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CSGO Youtuber Parodies! - How To Be Like TrilluXe - @TrilluXeCS

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CSGO Youtuber Parodys! - How To Be Like Trilluxe Hellow guys today i will be making a video on how to be like trilluxe! now these are only PARODYS and they're only meant to be for fun! no harm or drama is intended towards the youtubers that are in this series! its all for fun! i hope you enjoyed this how to be like trilluxe video! if you did smash that like button. Links: Trilluxe: https://www.youtube.com/user/TrilluXe My Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaithKamal Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/113965062939598716209/+KarambitYT1/posts CSGODiamonds! USE MY CODE 'KarambT' to get a headstart!: csgodiamonds.com
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Text Comments (72)
Logan (1 year ago)
Cancer video. (Thanks for answer) Also why the fuck are you holding yourself up to the respects of TrilluXe. "We are both content creators, we're both respected in the community". Dude you have 10k subs, you aren't really respected and known by a lot people so stop trying to act like you are someone, and thank you for pointing out the obvious that you make videos. Shit impression. Well played on $495 win and sorry for negativity. :)
Logan (1 year ago)
+KarambT And you need decent fucking parents. That stupid whore you call your mother and that lazy dad of yours need to do a better job at raising a fucking kid. I am hoping you were born with autism and you aren't just this stupid. And how about you come try to give me that beating you weak fuck.
Logan (1 year ago)
+KarambT I can say whatever I want you stupid cancerous fucking outcast. Again please learn to spell you dead beat inbred. You are the definition of cancer. Its 2016 and the internet, get with it. Fucking tard.
Pryda (1 year ago)
Cancer is no matter to fucking joking about, you better respect your self you fuck, dont even mention that word on your mouth when you dont know shit about it, you better be happy you dont suffer from it you ungrateful fuck, people like you need to be beaten and taught a lesson by their parents. god bless them and gift them something to cover up your stupid ass.
Logan (1 year ago)
+KarambT I don't want to pursue a path of gaming on Youtube. Especially the one you're, creating shit videos giving people cancer. Also please learn how to spell you idiotic fuck. Youtube won't cure your autism.
Pryda (1 year ago)
10k subs is better than 2 bud. get to were im at and then start the shit talk.
b0nes (1 year ago)
1. trilluxe doesn't swear in his informative videos 2. trilluxe is german not an indian call centre scammer 3. his pop flashes are legit but nice video :0
and3210123 (1 year ago)
lol silver 2
Ramon Lopez (1 year ago)
Mojo or hounganage
Louis Brøgger (1 year ago)
trouuugh xD
He is not Indian, he is germannn.... xD
Neff (1 year ago)
Do next one as Mojo
CreatoR - Gaming (1 year ago)
TrilluXe is from Germany not from India xD
Nikhilesh Parmar (1 year ago)
Do doom49 that will be jokes.
Yuri S (1 year ago)
Lol why indian accent xD
Forflies (1 year ago)
Congrats on 10k mate :)
wk (1 year ago)
he is german. not india xddd
Gé Son (1 year ago)
Shex JT (1 year ago)
haah its good bro nicely done ;)
killer konsti (1 year ago)
forever trilluxe stream :D
Zews (1 year ago)
Nurtay Beisbekov (1 year ago)
Nurtay Beisbekov (1 year ago)
Just realised mc skillet would be fun for me
Nik Henry (1 year ago)
do it on MOJO xD 😂
Nils Janssen (1 year ago)
I love Trilluxe too, he is a german like me! :D
Kiwi (1 year ago)
Imagine him getting full blue 5-7 from the trade xd
Pryda (1 year ago)
+Sarper Sümer thanks! :D
Kiwi (1 year ago)
+KarambT it would be fucking hilarious if you got the blue gem 57 i say still very good video tough next video you should do warowl imo
Pryda (1 year ago)
While i was doing the tradeup i was imagining what i would do.. I decided that id probably keep it cool. Well.. Try at least.
RyosS Senpai (1 year ago)
David Algermissen (1 year ago)
More Indian than german 😂 hahaha But still nice vid
Rumble (1 year ago)
Pryda (1 year ago)
Afonso Ramos (1 year ago)
+KarambT HOUNGAGNGAGANHANANAHANHA would be great as well xD
Afonso Ramos (1 year ago)
+KarambT Mojo and Mantrousse xD
djN (1 year ago)
+KarambT Mojo haha
muhannad tahhan (1 year ago)
good video and funny next youtuber mojo xD , keep the good work
muhannad tahhan (1 year ago)
3afwan <3 :D
Pryda (1 year ago)
Shokran <3 :D
Cascoid (1 year ago)
You sound indian making this impression... what the actual fuck LOL
appel sap (1 year ago)
do zuri next!
Matthäus (1 year ago)
You sound like an indian call center scammer :D
Bullz (1 year ago)
+Matthew Walldorf yeah
Jonas Roch (1 year ago)
He is german, so he has a german accent ;D. But nice Video ;D
Pryda (1 year ago)
+Hans Wurst suree doo
Jonas Roch (1 year ago)
+KarambT Do you know Bibanator? ^^
Pryda (1 year ago)
it really did sound like that to me xD i personally am planning to learn german this year 
Jonas Roch (1 year ago)
+KarambT no problem ;D I like your video ;D Its funny to see how the german accent sounds to other people ;D
Pryda (1 year ago)
+Hans Wurst yeah sorry XD
Vladimir I. (1 year ago)
Hahahaha nice vid
Kiwi (1 year ago)
omg u did the accent so fucking good hahaha
Martin Piber (1 year ago)
he is not indian ...
Doma Doma (1 year ago)
Fuck you u cheap faggot u are both liked in community? rly nigga u are hated hes normal u fag
Sir Killtastic (1 year ago)
and so the fabled toxic shits climbed from within the depths of their homeworld, seeking revenge on those trying to provide fun because they're fucking assholes. cheers mate
muhannad tahhan (1 year ago)
fag hater ....
Pryda (1 year ago)
+Doma Doma even* got* ok*
Pryda (1 year ago)
+Doma Doma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMAnCgjeZ4Q
Doma Doma (1 year ago)
i'm not eaven  trying to record anything but k.  u go half of your subs or eaven more by Fake giveaways with fuzed and other shitty tards
McRibs (1 year ago)
1:50 That signature... T r l l l i x e
DaNiru (1 year ago)
10/10 signature
Snow (1 year ago)
It's spelled parodies when it's in plural c:
Pryda (1 year ago)
+Lord Darkeys thank you!
Pryda (1 year ago)
I realize its kinda more of an Indian accent XD
wilson fernandes (1 year ago)
+KarambT yep
wilson fernandes (1 year ago)
+Eesa vbdba yaya ;)
Eesa vbdba (1 year ago)
+wilson fernandes xD
wilson fernandes (1 year ago)
yes madarchoad :)
Eesa vbdba (1 year ago)
was just about to say that haha

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