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Investing in PUBG Survivor and Wanderer Crates - Now Is The Time To Buy!

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I think that right now is a decent time to buy/invest in the pubg survivor and wanderer crates. They seem to have hit their lowest point and I doubt that they will go much lower with Christmas and new years on the horizon. The risk in losing a lot of money is very low and the opportunity to double your money is decent. Let me know if you guys have any questions Amazon referal link if you want to buy anything and help me out a bit :) (all you have to do is click it before you buy something on Amazon) https://www.amazon.com//ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll2&tag=investorpalac-20&linkId=96f5f6f6103af2dfaa1aa2f429c9176b
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Investor Palace (3 months ago)
I made a steam group on which I'll be posting information and answering questions. Join if you'd like, it's free. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/investorpalace
Brimstone (2 months ago)
now its down to 4€. I bought and saved 8 of them.
Tang Sun (3 months ago)
doesn't work out.
Allan (3 months ago)
so buying from here how do i equip to my player help please
Narc (3 months ago)
didnt go up tho did they
Zx kia Zx (4 months ago)
I invested now i really hope they good up in price
pickuppt secret (5 months ago)
Iam actually investing also in Rust skins... They come up with new ones every thursday, so ill buy one for 1,70€, and try to sell it next week for about 1 or 2 more €. (depending also how popular they are). Anyways, i think it is a better long term investment, since most of them sell one week later for less than 1,70€, from when you buy them from the store! (iam talking about the 1,70€ since these are the harder ones to get from the game, or the lootboxes we made :)
Investor Palace (5 months ago)
The problem with rust for someone like me is that rust is relatively small. If I wanted to buy $5000 worth of one item, I would have no way of doing so without either crashing or driving up the market. This is why I will stick to CSGO and PUBG in the distant future.
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
Really good vid man. Definitely crazy potential for pubg investing right now
Oli Sleigh (5 months ago)
i already have about 130$ invested in pubg (crates and yellow tracksuit tops) do you think i should sell and invest in these or just hold for more profit ?
Oli Sleigh (5 months ago)
Investor Palace okay, thanks man, I'm guessing the release of 1.0 will help boost the prices as it will bring in players
Investor Palace (5 months ago)
Just wait. No reason to sell and lose 13% to fees when the items that you're currently holding are going up
Do you know about most popular option in Russia to get some very good profit for resale different skins from one market to another and get profit because of difference in the price? Maybe u have some profitable schemes of resales for us? Thx for this video.
Investor Palace (5 months ago)
Sounds fishy at best. I'll pass
Investor Palace they have got something around 5-10% pure profit from one trade but they are doing a lot this trading circles (10-50 circles per day depend of the scheme, capital and endurance of one circle)
Investor Palace (5 months ago)
I'm not 100% on this but I think steam will ban you if you try to make money by abusing the exchange rate on currencies. This isn't something that I have looked into that much because it can be automated and therefore has likely already been done.
The bavac (5 months ago)
Put more of steam investment videos plz :)
Oli Sleigh (5 months ago)
Investor Palace yeah, it will only take you a few mins for a hundred
Investor Palace (5 months ago)
You mean opskins? you can just add a bunch to the cart and buy them. It is a little annoying but it's not unreasonable
wazup3333 (5 months ago)
depends on how many you want to buy
Oli Sleigh (5 months ago)
wazup3333 on opskins u have to buy 1 at a time, or you can get a subscription so you can click buy now, I do not think there is a way around this, it doesn't take that long
wazup3333 (5 months ago)
oli sleigh Cant use steam market for 30 days
The bavac (5 months ago)
Gonna buy 2k of red ones :)
Max (5 months ago)
The bavac you have a lot of items!
Lachlan Zann-Roland (5 months ago)
What's your steam?
The bavac (5 months ago)
they cant that long anyway
karma (5 months ago)
That's risky if the crate doesn't get discontinued
karma (5 months ago)
Do you think hoarding the Combat pants (camo) is a good idea before the desert map comes out, they're only 5 cents and will most-likely go up in price but i'm not sure, it's the best type of pants for the desert environment
Lachlan Zann-Roland (5 months ago)
karma Interesting question never thought about it. The prices may go up by a few cents but most likely everyone will already own these pants.
Hi (5 months ago)
What's your steam so I can add you? :D
Investor Palace (5 months ago)
I'm not adding people right now

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