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Budden and Akademiks Respond to Nicki Minaj, XXXTentacion vs. Ski Mask + More | Everyday Struggle

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EVERYDAY STRUGGLE | Episode 227 On today's #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska respond to Nicki Minaj's claims about "MotorSport" and her budding issues with Cardi B. They also broke down the XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God beef before diving into some new music from Fabolous and Jadakiss. Subscribe to Complex News for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Watch 'Complex Live' on Go90 here: https://www.go90.com/shows/11cHKK3D2iU Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex https://www.instagram.com/complex/ https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (3087)
Bruce Patrick (1 month ago)
AI 585 (1 month ago)
Who's watching this right now?
Sanjay Kalra (2 months ago)
Missin the old days...
Rivaldo De Agrela (3 months ago)
Nadeska hmu❤
ishmale thompson (4 months ago)
"If a bitch(n*gga?) hating call him Joe Burden. I think that when Nicki used that Chip and Dale line in She For Keeps she wasn't talking about just Kim and Remy, she was also talking about Akadumics and Budden bcz these two bitches are ALWAYS on Nicki's nuts. And then Akadumics be telling Nicki happy birthday on twitter with a pic from her break the net magazine that he hated on. Like, tf?!
TheOneJacobLazzari (4 months ago)
Joe is the realist on the show and niggas be butt hurt af
Sakta (4 months ago)
Its refreshing to see Joe is in a better, happier place now, bless up
Thomas mcclintock (4 months ago)
Man fuck this damn show y’all wanna talk serious shit talk about what x got going on and how he be feeling on the daily fuck all that fake ass rap beef shit
drake wouldnt win for More Life anyways, his worst project
usernames (4 months ago)
Is that Charlemagne the god in the beanie
TheOne. (4 months ago)
She's taken shots at Azealia Banks
Truths (4 months ago)
Why they trying to down play Sacrificial Illuminati deaths. They need to get out of here with that.....they know.
iStayBizzy TV (4 months ago)
39:20 To Ak's point, I started rapping/singing as a joke on some comedy stuff ... fast forward about 10years and I've release music w/LOX, Uncle Murda, Rapper Big Pooh, and Toured w/Joell Ortiz ... Funny How That Works Out ... Pun Intended#mynameisLBiz
Xhris Sharp (4 months ago)
budden basic showed the titty but kept the pastie on the nipple
Patricks Rock (5 months ago)
If anyone is still wondering what that Fabolous snippet was, it’s not from the album. It’s called Right Now Remix by Uncle Murda
Kristian (5 months ago)
joe: go ahead pinky ak: uh pinky: *deep breath*
Karamb1t (5 months ago)
Jimmy Crackorn (5 months ago)
Ak is right about that. Those idiots even think Ye sacrificed his own mom. AFTER HE WAS ALREADY RICH AND FAMOUS!!! What?! WHY?!
Hey Godson (5 months ago)
But it is seriously hilarious to see you all going hard against her. Saying her name and hoping shes watching😊 She's going to shit all over your little show this next era.
Hey Godson (5 months ago)
So you realize that you have a YouTube channel and the clout you will get for even typing her name is enormous, right? If Nicki is watching I'm pretty sure its not from a low place.
Royalty Bomb (5 months ago)
I swear people confuse joe's extreme hyperpassion with misogyny.💯✋the nigga just love the music industry, THE END, GO BUY YOUR GRANNY A NEW CHURCH WIG..😭
Katol (5 months ago)
I love nadeska wet wew
Yaritza Arias (5 months ago)
Shaq got bars 😩😩😩
Yaritza Arias (5 months ago)
Nadeska: Okay let's leave Nicki alone. Joe: She started wit us!! I was at home watchin' This is Us. Lmaoo stupid ass 😂😂
JEICE darling (5 months ago)
Basically illumanati is confirmed
JEICE darling (5 months ago)
Nadeskaaaa I want you uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (ricks voice in uncle sam outfit)
JEICE darling (5 months ago)
What cha gonna ny was raised to hate maufkers hate errveryome
Chris W (5 months ago)
32:16 .. you can obviously see Nadeska knows what Ak is talking about.. you can tell she’s playing dumb. Joe too.
yvette hanzy (5 months ago)
naw fr check out these niggas freestyle if u wanna hear some real hood shit
yvette hanzy (5 months ago)
heard these new rappers and they thang tbh check they video out i got wet af of this https://youtu.be/l7B45WpQHnw
muadhnate (5 months ago)
Meh. Both Cardi and Nicki say they don't have a problem with each, then they don't have a problem with each other. Stop trying to create drama and confusion.
