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TT Isle Of Man | Havin' A Bash!

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Text Comments (348)
EGOXenonSlayer (11 hours ago)
Watching this while on an exercise bike is nuts. Gonna throw myself off in true bikers death fashion!
Colin Ultramoto (3 days ago)
TROTT - Get in the bag.
Colin Ultramoto (3 days ago)
ALEX SMITH - Keep trying.
Colin Ultramoto (3 days ago)
ROSS HORNBY - You are officially approved for IRL motorcycle rider training, please pay a local riding school their tuition and begin your adventure as a motorcyclist at your soonest convenience! Congratulations!
david marden (4 days ago)
Tourist Trophy
summer car simulator almost helps, but its way easier then doing anny of that stuff irl.
all Your arms and legs ross? how many do you have?
aNiallator 14 (5 days ago)
i love man
Kyoto Dream (6 days ago)
More of this! I enjoyed it!
pogolizard (6 days ago)
I'm not normally one for racing games, but this does look very good. More please! Perhaps with manual bikes?
Jakob Harrison (7 days ago)
cody banks
cloudsora (8 days ago)
I would love to see them VR this.
PigAndCowCompany (8 days ago)
Please play more of this
Matt Trachsel (8 days ago)
Craigle was my favorite racer.
Timmo Warner (8 days ago)
Ross activated Siri on my phone. =o/
Cameron E (9 days ago)
Time Trials
alfie sole (9 days ago)
Ive got a great bike horror story, was in year 4, some of the year 6s were doing their cycling profeciency, and then suddently an ambulance. Someone had fell off and somehow the pegs on his bike went through his calf. I said bike not motobike.
Rayran (9 days ago)
you guys should come to the isle of man some time
James McCarthy (9 days ago)
You guys should play some fortnite
Patrick Herbison (9 days ago)
moar. need more of you guys playing this game!
Sniper_ (9 days ago)
This is so weird to watch as i am from the isle of man
Maxwell Warren (9 days ago)
My bloody ipod responded to Ross's "hey siri" at 15:15
TheDuckofDK (10 days ago)
Ditte Therkelsen (10 days ago)
Andrew Chapman (10 days ago)
You are all super dead.
TheSpyderWolf (10 days ago)
Isle of man teetees
Joel Wood (10 days ago)
if you ever get a chance to go to the race, it will change you!! fml
Alumil (10 days ago)
Yay! Gotta love the Isle of Man, right guys?
Jordan Carter (10 days ago)
Should have called it ‘Having a Crash’
Jack Pyke (10 days ago)
honestly i could really see this being a new podcast series like trails
fishpop (10 days ago)
This game is £35. A bit much considering how little there is. I guess that price comes from the whole "We scanned a 30+ mile track and made a game out of it" thing.
Yesidoplaytheguitar (10 days ago)
I think racing sims can teach you a lot. I used to play nothing but racing sims from when i was about 6 tot about 21. I started kart racing a couple of months ago (i'm 23 now) and was immediately able to at least give the guys who had done it for years a run for their money. I'm not saying i was beating them, not by any stretch of the imagination, but i was at least keeping up!
TheFormalMooshroom (10 days ago)
Imagine if they put AR in the headset so the drivers could actually see those red and yellow markers
Osmiphos (10 days ago)
Smith pretty sure he was in "Agent Cody Banks"
fishpop (10 days ago)
The James May Meccano bike thing was from James May's Toy Stories which he did while he was still on Top Gear in the early 2010s. The only thing he's done between TG & GT, IIRC, is The Reassembler. All of Toy Stories is available on DVD. At least in the UK; I'm not sure about the US...
Doubtit ? (10 days ago)
ROSS, its never too late to learn, my dad didnt learn to ride until he was in his 40s
Coldire 101 (10 days ago)
you guys should apply for the top gear job! three guys with great banter. perfect hosts
fishpop (10 days ago)
The crash counter reminds me of the death counter they had in their Minecraft serieses.
fishpop (10 days ago)
"We're going to die in the Isle Of Man!"
