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ISLE of SPEED 320-Kmh Street Race✔ ★HD★ 200-Mph - ISLE of MAN TT ♛ ✔ Lindsey Stirling - Elements

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Text Comments (393)
Jay Goroy (12 days ago)
Guy Martin is the best for me......
Ricardo Carrillo (1 month ago)
Ricardo Carrillo (1 month ago)
Soan Thi (1 month ago)
nge nhac nhu ngai tan the
Aber nicht im ernst? (2 months ago)
i like my Bike... but... sry i dont have the ball´s for this...i dont want to die this early...
Rockin' Stills (2 months ago)
Still hanging in, Dragon TT...your friend LionsSABRE. ..Eternally...
РЕАЛ (2 months ago)
عبود العراقي (3 months ago)
شنو اسم الغنيه
Vitor Caixas (3 months ago)
v icky (3 months ago)
The last footage is great engine is crying
rohit kumar (4 months ago)
The sound of these bikes can make someone go crazy ........wooooo Just love the damn fckng sound ....best sound ever ........🎶🎼
Alessandro Alexander (6 months ago)
ManiakWeb (7 months ago)
My favorite video perfect pilot perfect song ♡ ✌ ♡
Arun Vijay (10 months ago)
eye (11 months ago)
REAL HERO...NOTHING BEATS THEM.Formula one is pussy.
Carl lorenzo (11 months ago)
Holy shit the last clip .
Ajit Pandey (1 year ago)
0:31 when she is alone in home
Saul Tigh (1 year ago)
Why isn't there a Movie of this? This Isle of man tt is just so epic and full of drama. Heroes, madness, and death. It would make a great 3 hour movie,. there is so much awesomeness and sadness here.
Mike Williamson (3 months ago)
Saul Tigh watch closer to the edge TT or the film Road.
dimitri gros (1 year ago)
Respect, monsieur.
ManiakWeb (1 year ago)
The best video !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aliff Iqmal (1 year ago)
this race brought me to another dimension.
maria rodriguez (1 year ago)
Exquisito video, musica genial, protagonizado por hombres de verdad, subidos a una R
Núbia Ferreira (1 year ago)
Meu Sonho Meu Deus eu Vou Conseguir Chegar Laaa ☝💪👏
Mirul Sam (1 year ago)
I wanna race in that island train me and the world will know me
Tevita Phillips (1 year ago)
cool bra
robert martling (1 year ago)
2:23 lol
Utsav Nayak (1 year ago)
what if someone is standing on road?? No barriers !!!! that would cause a brutal accident. ......
Facts Talk TV (3 months ago)
This is not India man
Micah Sturbin (8 months ago)
If you're dumb enough to stand in the road then that's on you..
Robert Arvelo (1 year ago)
correct!! They should put A dozens of fences on different areas!!! and Save A Few Fans lives!! For sure!! Maybe a Driver Life!!. They Go Fast!! Great Drivers!! Deserve moreeeee Sponsor!!!. GOD Take care of them ALL!!
Noodles Flawed (1 year ago)
Got to love the sound of the revs raising while cornering at lean due to outside edge of tyre smaller circumference. Much respect!
yourleftnut1 (1 year ago)
how can americans watch nascar anyway when shit like this is 1000000x better?
Fh Jf (1 year ago)
ProperRaceEdits001 (1 year ago)
This is real racing! Fuck Formula 1, Moto GP, Nascar, Touring Cars, Le Mans... No politics, just huge balls & passion!
Night (11 months ago)
your profile picture is f1
Peas InOurThyme (1 year ago)
Well, none of that is required in those other types of racing, is it. Pfft
nong thieu (2 years ago)
wow. So fast
Rio Momorie (2 years ago)
the best race...!!!
Adriano celentano lemozione non a voce
Wasis Avriliany (2 years ago)
black bird (2 years ago)
SWAT191 (2 years ago)
Balls of steel
Robert Arvelo (2 years ago)
I do love like,and enjoy This TT great racing, great riders, for dangerous roads. GOD Blessing over ALL of them! wow!! when we are going to enjoy a great racing vídeo game about these ALL great riders, motocicletas Etcétera??!! there still millones of men that play And enjoy with theirs children none!! violences.!! tire!!! of violencias in history, Tv, and games!! XBox s, PS 4,, they do have the tech,and people,plux millons to crear the best Game ever.!!? A TT isle of MAn Vídeo game!!? how about that?!! let see? I Will pay!$ 50.00
Robert Arvelo (1 year ago)
agree!! The Best Motorcycles Game Ever!! A Complete history!! Their BEST Riders++ ALL The Tra ks!! Of course with Replays!! AND larger Graphics!! Wow!!! CAN be DONE!! I Do like Drive Club Motorcycles Games!! Well Done!! let's SEE!!.
