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TT Isle Of Man Ride On The Edge | First Play & First Impressions

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Here it is the Official Videogame for the Isle Of Man TT, TT Isle Of Man Ride On The Edge. This is my first time playing the game and my first impressions.......plus a lot of crashes haha.
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Matthew Cowan (25 days ago)
Anyone else think this was a motto madness video because of the intro music
Jason wong (26 days ago)
The bike oversteers like a car! WTF was they doing when they were developing this game
Jason wong (26 days ago)
3:08 RIP Daniel, you will be remembered
VirusOfCyrus (26 days ago)
Adena 1988 (28 days ago)
I personally only like to play bike games in first person..im glad its setup well for it
Carl Roberts (30 days ago)
Wow this company do not under stand ride movement you cannot slide the bike into the corners like on ride 2 great graphics shit game play.
Gonzo Gaming (1 month ago)
Robo, please reduce you mic gain, it is very harsh and distorted. Audacity is free and easy to use.
Eanna Murray (1 month ago)
#living in ireland
Bike Guy (1 month ago)
Another motorcycle game with rubbish control.....the old Tourist Trophy game got it bang on, and everyone has failed since. Shame. Why the fuck they don't just look ahead of the rider...no big turn...prob don't need knee down for tiny correction!! Stick input less than 0.5 second...prob don't need to warp the rider off the side of the seat and stick his knee out. Fuck its not that hard a concept to grasp!
CANYON KILLER (1 month ago)
can't wait for the side cars in MAY
tim senior (1 month ago)
Hey man, any idea as to why the Suzuki's are not in this game ?
killachief187 (1 month ago)
Nice video dude ! I've just got the game i agree its good in 1st person view.
Steve Maggers (1 month ago)
The oversteer is a bastid. The handling reminds me of a wave rider on water. What controller are people using?
Ben Dover (1 month ago)
Can’t help but think this game would’ve made more sense if all the circuits were classic road circuits. NW200, Chimay, Dundrod, Imatra, Clady, Cemetery Circuit, Oliver’s Mount, and the like. All the fantasy circuits are kind of boring
ERG 1008 (1 month ago)
This is like Dark Souls of racing games! Did enjoy the vid though. Cheers!
Noor Azhar (1 month ago)
SH*T no Suzuki... But graphic & gameplay really good though..Me playin on PS4.
Noor Azhar (1 month ago)
tim senior I seriously dont know.But my teory is, if you still remember, in 2005, there one game on PS2 called SUZUKI TT Superbike..MAYBE..they still have that 'SUZUKI' license/right till now..Maybe..cause as I typing now,I didnt search any source regarding this thing..Just my personal opinion..
tim senior (1 month ago)
Noor Azhar any idea why the Suzuki's are not in the game ?
AeroR (1 month ago)
I need this game! I have to learn the track couse AeroR will ride it!!!💪🏽💚🏍💨 Peace out bikers, ride safe
kyle webb (1 month ago)
The rider graphics are just awful....
ConRadMk2 (1 month ago)
That's an impressive list! I have put a lot of time into ride 2 also, and I must admit, I do prefer the physics. But the track is what we're after with this one! Really enjoying it too!
M_Kenny. 40 (1 month ago)
is this made by milestone ?
A Fine Scale Madness (1 month ago)
Some games are better in some views than others, often for subtle reasons that don't seem to make sense. It's camera angle, movement, distance from target that can mess with our perceptions. I had his problem with Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally - could not get a feel for this from behind the car yet I've driven every rally game ever made, from behind the car. But in cockpit or bonnet cam, it's awesome. I have gotten to where I always ride bike games from first person so I'll be interested to how this goes. I'm glad the physics feel different to ride 2/Motogp - I'm looking for something different, bit more of a challenge, although I love the milestone products to death, I find them a bit forgiving. Great vid Robo as always .
CBR SJP (1 month ago)
I wonder if the Honda's randomly find neutral 😂😂😅
Sim UK (1 month ago)
No jerk between gear changes ???wtf
The Mim Mim Brothers (1 month ago)
Personally,I'm loving this game. Yes its a little light on content but you can tweak the handling. All these people moaning about the physics! You'd think they were all experts. Get good at the game and you'll have less people whinging about it.
jer6900 (1 month ago)
Is guy martin in this game?
ConRadMk2 (1 month ago)
No Guy and no Suzukis unfortunately!
Suzuki Smash Rider (1 month ago)
the head movement and how the body hangs off the bike kinda reminds me of SBK Generations.. the graphics though is really impressive i must say..
John Reynolds (1 month ago)
I am defiantly not a fan of the game. I play ride 2 every day and this has been one of my most awaited games but this has nothing on ride, the physics are horrible and it feels grim to play. What a shame and waste of money. Please can we have the Isle of Man track on ride 3!!!
Jason wong (26 days ago)
It's very Arcady, ride is more like a simcade
Vicripoll (1 month ago)
Poor game, lack of depth and realism. Ride 2 is better apart from slightly lesser graphics, a £20 game pretending to be a £40 plus pound game. Save your money it's poor.
Carl Roberts (30 days ago)
Vicripoll your right waste of money rider so unnatural cant slide bike into corners rubbish.