George Bowyer (10 days ago)
Mopeds/scooter have auto gear box's but I've never seen a bike with auto gears
Fezcat (10 days ago)
does anyone think this was planned??? 16:57
Harry Stockford (10 days ago)
Anyone who wants to watch more about the TT, watch a film called Closer To The Edge. It's very good.
Greg Scott (10 days ago)
11:34 - Cripp Cropp you silly twat that's kph not mph
Li0N (10 days ago)
that manual swegway video lmao
Kyle Kidd (10 days ago)
Got an ad about ants on this video
Bzorlan (10 days ago)
Havin a crash
Mr. LIVE! (10 days ago)
13:30 forgot to tally smith's crash?
Mr. LIVE! (10 days ago)
Franky Muniz had multiple strokes which caused the memory lose, he also broke his back and a few other things while he drove for Nascar, it's a very sad story
King Woofgang I (10 days ago)
This game needs VR
Cory LaFlamme (10 days ago)
I slammed into a deer on my gixxer 1000 going possibly a little too fast. When I woke up in the ambulance they told me the worst part was cleaning the poor things stomach off me.
1234tee5hee6789 (11 days ago)
13:13 They should make another pancake video, but like an Overcooked pizza making video
E f8ner (11 days ago)
I enjoy watching them when they aren't swearing every two seconds just to fill dead air.. Much better... ; D
HappyYodeler4 (11 days ago)
More like havin' a crash!
J. B. (11 days ago)
When's the motor bike vlog coming out?
B.Chrystine.K W (11 days ago)
This looks amazing! But all those crashes... as a rider, it’s so painful to see the crashes hahahah! Smith having the least crashes is my favourite
bob bob (11 days ago)
close to the edge???? more like closer to the edge (edit) comment or like if you from the iom
Rayran (9 days ago)
the queen is technically our lord of man
Rayran (11 days ago)
manx not british
Cinimod Commentates (11 days ago)
Smiffy, the best of them all!
Me Auntie Nora (11 days ago)
Impressive sense of speed, but as an American I kind of want to slow down and take in the nice looking scenery! Maybe visit an old church?
MrSpanners (11 days ago)
Frankie Munis didn't have concussions, he has memory loss from a condition I think
TheGreyBaron (11 days ago)
Highly recommend checking out POV/gopro style footage of this track. Incredible.
Sieben2703 (11 days ago)
It's crazy watching you play this game, going by so many of my friends houses and places where I've watched the racing!
Dam Davis (11 days ago)
Spiderman taught me the map of Manhattan and actually helped me when i got lost on vacation
JM GamingTv (11 days ago)
Is the visuals and audio not in sync for anyone else?
Blahsheep (11 days ago)
I pissed blood for a month after going off a jump on a bike and landing on the seat. never saw a doctor.
alex (11 days ago)
its time trial i think
Rally Wagon (11 days ago)
I wish they would spend just a little bit of time learning proper racing techniques. The banter might be good, but their driving is hard to watch #iracingdriversturorialswork
Simon Osmond (11 days ago)
There are very few auto bikes. Twist and go peds are obviously automatic and they do make some pretty big CC twist and go bikes
Lewis Dobson (11 days ago)
I think F1 driver's practice on Assetto Corsa
SwiftCookie (11 days ago)
12:51 At one point I'm pretty sure here in Australia they were using either Forza or GT to recruit drivers for our V8 Supercars Championship!! BTW I'm so happy you guys tried this game because TT Isle Of Man is one of my all time favourite bike races :D I've just received my full moto license and I can't wait to upgrade my motorbike, most likely getting a BMW S1000RR :)
Lukkii Boy (11 days ago)
Chris, fuckin hell, its in kilometres per hour
Tango Whisky (11 days ago)
That's km/h, not mph. 295 mph would be about 475 km/h! Only Top Fuel Dragster and Funny Cars can get up to that speed...
maggintons (11 days ago)
The Oslo race where Jeremy drove past hammond and may on the street wasn't faked... as for the other ones im not sure
James Pilley (11 days ago)
When’s the new office tour boys?
