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PUBG Mobile GAMEPLAY! — 13 Things to Know About PUBG on iOS & Android

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How does PUBG hold up when you put it on a phone? Surprisingly well, actually. But if PUBG isn't your jam, then may we interest you in some Fortnite? http://bit.ly/FortniteIOS SUBSCRIBE for more videos! http://bit.ly/2B7gM6M Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/PolygonFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/PolygonTwitter Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/PolygonInsta And for more great news and coverage, check out: www.polygon.com Polygon is an entertainment website founded in 2012 in partnership with Vox Media. Our mission is to cover not only games but the artists who make them, the fans who love them, and the culture surrounding them.
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Text Comments (1829)
Jake Ferrell (8 hours ago)
I get like 15-30 kills a game lol
Sam Mohamed (11 hours ago)
How do u full up a car with gas on mobile I don’t know how can anyone tell me plz??
7075 Aluminium (20 hours ago)
The dude at 2:08 is a bot, not actual player
SherbetBoyDowni (1 day ago)
on my first game i got 12 kills and won the game
solid snake (2 days ago)
At least the gameplay is good and same as the PC version right ?
FuzionGamerHD (2 days ago)
The highest kills I ever got in squad mode was 17 kills..
Ivan777 (2 days ago)
How do I get rid of the eye icon that is located next to the sprint icon???? It's very annoying
xTr4PpYx3 (2 days ago)
2:13 it was a bot
Above Beyond (6 days ago)
It's actually good.. I was shocked, I expected worse for mobile.
Cola (7 days ago)
Can apple and Samsung play together
Thanks Bro✔
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
Another difference I think they missed was that there's no breath holding on mobile.
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
I really wonder how this game even supports itself. It's free, there's no ads, and no in-game purchases.
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
This is the only version of PUBG I've ever played because I'm poor. lol, I feel like it's still more fun than most of my console games. Next paycheck I'm getting it for xbox one though because I kinda hate 3rd person and the whole camera peeking bullshit.
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
I just realized at 0:20 that there's no shadows on low and medium quality graphics. So basically I've been handicapping myself by hiding in shadows and giving enemies concealment that most players don't even see. That explains a lot...
Glykys zoe (8 days ago)
Anybody know why the eye sign in the screen
Glykys zoe (7 days ago)
PyroNinja713 then what will happen
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
You hold down on that then slide around to look around without changing the direction your player is actually facing. It's pretty useful while sprinting through open fields and stuff.
Ravi Kumar Sinha (8 days ago)
I won 12 chicken dinner in 1 day
Ivan (8 days ago)
Fortnite vs pubg = pubg , what do u expect
christopher (8 days ago)
I feel like pubg mobile is way to easy my highest amount of kills is 23 with a chicken dinner i average 9 kills a game
Noclip 88 (9 days ago)
Dude I deleted all of my files for this....676 MB....Why?!... I mean ya its worth it but..I waited 8 hours.......... Then my android powered off... 😌😌😌😦😥😖😲
Teo Y7 (9 days ago)
Remember kids, auto looting it's a original idea from fortnite, and I was never use in another game before.
Harshvir Singh (9 days ago)
Sometimes you don't know , from where you are shot at?
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
In mobile you can actually look at the map and it shows directional sound (for gunshots within like half a kilometer, but not footsteps and stuff) around your icon. You can see this at 5:00. Or you can just plug in a set of headphones like I always do.
Technical Kings 22 (10 days ago)
I think GTA San Andreas is better then this
Nick Sarge (10 days ago)
Am i the only one who swiped up at 3:44 ?
Ricardo Burrell (10 days ago)
Yow who agree with me . if them going to update pubg them need to put rocket in it would be mush more fun that is the ownly thing i find flot of
Dead Pool (10 days ago)
Why is there a 10 men crew for...?