Dashawn Mitchell (5 months ago)
Nadeska looks like the chick who played the Mummy
Cameron Banks (5 months ago)
Ak look like a stale teddygram Ak look like a homosexual hushpuppy
Khalid Holmes (5 months ago)
32:16 nadeska face 😂
Byrdman 51/50 (5 months ago)
Bruh u can tell that Wendy Williams dude did not actually faint. Name a time you have ever ever fainted like that. That bitch literally seen something bro, she seen the devil or a demon or something along those lines. Look at the look on her face and watch her eyes. Her eyes even follow something to her left and towards her, then she passes out..
Kevin Walker (5 months ago)
Joe keep talking they might just ask him to give up his soon to be baby. Just to stay relevant. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Joe
The White Shark (5 months ago)
White shark not approved somebody just kill akademiks already
[ Young Lakai ] (5 months ago)
Joe's voice change at 0:25
Militant Ace (5 months ago)
InderPaul Sandhu (5 months ago)
Oy .Malik (5 months ago)
Drake has never sacrificed anyone... the list is longer but that's the most prominent person rn so I used him. I think it's bullshit to help ratings and mess
Steven Rivera (5 months ago)
Whoever believes that Wendy Williams fainted is dumb
heyyyyy1111 (5 months ago)
All the scrutiny at a female artist not so much for the males mentioned. Not as nit picky etc. Interesting
Jorge Alvarado (5 months ago)
Im late but walka frocka
LeeroyGreen (5 months ago)
Sorry Shaq, but there were no quotables like Big Shaq's "Mans not hot"
Saucy DEAN (5 months ago)
when did Nadeska become "Pinky" or is Joe putting in his bid?
Makeupby Kilos (5 months ago)
I fucking love how Joe Budden doesn’t sugar coat SHIT !
reddit shitter (5 months ago)
fuck you, Arab scum!
Hannes Dibl Rodrigues (5 months ago)
nobody noticed that joe burped at 42:53? lol
Elijah X. Media (5 months ago)
LMAO, If any of you 10 year olds believe in the illuminati or "Sacrifices" you're a fucking retard lmao. You really think think these artist have any type of real influence on the worlds economy ect? combined, they are like 1% of the real wealth. They have no say on how the world spins. I swear people and their "conspiracy" bull shit, nothing but mental masturbation for the fools.
ISJHAD B (5 months ago)
Elijah X. Media music influences people mainly the youth
Lion Tony (5 months ago)
Joe GTFO you know DAMN well about sacrificing. You gon act like you don't be on it, but ALL OF A SUDDEN BUDDEN you can admit it when AK say something. Boy you a good ass liar. I can dig it, watch what you say though. You KNOW they don't like you
CJ Ryan (5 months ago)
Jay Z sacrificed Big L
ELIJAHXWILLIAMS (5 months ago)
It’s sad that we haven’t had two successful female rappers collaborate in so long that we have to create conspiracy theories as to why they worked together... why can’t we just enjoy the music?
Golden Child (5 months ago)
2 batty boys ...you need content niggas ...2 much Nicky Nicky Girl shit ...
Kyng Yellowshoe (5 months ago)
"Have you seen silence of the lambs nigga" lmao bro Joe fucking hell man lol
sheryl cherilus (5 months ago)
"That's not true I did win a Grammy" -joe😂😂😂
Vonte Brown (5 months ago)
Fuck Nicki garbage flopping ass
JJ Van Slaminstein (5 months ago)
Ski is a better rapper than X anyways, not musician but rapper.
123 mul (5 months ago)
Don’t ignore joe exposing these evil people in the industry
Alf Brand (5 months ago)
Yo I need that intro instrumental!
Everything Salty (5 months ago)
This nigga joe gonna get clapped. Cant be exposing the industry like that bruh lol
KING KILLA (5 months ago)
What’s the shirt joe wearing called? Real talk it’s kinda fresh
Litt (5 months ago)
When is the X and ski mask topic, no gives a fuck about these bitches bruh
MacGreenAholic (5 months ago)
Daaamn.. Nedeska lookin fine af 2 me in this episode 😍😍😍 love you boo
fadedOTAKU (5 months ago)
Joe has industry experience since 01. His theories come from an educated source. Shane on Nicki for not knowing the difference between theory and fact
Sean Callahan (5 months ago)
Joe budden just got a lot of respect in my eyes. Thank you for sharing what you did. The woke one know
Jamie Harris (5 months ago)
Nicki is good, her fans have her back. We love her perfect imperfections.
