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AirMech - Getting 3 Stars on Challenges 1-13 (Patch 27625)

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Proof that I shouldn't talk while playing XD (that's why I'm talking in nonsensical, grammatically incorrect sentences and my timing is so subpar). Hey, hope this helps you. Sorry for doing challenge 13 before challenge 12 by accident, XD. Please subscribe to me! Get AirMech here: https://carbongames.com/signup.html?id=DlSSONANT Follow me on Twitch!: http://www.twitch.tv/dissonantrts
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tarrker (3 years ago)
Challenge 13 is a bunch of bull crap. I literally have done the exact, same thing as this guy about twenty times in a row now and my lowest time is 28 something. It's just too fucking random. When the Jakals aren't bouncing off each other my infantry is getting stuck on nothing and not walking. I wanna know what dev playtested this and went "Yep! That's totally doable"  -_-
Dissonant (3 years ago)
+John Orlic Gatties don't shoot constantly, they need a bit of time to recharge. When I made this, that wasn't much of a problem.  I will see if anything has changed but I don't recall any patches that would affect this unless only the individual challenge was affected.
John Orlic (3 years ago)
tarrker (3 years ago)
+Danjiano I get killed when I try to land behind the outpost. But I did manage to finally get it by sheer luck.
Danjiano (3 years ago)
It's actually fairly simple once you figure out how.  Select all jackals, order them to capture. Pick up the infantry and drop them off right before the bridge. Fly over the outpost, and turn into mech mode BEHIND the base. Walk up against the outpost and start shooting. This should let the infantry cap with a few seconds left to spare. Make sure not to drop off the infantry too far ahead as they'll arrive before the jackals do as the infantry will get shot otherwise.
tarrker (3 years ago)
+Dissonant I personally already beat the challenge just by sheer luck. But that would be awesome. I wouldn't mind knowing what I did wrong.
xtylerx233 (3 years ago)
it would be nice if this wasnt a total BULLSHIT GAME THAT WOULD LET YOU FINISH IF YOU GOT 27.59 LIKE 9000 TIMES IN A ROW
Chandler191Offical (3 years ago)
Can you do a 15 as well?
Chandler191Offical (3 years ago)
Also you should btw. Use/try to do an all achievement.
Dissonant (3 years ago)
Okay, it's done.  I'm currently uploading it to Youtube.
Dissonant (3 years ago)
I could try, but there's so many ways to win it. The last time I tried it, I won in around 5 minutes by insta-capping middle and doing nonstop tank spam from there while harassing at the same time.  There's definitely easier and more efficient methods though.  

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