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Adam Gopnik on VIncent van Gogh

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Adam Gopnik, award-winning staff writer for the New Yorker since 1986 and its art critic from 1987 to 1995, provides his singular commentary on Van Gogh’s art, life, and legacy. 5/5/16
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Erling Andersen (1 month ago)
wery well spoking---looking at great paings, let you see new discovery everytime you look at it
Renzo (1 month ago)
32 MIN 38 SEC. The well educated Mr. Gopnik's pronunciation of ''poignant''. In all his 61 years has no one had the courage to correct him?
Cassandra G (13 days ago)
Renzo nor does he pronounce Van Gogh correctly
Renzo (2 months ago)
Skip the intro...go to 7 min. 45. Sec. !

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