Jordyn Taylor (5 months ago)
Finally finally finally finally someone has said that Nikki (in the past) took shots at Foxy. I have been saying this for so fucking long thank you Joe Budden's
Stayinloud (5 months ago)
Joe knows he is at a perfect sacrificial time in his life... like a sacrificial lamb hiding from the farmer
George Fakes (5 months ago)
damn joe was quite pleasant this ep wtf
JACMIC23 (5 months ago)
wv11989 (5 months ago)
hmm iluminati sacrifices now i think about it alot of big albums have death around them look at jay z album they killed that guy he collabed with years ago wtf lol
wv11989 (5 months ago)
23:30 joe worried he might piss himself on camera with his weak bladder
esosmart (5 months ago)
Nebraska looking good
CrescendoRaps (5 months ago)
"Sacrifice them niggas x"
Justin White (5 months ago)
This nigga is crazy Asf😂
Channy Studress (5 months ago)
Nicki be taking shots at remy... most her songs since shether ..
Tiffany Rayne (5 months ago)
+Channy Studress It's not even Remy, Nicki's been taking subliminal shots at every female in the game since the start of her career. Everybody was afraid to say she was doing that because she was the only female voice for a time period. Nobody wanted to call her out on her ish, because she was the thing, she was the "IT" girl. So when Remy did, it was like uh oh I'm exposed now, and she certainly didn't expect for someone who was a real challenger to pull her card. I'm not hating on Nicki, but Remy turned out to be exactly right on Shether. And Nicki is trying to play down this whole thing with Cardi, but we all know she's low key insecure and hating on/dissing Cardi. Those of us who know our Hip Hop and not caught up in the stan/fandamonium stuff, we know we're not blind.
JackTheLion (5 months ago)
man can Joe stop screaming, just one episode try not screaming
The Black Naruto (5 months ago)
Every time Joe calls Nadeska Pinky I keep thinking the pornstar
Chaz Indigo (5 months ago)
Nigga AK said take me out the whole episode 😂😂
swift37 (5 months ago)
Man these 2 niggas ain't even a factor in shit Joe been washed up how can he call anybody washed up gtfoh, AK a whole bitch
Ceirra Thompson (5 months ago)
this sacrifice talk is creepy as hell!!! CANT SACRIFICE ME BIHH
Thacommonweath (5 months ago)
taken off of tidal bc Bey don't tolerate women breaking others down. Yes she has worked with Nicki, but I'm sure she realized Nicki attitude.
Anthony Jones (5 months ago)
Don't seem like a reach what Joe is saying
davidstevens 610 (5 months ago)
Motor sport wasen't removed from Tidal...
Jorge Vazquez (5 months ago)
Eminem definitely sacrificed proof
Keaun A King (5 months ago)
Joe look like a bumb and stop talking bout Nicki you bumb ass nigga that’s why I hate joe ugly ass
Devin Newton (5 months ago)
I like how joe and ak chemistry came to, I wasn’t sure if this was gonna be a success, but these dudes can hold a show without guests.....that’s impressive
That Legal Smoker (5 months ago)
Watch "Adam Ruins Everything" he talks about it
Lumpy Hippo (5 months ago)
Joe dresses like Jesus from TWD.
Negus Charles (5 months ago)
Love the show my ppls ✊🏾💯 keep up the good work.
Blocked ! (5 months ago)
hold this L...that fabo song from 1 year ago
Amalchris Simo (5 months ago)
[email protected] Nicki baby shut the fuck up... Best line ever,Joe you bomb
Tyrel Ryan (5 months ago)
LMFAO That was the wrong Fab & Jadakiss song smh
White Steve Harvey (5 months ago)
I’m just going to put this out there, Joe’s been in and around the industry since 01 and you could tell he’s a straight up dude by his demeanor, so why would it be hard to believe that he doesn’t have any credibility on the sacrifice topic?
CATALOGNYC. (5 months ago)
This one of the best episodes yet
Brian Greene (5 months ago)
9 min in and this is the best episode yet! Ak X Budden make a great team!
Marcus Lewis (5 months ago)
ch1kmagnet (5 months ago)
Ak is corney
Jack Singleton (5 months ago)
Y'all show is beneath Nicky coming on there let's get real

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