Princess Elsa (11 days ago)
Mmmm I want daddy Smithy to ride me like he rides that bike 💖💖
JoshK (11 days ago)
I prefer TTT :p
raven c (11 days ago)
9:28 you'd think that, but the Isle of Man has no speed limits. I think everyone is pretty sensible though
bradley stoneman (10 days ago)
Yeah not when the TT is on, just driving around Douglas the place is crazy and great atmosphere
bob bob (11 days ago)
raven c no it has speed limits but not a national one
Cam Waite (11 days ago)
As a biker and Isle of Man TT fan this game looks brilliant! I'm not far from Bristol if you lads ever want to try riding a real bike, none of this scooter nonsense.
Jamie Cole (11 days ago)
Ross has finally found a game that he’s good at ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rasta Monk (11 days ago)
TT stands for tourist trophy
Moto GP (11 days ago)
TT Isle Of Man
Jack Kelly (11 days ago)
I reckon you there should actually come over and watch the real thing, it’s on in like a month end of May !
Sam Cavanagh (11 days ago)
Damn this game is intense to watch
pilchtastic (11 days ago)
This game is pretty garbo, try Ride 2! The physics are better, there are shitloads of different bikes and tracks and lots of customisation
Nexuuss_ (10 days ago)
dont forget about the southern 100 track? that was in the last TT game. And I admit, this game isnt great but it was made by a small developer and a ton for work went into it
bob bob (11 days ago)
pilchtastic you do realise the tt literally is one track
George Willoughby (11 days ago)
This game is really very accurate when it comes to the roads on the Isle of Man. Top notch gameplay
Rel1369 (11 days ago)
Not hard to ride a bike but you do have to ride like no-one can see you to survive. I rode a bike in Sydney (Australia) for a yr when I was 17/18 and live to tell. If you can live through that you can live through anything.
Vincent Oostelbos (11 days ago)
Those Crash Counters remind me of the Death Counters from back in the day, the early Minecraft series... good times.
sonofhades57 (11 days ago)
Every time they say "Scooter" all I can think of it "Are you ready?"
Joe Clayton (11 days ago)
Im from the Isle of man, mad
Kyle Wavey (11 days ago)
Try again without the arrows or control assist.
Lucid Lizard (11 days ago)
I'm going to the TT this year and if these charities aren't racing, I'll be fuckin pissed
Annan Hildebrand (11 days ago)
Time Trial
Notpoop (11 days ago)
Time Trials
AlexTea202 (11 days ago)
Surely youre aware by now that people eat when watching you. stop talking about pissing blood
Gregory Whatley (11 days ago)
You guys could have done the old death counter from Minecraft as a call back instead for the crash counter. Missed opportunity boys. That would have been nostalgic as hell. Or at least like the old graphic style and sound effects
Freddie Skeates (11 days ago)
Crash counter reminds me of the death counter from Minecraft series various, love it
Harry101UK (11 days ago)
20:36 - Who was my favourite racist? Definitely Trott. The master racist.
JellyGamer (9 days ago)
he said bating, not baiting. Gosh, I'm 'way to 'bate.
Hart Walker (10 days ago)
kamikazesopp he really is the true master baiter
kamikazesopp (10 days ago)
He's a master at bating, too.
Roshan Jayasekera (10 days ago)
Might be referring to hat chat where smith and Ross expose him as a huge bigot
Fo Ren G (11 days ago)
Cap Jap, eh?
Evil Morty (11 days ago)
Agent Cody Banks is the film he's in. There's also a Game of thrones actor that I believe plays the tuba lol
Radu Paulisan (11 days ago)

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