Mr. Kebab (1 month ago)
difference is that Ride 2 is boring af
RedlineRossi (1 month ago)
Is it 30fps on all consoles? hoping it might be 60fps on one x & PS4 pro
Big pops (1 month ago)
The supersports wheelie way too easily lol
Bodhi van der Sanden (1 month ago)
@Robo46 shall I buy it or not?
Its Jake The Brake (1 month ago)
Love your vids but please for the love of god, get a new mic.
Some of the bigger CC bikes don’t sound realistic from what I’ve heard in other vids but the R6 engine sound is actually great and dare I say closely realistic. For me the engine sounds are extremely important and if there not fairly realistic I won’t buy. Best part of this game has to be the country tracks. I would like to see some stock road bikes included with DLC in future but so far I’m impressed.
Mr Kentz (1 month ago)
Which one better bro from gameplay? This game or Ride?
Stephen Corfield (1 month ago)
The neutral position of the gearbox is before first gear , so you end up with a Guy Martin box full of neutrals going into a slow bend. Poor idea of the game developers. Neutral should always be between first and second. The bike handling can go awry for completely unknown reasons.Leeping over the Tyrone bridge , unless one slows or breaks can have the bike float off to oblivian. The T.T circuit is great and very bumpy just like the real thing.
Stephen Corfield (1 month ago)
I have had a Norton Commando , Triumph Trident , Honda 500 4 , Honda trials 125 , kawasaki 650 etc.The only bike with neutral at the bottom was a Suzuki 500 twin two stroke i wouldnt buy one because of this. Except for the Norton and Triumph the jap bikes were hard to find neutral when the engines were hot. Yes i usually do a count of the gears but still ride 2 has it right. Im enjoying the game nevertheless.
ConRadMk2 (1 month ago)
I understand the layout of a gearbox as I ride myself. I didn't realise that you meant for the game to differentiate the presence of neutral between riding and standing still. If you keep going into neutral by spamming downshift, maybe you should start counting your gears?
Stephen Corfield (1 month ago)
No a motorcycle gearbox goes through neutral as if it wasnt there. When the bike is stopped the clutch disengages the engine and then put gearbox into neutral as in ride 2 .
ConRadMk2 (1 month ago)
Neutral between first and second is fine in real life, but do you really want to be pressing shift twice to get from first to second in game?
Luke Sparling (1 month ago)
Do u have to pre order the game to get joeys bike?
MotoJP99 (1 month ago)
First impressions are good on this for me, got to be a lot more careful than others. I’d advise building up to the mountain course, I threw myself straight in the deep end on Hutchy’s bmw and all I can say is... it’s pretty damn quick
BIKER Gaming (1 month ago)
The physics don’t look very good, is that what it feels like?
Luke Hutchison (1 month ago)
As soon as I put iom tt game in for ps4 this popped up on my Samsung blown away 😰😰
pistol73 (1 month ago)
By far the worst bike game ever...proof you can't convert a mobile game to a console.
girlracerTracey (1 month ago)
I'm surprised. I like it. But I can only play this on "helmet" cam (no bike or rider visible..just the road ahead). If I do that the physics click for me. Just did a lap round the full 37 3/4 mile IOM Mountain course and I really enjoyed it on minimal assists, manual gears and a separate rear brake.. Chase view and rider animation(s) are for me too "jerky" and exaggerated for any given steering input.. I do not particularly like the cockpit view for the same reason although not as bad for me as the "chase" view. So for me personally "helmet" cam with just the road ahead works.. Not a bad first m/c racing game from Kylotonn dare I say it? Despite some serious reservations I had before trying it for myself.. Good video Robo. (p.s. we are going to mod the physics on pc. See what can and cannot be improved)
girlracerTracey (1 month ago)
Only thought on the rear brake is maybe to try to use the right analogue thumbstick for this? So to activate the rear brake you pull back on the right thumbsick (backwards motion on the stick with your right thumb). If it was possible to get an analogue input mapped to the rear brake by doing this hopefully it would provide better control on the brakes? Of course what Kylotonn should have done is to have made all of the riding controls fully "mappable" in-game..
girlracerTracey (1 month ago)
Yes I think we do Tony. If it is possible. I am hoping your friend may want to do this and also with your input of course. Whatever way we can. I am hoping the modders over at Race Department will want to have a go at this..maybe they can help if your friend who modded WRC7 decides to do this? Either way I think it would be interesting to look into this. What is your general feeling Tony? Do you think it will be worth trying to mod it?
donkykóng (1 month ago)
The steering input sensitivity needs to be turned down or atleast the option to be able too. Also the bike doesn't really give you any warning before it throws you down the road. Been hard on the brakes and its just folded plenty of times. It could also of done with a bike set up option. This is more for every bike game not just this one there are not enough triggers on a pad for the back brake and i haven't seen a touch sensitive button option since the dualshock 2! I am on the xbox so i dont know what options you have on pc but there are basically non on this shit. Other than that and a few other little things I'm enjoying it. I about cum in my pants when it came up on tge xbox last night i thought it came out on the 13th!