Robert Arvelo (2 years ago)
Peace! James, I LOVE racing!! To be honest with you I don't even How to race ONE of those speeding toys!! You got the Wrong Roberto arvelo,? Don't have enough cash, to buy me a pretty ONE.
James Browne (2 years ago)
+Robert Arvelo It's not about Violence Dude , It's about being perfect at 180MPH , 'cause if your not , YOUR DEAD !!! Do You Have Your Shit Together or NOT ??? We haven't even begun to talk about what it takes TO WIN !!!!!
0:33 Arjen Robben ??
Alvin Patterson (2 years ago)
Absolute lunacy:love it!!!!!!!
James Browne (2 years ago)
My favorite Isle of Man video . The violinist is masterful , and the on board bike footage at the end is as REAL as it gets .
郑雪珍 (1 year ago)
James Browne (2 years ago)
+TheRandomChannelTV Lindsey is a class act isn't she ? My God that girl can play her violin .
Samsung Samsung (2 years ago)
Liam Davidson (1 year ago)
+Trotters222 me too he has a point to be fair
Trotters222 (2 years ago)
...Yea totally agree..
motor gp คือรายการแข่งมอไซค์ก้อว่าสุดๆละความเร็ว รู้ได้ไงว่ารถmoto go วิ่งไม่ถึง300 สถานที่มันหลอกตาคุณรึเปล่า สนามนี้เปนสนามที่แคบ มุมมองอาจเหมือนว่าจะเร็ว อย่าเอาไปเปรียบกะพ่อหมอเลย
倪倪凤尧 (2 years ago)
Sri Murthy (1 year ago)
Paul Bucy (2 years ago)
The last partof that video is like WOW
Tlemcen Tlemcanni (2 years ago)
James Kennerly (2 years ago)
want to ride here so badly
ผมน่าจะเป็นคนไทยคนเดียวรึป่าวนะที่เข้ามาดูทุกวันคือผมชอบมาก แล้วขอถามหน่อยดนตรีที่อยู่ในวิดีโอนี้มีชื่อว่าอะไร?
Peter Atkinson (2 years ago)
+ตัวเล็ก ขี้เก็ก เซ็กจัด ใช่คับ
+Peter Atkinson มันเปนชื่อดนนรีที่ประกอบใช่ไหมคับ
Peter Atkinson (2 years ago)
+ตัวเล็ก ขี้เก็ก เซ็กจัด elements - lindsey stirling
Natalie Ayelet (2 years ago)
its very very nice dude !!!
Onex Onex (2 years ago)
rocky jee (2 years ago)
scary job...
KMurdock1974 (2 years ago)
when their goin thru them trees it looks like goin thru a worm hole or somethin... by far the ballziest motor sport I seen yet.. and there is some crazy stuff out there..
Steve Clark (2 years ago)
Thanks!! Great job!!!!
viktor didriksen (2 years ago)
Name of the song in the start 😊
Chris Godwin (2 years ago)
+viktor didriksen Darude-Sandstorm
+viktor didriksen Lindsey Stirling - Elements
S P (2 years ago)
amazing stuff... how do they see the upcoming turns at this speed? It's creates hallucinations even in the video...
TheTrollsofZuth (2 years ago)
+davemaclfc41 The rider is "Stefano Bonetti" and the video on youtube is titled "Un giro di "pista" all'Isola di Man spiegato da Stefano Bonetti 1/2" but there's an english version titled "TT Lap Guide with Milky Quayle and Johnny Barton".
davemaclfc41 (2 years ago)
+Hosky Love to know who this italian rider you say explains the track? love the tt vids..let us know hosky..cheers.
TheTrollsofZuth (2 years ago)
That's right, they know everything by heart, and there's a video by an Italian rider where he explains the whole track, and its insane. He knows what gear to get up to at every single corner, and whats more insane is that they use reference points like houses/poles/trees and so on. Guy Martin took years to actually learn the track.
kosta16auto (2 years ago)
It's amazing but you have to remember the corners. you "dive" into it ahead of the turn.
huan truong (2 years ago)
tuyệt đẹp
SsjFromEarth (2 years ago)
Gods among us
tarcísio lima (2 years ago)
Nossa vei! Dá nem pra ver a cor da moto passando!
stes street (2 years ago)
My speed is only 250 km per hour. I'm scared already. THIS knight on the road.
jose oseguera (2 years ago)
600cc and 1000cc sometimes 1200cc monsters
Hue Janus (2 years ago)
whats cc bikes they use in the isle of man?
morgielivie (2 years ago)
+Hue Janus everything from 125 right upto superbikes and electric too Mugen s were quick last year . all bikes run in there own classes . Public day too where anyone can ride the course together not with the big boys though.
