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Virtus Pro Taz Defending Fnatic Olofmeister In ESL ONE COLOGNE SEMI FINALS! - BEST SPORTSMANSHIP

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Please watch: "MOST EXPENSIVE CSGO INVENTORY EVER! - $600,000 CSGO INVENTORY" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9uejPXm7fM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Virtus Pro Taz Defending Fnatic Olofmeister In ESL ONE COLOGNE SEMI FINALS! - BEST SPORTSMANSHIP EVERYONE is asking about what Taz did for olofmeister, in the semi final of esl one cologne 2015 after fnatic beat virtus pro 2-1, the announcer had an interview with Fnatic Olofmeister, the crowed supporting Virtus Pro Booed Olofmeister for his great game! but Taz Had a something to say about it! MOST AMAZING SPORTMANSHIP EVER RESPECT I UPLOADED THIS JUST TO SHOW WHAT GAMING IS ALL ABOUT! RESPECT MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!: https://goo.gl/BWo1PD Subscribe To The Channel!: https://goo.gl/76bxlz Vulcun EARN MONEY THROUGH GAMES! https://vulcun.com/f/KarambitYT My Steam Profile!: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KARAMBITONYT/
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Text Comments (42)
Stephen Carmickle (1 year ago)
This is great.
ObzTicle (1 year ago)
0:20 Everyone quiets down. :P
Black and Blue (2 years ago)
guys respect for the fnatic pls
Bernson (2 years ago)
Polish fans sang "Virtus Pro! Virtus Pro!" ;)
Alexandra Elena (2 years ago)
aaaaaand that's why i love taz <3
Ras Tafari (2 years ago)
what did the crowd said?
Deryl Schmid (2 years ago)
+Ras Tafari they booed them out
The steam guy (2 years ago)
that's why virtus.pro are respected so freaking much.
TheRustikles Mc (2 years ago)
This is why vp is Probley my new fav team
Gausgovy (2 years ago)
+TheRustikles Mc same after NiP because shit.
Tiago Sousa (2 years ago)
adam Ricecracker (2 years ago)
TAZ <3
100000 SUBS FREE (2 years ago)
Richeswer (2 years ago)
Taz the man.
Mozai (2 years ago)
Thumbnail tutorial plz I'm starting YouTube (I have photoshop if it involves it)
Mozai (2 years ago)
On my other account
Wupkins (2 years ago)
good guy TaZ :)
mati1070 (2 years ago)
"the crowed supporting Virtus Pro Booed Olofmeister for his great game". Bullshit. They were screaming "Virtus Pro". The ones who booed Olof were NiP fans so fix this description.
What a bullshit. I was there and clearly the VP fans bood.
adam Ricecracker (2 years ago)
+mati1070 its still disrespectfull when you have the winner of a match in and intervieew and all screaming Virtus.pro. + The guys that Booed and im sure also peolish poeple were Booing ofc not all. but dont try to make them look like Lambs.
gh0x (2 years ago)
Amazing, simply amazing.
Just IVE (2 years ago)
And the polish went metal. Surprise they cant afford to go to ESL but they cant afford to pay taxes in the UK
You can clearly see that they started to chant VP after TaZ said that. Don't defend those morons. And why should NiP Fans boo Olof when they didnt even play against him.
Just IVE (2 years ago)
ummm no the were booing Fnatic after they best Virtus Pro
Kukle Music (2 years ago)
+Nemesis YC the NiP was shouting "boo" coz they just suck this esl one and they was crying :v if you are blind you can look polish fans was doing (clap,clap) (Virtus Pro) not fucking "boo"
Just IVE (2 years ago)
and when they were shouting boo 
Just IVE (2 years ago)
sorry when VP lost
good guy Taz (y)
Adam Kowal (2 years ago)
That's another reason why Virtus.pro is the best team: they're such great sports.
Ljubisa Perencevic (2 years ago)
taz <3
bestAllex (2 years ago)
That's what eSport is about.
E stem (11 months ago)
i thought its about playing games
poolkrooni (2 years ago)
A true Captain.
Edek Kredek (2 years ago)
Wyruchal bym taza w jego ciasna dupe
iliketrains5 (2 years ago)
+Edek Kredek I would do this to him too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Neo (2 years ago)
Taz <3 I would happily donate a knife to that guy :)
Neo (2 years ago)
+Murzyn z OldSpice only if you subscribe xD jk :P
Murzyn z OldSpice (2 years ago)
+Neo u can do it to me m8 ;)
Space4cake (2 years ago)
Max Kuzmenko (2 years ago)
mad respect

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