Tyler Lewis (10 days ago)
the voice chat on mobile, with your squadmates is dog shit
tyelor holloway (10 days ago)
My highest kill game in that is 11 kills
Hasif Aidil (10 days ago)
Is this has zombie mod
Nithin Hebbar (10 days ago)
9 in solo mode 😎
it'sMF Juan (10 days ago)
Nithin Hebbar wow sooooo cool
Dan Brat land (11 days ago)
i love how streamers play these games on their pc's and think they are good. fucking retarded losers.
Gamer Hamdy (11 days ago)
How do you twist
Ashly96 (12 days ago)
https://discord.gg/CP8DbnE join my friends discord, we have other people who play pubg mobile.
elyxion sebong (12 days ago)
Honestly, im a ros player in pc and i play pubg mobile as a beginner its really hard to play in pubg mobile lol
rj panganiban (12 days ago)
rj panganiban (12 days ago)
How much storage is totally needed to play the game? Do you will download some additional files after downloading the game from google play store???
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
Why don't you just check the damn play store? There are no additional files. You just download the game.
EL PATRÓN (12 days ago)
I am on level 39 platinum 3 and there is not a singel bot it's real hard now just stand up and bang sniper will shot you
D3D YT (13 days ago)
my most kill win was 32 kills
Ram (13 days ago)
Am i a new pro? 1 hour ago i downloaded it, and im already level 16 And i feel its very easy to get 1st place
james iscool (13 days ago)
I always get 7 to 10 kills in game on mobile
Bork (13 days ago)
At least it’s free
Shubham Dabholkar (13 days ago)
Plzz can anyone tell me that. How to exactly use the voice chat.i tried a lot but its not working
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
Hmm, only thing I can imagine is a hardware issue then. If you're using headphones maybe the mic is just broken or muted from a button the headphones? If not the only thing I could suggest would be reinstalling the game.
Shubham Dabholkar (7 days ago)
I allowed... And i also on the option of microphone. I can listen to other.. But i cant speak.
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
You probably need to allow the app access to your microphone. You may have accidentally clicked deny when it asked.
BRADMAN PLAYZ (14 days ago)
Ros for life
Carnage Gaming (14 days ago)
https://youtu.be/P8IKTL511g0 please watch and subscribe , be gentle guys , first video 😊
Rupesh Gaykar (14 days ago)
Hay plz tall me how to fast game for my android
sahil shaikh ss (14 days ago)
How to play above 4 players how please tell
WDPaz (15 days ago)
Ive gotten 16 in solo boi
Candy (15 days ago)
Hello Sir Please Can You Tell Me How To Create Play Group Pubg Mobile Please Sir Tell Me
Prathamesh Patil (15 days ago)
What is that icon of eye at right side
sy chin (15 days ago)
I killed 3 Boi with VSS by accident
KingJaffeJoe (15 days ago)
played 2 games finished 9th in the 1st game and 1st in the 2nd game with 9 kills!!
Mmmm (15 days ago)
always use the left hand for firing and right for stopping the recoil
Aaron Rowland (16 days ago)
I’ve played like 8 and won 8. I feel like I play bots
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
You do when you're a low level, but the more you play the less you run into.
Nasra Milosc (16 days ago)
pugb mobile is literally 100x better than fortnite mobile, the controls on fortnite M are so bad that i deleted that shit and never playing it again
frxxzy oo (16 days ago)
Can you guys see if this video helps you get better at all? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnqdj-eX6YQ&t=194s
Marijuana870 (16 days ago)
I like to run people over with the gokart.
I play on iPad
MR Hacker (16 days ago)
What is name of that screen recorder
Brian Finney (17 days ago)
If u hit the little man on the corner on the map it Will put it into autosprint without touching the screen. Pretty handy !!
white ninja (17 days ago)
Free fire or pubg?
illest 1313 (18 days ago)
How does the press to talk work?
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
You just press it once and it stays on until you press it again. There's no reason to ever turn it off unless you have a bunch of background noise or need to talk to someone IRL and there's enemies around.