Motorbike Daily (2 years ago)
Absolute amazing stuff, Cant wait to get out on the Isle of Man now. Going to be some cracker speeds and competitiveness. Best of luck to all riders and stay safe <3
Rodrigo Bobadilla (2 years ago)
Deo Epicz (2 years ago)
0:33 .. only a man can smile like this. ^:)
Simon Murphy (3 years ago)
Balls of lead
B M (3 years ago)
90 thumbs down go FUCK YOURSELF!!!
Making Sense (3 years ago)
90 thumbs down= FUCKING LOSERS!!!
B M (3 years ago)
I freakin Love it !!!!
Mali Mis (3 years ago)
That drivers are my heroes !
maxmixfan1 (3 years ago)
This is so great - thanks 4 a super video   lockk 9 . . . .
Robert Surovcek (3 years ago)
ako kkkkked  ma nieekedidy zobere vajcak a ddddore ma prilepy s pasku iidem
LayZ Lifts (3 years ago)
If anyone is willing to train and sponsor me, I'd be willing to do this. I literally started riding March 2 but hey...YOLO
Jamike Felix (2 years ago)
+Dean Nothstein it's obviously been a year now -_-
Dean Nothstein (2 years ago)
+Jamike Felix If you just started riding, you should absolutely not be on an R1. Take a 600 to track days first, and get a liter bike once you've started winning some road races. The 600 will corner easier anyways.
Jamike Felix (2 years ago)
+JJ's Say it with me, TRAIN and sponsor. I obviously wasn't expecting anything out of it but I'm dead serious about doing it. On a side note, I greatly improved my throttle control, cornering (way tighter now) , lean angles, and others. I've even done a few burnouts and popped a few wheelies but I can only hold it for about 1hr. Lol nah 4 secs at most, I just started learning it. I bust at least 130 everywhere I go, now I want an R1.
Kurt Wedeking (3 years ago)
dose anyone need a ride home .
Thiago Xavier (3 years ago)
hello very good video ... I liked .. but what is the name of this song? thank you (y) 
dominik p (3 years ago)
feel the life in short period of time, priceless 
Mouhamed CHOUKRI (3 years ago)
JOSÉ MIGUEL JIMNOR (3 years ago)
ДОБРЫЙ .БЕС (3 years ago)
How could they see the corner to brake in that speed O.O"?
Thomas O Riordan (2 years ago)
+Lê Minh Thức Trương they do not see...they go in blind and correct on the turn...takes a lot of courage.
Filip Fićek Antolic (3 years ago)
LEBRUN François (3 years ago)
Wa.. belle vidéo et caméra embarquée au final .. pure sensation
Julio Feijo (3 years ago)
Não consigo parar de assistir, o melhor Canal que já vi. muitooooooooooooo showwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!
SvenTviking (3 years ago)
See the cream coloured pub wall on the right at 3:28? This year a Guy had a stuck throttle on the straight before it, couldn't slow down enough and went straight into that wall. Killed instantly.
thierry namaste (3 years ago)
pas de mot  hypnotiseè sur la fin whouaaaaaah  
DuckFanForLife (3 years ago)
Greatest race in the world!!
lcddg (3 years ago)
leandro mendonca (3 years ago)
bobbyz AL-shak (3 years ago)
john hempstead (3 years ago)
the shade trees on the coarse create a problem for me ,just watching.
john hempstead (3 years ago)
i had a wreck doing over 125 mph, on a flat curve like to of killed me, some how knocked the sole out of my boot and the rest of the boot was up on my thie
Iulian Arion (3 years ago)
Anyone know's the name of the music ?
Iulian Arion (3 years ago)
motox13 (3 years ago)
"Elements" by Lindsey Stirling
김장진 (3 years ago)
Jive Turkey (3 years ago)
might be the best damn thing I've seen this morning. Well done.
baceti89 (3 years ago)
That was........ Adrenaline i can't afford.I don't have skills and balls to do it.I want to have a backseat ride with promise not to die.
lLeanndro Andre (3 years ago)
The Best.
Mark Iddon (3 years ago)
Held my breathe watching this and nearly passed out. Such skill, confidence, commitment. I'm in awe of these guys. Unbelievable. 
Matthew Sinclair (3 years ago)
Lindsey Stirling meets Isle of Man? Hells Yes!
DAT SEBAS (3 years ago)
Lo mas cerca que estaremos de esa velocidad ojala se me cumpla y pueda manejar una maquina de esas.
Joel Edward (3 years ago)
OMG 2:23 Flame thrower... That is fucking awesome
Eusebiu Rus (3 years ago)
The best
Eusebiu Rus (3 years ago)
Asa ds
Christian Schmidt (3 years ago)
Tolles video super zusammen geschnitten und dazu auch noch Lindsey Sterling einfach Klasse freue mich dieses jahr auf die TT. Weiter so!!!!

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