Tony J. (1 month ago)
nice, so do you need mod ?
Fredd Grace (1 month ago)
Hmm can't wait to mod too👍😁👌
Finally... A diffrent... And A HILARIOUS VIDEO FROM ROBO46 I ve ever seen.... LOL... Awesome video
What do u think if this game was gonna be like ride 2?...actually the animation when the rider leaning like a "maniac".... Lol... Thats how u describe it.... XD.!!
jerrel feller (1 month ago)
Bro!! You have played all the bike games. Ride2 and motogp and rossi the game. So very honest. How is this game compared to those?
The Mim Mim Brothers (1 month ago)
Worth pointing out as well that unless you ride these things for a living, they're a bitch to control, as you'll find in the me with the Assists "off" I've put in several hours now and it gets better every time I play it. Could do with a "Visor Cam" and a little more content, but hopefully they can add to it.
ROBO46 (1 month ago)
Personally Ride 2 is my favourite, but I still like this game, people are having problems with it because they’re playing it like Ride and you simply can’t do that, it does take some getting used to and 3rd person doesn’t feel right. I usually always prefer 3rd person but in this case 1st person feels so much better. It can be very rewarding if you have the patience and the time to get used to it and the sense of speed is immense ,
MotoJP99 (1 month ago)
jerrel feller I’ve given it a go, it feels very different. Main thing I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t seem to like you to try fully lean it over. When you do you tuck the front and go flying into the corner. It’s going to take some getting used to. You have to slow down a lot earlier than on the likes of ride 2 and MotoGP
Matt Smith (1 month ago)
The rider animation is just awful unfortunately... Ive found the guy they mo-capped for it! https://youtu.be/cwu_tSsHcQ0
Matin Azizan (7 days ago)
Jason wong (26 days ago)
Lol! You got me rollin
Elliot (1 month ago)
Matt Smith hahaha nice one
Vicky Nadar (1 month ago)
Sorry for the dislike but the game itself sucks bigtime... I didn't liked it at all.
Mr. Kebab (1 month ago)
you judge a video, not the game itself
Noob Tuber's (1 month ago)
Looks good but animation on thirt person is bad sorry im bad at english
Ellie Green (1 month ago)
This game is epic just completed my first ever lap 21 minutes 45 seconds on the 600 well slow but it's brilliant!!!! Good work ROBO46
Lil0EJ (1 month ago)
14:48 you guys feel that =))
Edmundser Mike (1 month ago)
Xeminol (1 month ago)
Zankel (1 month ago)
How did you get it? On Steam it still just says "Coming soon - March 2018".. :-(
Zankel (1 month ago)
Feels bad man. :-( But thanks for telling me - and thanks for being out with a video so quick!
ROBO46 (1 month ago)
Zankel it came out on consoles today but isn’t out until 27th March for PC
Myst1c Prun3 (1 month ago)
Is it me or does this game seem to be designed for first person?
servenToGo (1 month ago)
it's the rider, he looks like he is dragging knees on a Harley. that's my guess.
Myst1c Prun3 (1 month ago)
ROBO46 it looked so much more natural, and the bike behaviour seems more believable weirdly. Don't know if you ride it differently, or if there's less focus on the over enthusiastic rider or what but it seems good 😀
ROBO46 (1 month ago)
Myst1c Prun3 first person feels so much better
OGUZ R6 (1 month ago)
rider is jumping on moto...i hate this animation..
TerryBollea1 (1 month ago)
How did you get this??? I havnt seen it yet....I know you Aussie blokes are before me, but not by that much.
TerryBollea1 (1 month ago)
ROBO46 right....English Prisoner...thats what I typed.
ROBO46 (1 month ago)
TerryBollea1 I’m English not Australian 😂
tweetchris46 (1 month ago)
I go to the TT every year, have done so since 1999....they have got the TT course absolutely spot on ...great vid, subbed
ROBO46 (1 month ago)
tweetchris46 nice 👍👍
JO La Masai (1 month ago)
I need your impressions on this game 😍 (sry for my english i am french 😂)
Lee Churchill (1 month ago)
JO La Masai I'm enjoying this game. It's the first bike game that I prefer in first person mode. The reproduction of the Mountain Circuit is very impressive. I'd like to see an update that allows you to tune the actual bike settings. I find the career mode is a good challenge but for me it's just filler. I really just bought it for the TT course so everything on top of that is a bonus.
yoda_882 (1 month ago)
TerryBollea1 (1 month ago)
Thanks for confirming that the handling is shit....just as I thought....does it run at 60 fps???
Jordan Mills (1 month ago)
Hmmmmmm not sure if I should purchase the game yet. Will keep a look out for your next video 👌🏼
John Reynolds (1 month ago)
Jordan Mills I wouldn't bother, get ride 2!
FrankWithAK (1 month ago)
sick 👍
Fredd Grace (1 month ago)
Click it immediately!!😁👌😘✌👏👏👏
Fredd Grace (1 month ago)
ROBO46 and also at 7:17 i absolutely agree with you! Now i really can't wait to play this game on PC, damnit 😞✌😁✌
ROBO46 (1 month ago)
Fredd Grace haha cheers

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