Leeladhar Patil (18 days ago)
What is the blue sky comes to you slowly and then you're killed by that how can we escape from that?
Adnan Shami (19 days ago)
I love pubg
Tyron Surla (19 days ago)
My highest kills is 14
Itz Lizz (19 days ago)
I still can’t play🤦🏾‍♀️
Zer o (19 days ago)
Lets play pubg together
Garrett Emmons (20 days ago)
You can change your vehicle controls
Gerard Redmond (20 days ago)
I have 4 or 5wins and got 12 kills in a match
Gerard Redmond (20 days ago)
I was in a uaz and a supplie drop spawned in on me instead of falling so I went flying
kyle goppy (20 days ago)
How do u refuel
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
While sitting in a vehicle you open your backpack, tap the fuel, then tap use.
Scrapple Samwich (20 days ago)
Number 1 thing is that the game is full of bots. I say 60% of the game are bots. So the other rules mean shit if your playing against computer generated people.
Johnny Hipolito (20 days ago)
I got 5 kills using my phone
PLAYER 24699 (20 days ago)
I got a rank of 5 and got 6 kills on my first game that I have ever played! Wow!
Evan Peets (21 days ago)
If they can release pubg on android then why not pubg for vita?
DARTH IGNITE (21 days ago)
I hate that you have to walk aim and shoot in a phone vs other players bruh thats hard as F they should do it like in guns of boom auto shoot all you have to do is aim
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
Nah, fuck that. You get used to it and everybody else has to do it too, so it's not like you're at any disadvantage.
Who else is like: psh.. I played the mobile ripoffs before the real pubg came along!... I got this!
Brandon Kawadler (21 days ago)
You can turn off notifications in the setting for pubg
Im Gay! (21 days ago)
Only1Grizzly 8292 (22 days ago)
Wow that’s amazing
mr. anonymous (22 days ago)
You should turn of auto pick so it would not he harder
Dhan The cuber (22 days ago)
I'm not getting recognisable voice quality =( what?
Joe Rose (22 days ago)
At 2:09 that was an AI
Ty Plays (22 days ago)
I installed 2 days ago and I have 5 wins
Pool Noodle (22 days ago)
I find it hard to play on phone but i have an ipad pro and i came second with 10 kills
Sco&Zero (22 days ago)
Can you play it on Samsung galaxy S4?
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
lol, what? Those still run? I doubt it dude, but its free so you might as well try
Creator (22 days ago)
Got fortnite ad :)
hype beast (22 days ago)
I got 9 kills in my game
willyboose (23 days ago)
Add me negas willyeet I am incredibly lonely
Jakey Boy (23 days ago)
I started this game today day got 3 wins and over 20 kills all together
sakethv1 (23 days ago)
2:00 its a bot, your first few games are all bots and as you rank up less bots appear in your games
emil (23 days ago)
You can change the car controls in the settings.
Sonic Miner (23 days ago)
Worst video ever
Aryan Chauvhan (23 days ago)
In my first game I came second
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
The first few games you play are almost entirely against bots because there's never that many low level players due to how fast you rank up.
tejveer hayer (23 days ago)
I easily get 6 kil
Joe McGuire (24 days ago)
This game is so easy I got 2 chicken dinners in a row and got 17 kills in one match
Punjabi Gaming (24 days ago)
I played for 1st time and I got 15 kills and winning
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
The first few games you play are almost entirely against bots because there's never that many low level players due to how fast you rank up.
Gabko Gorol (24 days ago)
Not to brag but the first game i played from pubg EVER i got a win with 6 kills
PyroNinja713 (7 days ago)
The first few games you play are almost entirely against bots because there's never that many low level players due to how fast you rank up.
Twisted Prime Plus (24 days ago)
Last update fucked up my fps
Felix Ngullie (24 days ago)
Fortnite mobile ads everywhere

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