they don’t eat live or sleep that gansta shit they be saying in they music
zetar0b0t (3 months ago)
RIP Everyday Struggle. Got nothing without Budden real shit
Brad Field (3 months ago)
I swear budden beefs every single one of my favourite artists 😂
Kevin Murphy (3 months ago)
Man stfu joe you hatin
Devin B (3 months ago)
14:10 how I feel when people say mumble rap deserves respect as well
Anthony Reed (3 months ago)
Who tf is coach k
Dejone Bond (3 months ago)
She is so pointless
B. NyKole (3 months ago)
I’m sorry this interview is funny af idc idc 🤣🤣🤣🤣 when he walked in the booth to spit this lyrical venom bloused Up, I don’t have a problem with Quavious. Mumble young man mumble!
Tamika Mayes (3 months ago)
First time watching this show Academics is a bitch.
SortaEverything (3 months ago)
Do it luh lie I wuh lef off bad boojeh
mario brooks (3 months ago)
Joe the truth
Christian Cisneros (3 months ago)
FUCK that Joe Budden more talented than ANY of these rappers out nowadays. No disrespect to this generation but come on. This nigga went from rapping to youtube.... FUCKING YOUTUBE Nothing but love for Joe Budden. Fuck anybody who truly dislikes him. He was one of the only honest things about the rap industry
James P. (3 months ago)
Watching current and past, no-name, untalented rappers beef... Pure gold!
Weeds & Ratchets Radio (3 months ago)
These niggas in my generation a bunch of lames...beta males who don't understand their beta and they don't like to hear the truth about themselves. Young niggas beyond feminine....I can't even fight niggas at school . smfh
andrew lopez (3 months ago)
My nigga fuck u if u think joe a hater. This shit that b passing for music got niggas slumped at work tryna sound like quavo. Smd and go listen to some nxworries
tashboog (3 months ago)
Mumble, young man, mumble 😩😩 #faaaaaactsasf
Lebrons Hairline (3 months ago)
Joe Budden can’t fucking rap he needs to stopppp 😂
Conner Boyd (3 months ago)
this dude did not just say with a straight face that Migos is his favorite group lmao
Michael Dougherty (3 months ago)
DJ Ak’s knowledge of hip hop history is a fucking joke- dude is whack as fuck and he actually questions Joe’s position. Joe Budden would could and still will lyrically destroy your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Fuck the radio play- anyone who knows hip hop knows that Joe Budden is a mother fuckin animal
93King 93King (4 months ago)
Bro offset fucked that hoe up joe budden only hatin once again
yungjj84 (4 months ago)
"The Amazing Quavious" I'm gonna need all the Photoshop geniuses to make that into a comic book cover 😂
Lisa Jones (4 months ago)
Im going to miss this dynamic.
t barks (4 months ago)
migos bitches joes a G
Lesedi Taunyane (4 months ago)
Jose Velazquez (4 months ago)
How is telling someone their music is trash when its actually trash lmao nigga hes speaking facts the music is poop
TrenchCoatMafia (4 months ago)
lil cheese (4 months ago)
RaStA ReLLs (4 months ago)
Joe would destroy Migos all day but I guess Ice Tray the Game goes a long way bwahahahah🤣😂
BASH Mayne (4 months ago)
Atlanta, y'all really fuckin with joe?
Jeff Matthew (4 months ago)
Free marketing for Joe .
Don Julio (4 months ago)
Neo (4 months ago)
SquidBeatzOTN (4 months ago)
99% of the rappers? Yet......... you had real rappers up there.
HeiH Tides (4 months ago)
Ak is such a bitch ass nigga like omg 😂😂😂
schmokay (4 months ago)
Bloused up HAHAHAHA!!!! This show is awesome.
david t. Shirley (4 months ago)
Joe should never crack one of his jokes. that shit is trash. His jokes are a loud annoying noise, followed by his laugh. I want to watch this show, but i cant keep watching if he keeps trying to be funny when hes not.
SWIZZYFRESH (4 months ago)
Budden for president😂
Alleskapot (4 months ago)
Royalty Bomb (4 months ago)
I got a bestfriend who cousins babydaddy name is quavious😭😭. If joe had triplets he could name them quavious, quamir & quashawn.💀
TheBeginningG (4 months ago)
President of the Lil’s lmaooo Lil Mayor
Ben (4 months ago)
Ak don’t ever speak for Atlanta
Joe burdens arrogance ruined the show
Zaire Rivers (4 months ago)
If it weren’t for Joe this show would be 💀 I’ve tried watching episodes without him & it’s a NO for me 🤷🏾‍♀️
Jamal Edwards (4 months ago)
This my catch phrase now. *If'a. Nigga. Hatin. Call Him. Joe. Budden*
Leo Vincent (4 months ago)
So Migos are dissing Joe (who?) Budden for fucking attention??? Get the fuck outta here!
MrsButtersworth82 (4 months ago)
38:52 Who is that for April? Post Malone?
D jr (4 months ago)
He said jeezy aint the guy that wants to be seen. This dude showed up to the club in a helicopter....😒
D jr (4 months ago)
Migos is my fav group. Ak is a fucking clown. If migos is your fav group your opinion is disqualified automatically
Vinícius Silba (4 months ago)
Joe budden pussy.
Bdjlegacy12 (4 months ago)
Mumble young man mumble 😂
Ill_Gil (4 months ago)
Ak’s face when joe Budden was dancing is priceless lmao
Sugar Cruz (4 months ago)
Joe killed dude without trying to lol
3016 (4 months ago)
"i dont want to see a random video of you; getting tossed around by the migos" 😂
Caitlenn Knox (4 months ago)
Quavious Prius 🤣🤣🤣
Caitlenn Knox (4 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Joe
Dripping Fangs (4 months ago)
My dude Joe Buddens is the coolest dude in the game F*CK all these haters. Joe called said it 1st and summarized when he called these certain type of rappers "The Lils" first don't forget it. roflmao!!!!! Joe Keeps it real because he don't like massaging egos and just like our people always do...they rather call you a hater or outdated if you don't play fake and agree. THESE NEW RAPPERS ARE TRASH!!!!!! yeah I said it. a dude without a platform, so ya'll can't do me nada for saying FACTS!
50Shot Duwop (4 months ago)
Ak a real pussy
Todd Maek (4 months ago)
Them lil niggas aint bout it like that.
Todd Maek (4 months ago)
aint NOBODY from migos fuckin wit Joe Buddens......... they cant out rap that nigga period!
Khazmo Bliss (4 months ago)
This is definitely entertaining. I'm here for it.
mayhem mayhem (4 months ago)
budden is getting dissed by some lil niggaz but noow he wants to be cool with theem fuck that, i know jay z wouldnt do that
faraj Binfarhan (4 months ago)
Ak is a pussy

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