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“Albert Oehlen: Man in the Mirror,” Keynote Lecture by Mark Godfrey

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In the early to mid-1980s, Albert Oehlen worked on two main series: self-portraits and interiors with mirrors embedded in them. In one, he presented a degraded image of the artist; in the other, an incoherent image of the viewer. Starting with these works, Mark Godfrey will look at how Oehlen continued to work on the idea of degradation even as he began abstract painting in the late 1980s. Though Godfrey will focus on Oehlen’s abstract work, his talk will also consider the artist’s interior collages and recent series of tree paintings. http://www.newmuseum.org/calendar/view/albert-oehlen-home-and-garden-keynote-lecture-by-mark-godfrey
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