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Far Cry 5 - THE ONLY WEAPON YOU NEED (Far Cry 5 Free Roam) #23

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Hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE for daily Far Cry 5 videos! In this Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay video have a go with the best sniper in the world (in my opinion" the SA-50). This weapon when paired with a good set of weapon customization will be unstoppable! It destroys animals, cult members and helicopters so no matter if you are hunting, liberating an outpost or shooting down helicopters that are chasing you, you'll be okay with the SA-50 sniper rifle! Instagram: http://instagram.com/willbangura Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrWillyJB Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/bangura Merch: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/MrBangura/ Donate: https://streamlabs.com/mrbangura Far Cry 5 Playlists: - Far Cry 5 Free Roam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=272nHOIfdbk&list=PLrsG74Aq3nzXBuh2v3wRQw5In_IomPOoZ - Far Cry Arcade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbiXtxlO0lY&list=PLrsG74Aq3nzW_448Czb6ptLMwHqNPaSFh More Far Cry 5: Far Cry 5 EXPLORING, SHOPS & CUSTOMIZATION (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/272nHOIfdbk Far Cry 5 STEALTH OUTPOST LIBERATION (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/j306KNx0AO4 Far Cry 5 308 CARBINE HUNTING & CUSTOMIZATION (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/neR1hJEGYFw Far Cry 5 ADVENTURES WITH BOOMER (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/2SGA4cgR3r0 Far Cry 5 DESTROYING THE "YES" SIGN IN A PLANE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/NYG3coryRZ8 Far Cry 5 THE PERFECT HUNTING RIFLE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/-h0ugSk9l4A Far Cry 5 THROWING SHOVEL CHALLENGE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/8dZh5YUXWv8 Far Cry 5 ROCK ONLY SLINGSHOT CHALLENGE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/6pnCnszluYg Far Cry 5 BEST FANGS FOR HIRE?! (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/cOc-00RyOAc Far Cry 5 UPGRADING THE GUIDED RPG (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/_A9X4wwH0ZQ Far Cry 5 INSANE ALIEN "MAGNOPULSER" GUN (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/8Tj7g4vU1bY Far Cry 5 HOW TO GET EPIC SUPERPOWERS (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/0XxOFl7VYB4 Far Cry 5 INCREDIBLE GOLDEN SHOTGUN (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/AG0dQODvaI4 Far Cry 5 MP40 HUNTING & CUSTOMIZATION (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/qLQgsbOyyhM Far Cry 5 SECRET UNDERGROUND CAVE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/Fo2ArNGvLo4 Far Cry 5 BEST BOW IN THE GAME (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/AAWGd2YrbvM Far Cry 5 SECRET GOLD FLAMETHROWER (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/Doz4nhqWLL8 Far Cry 5 CUSTOMIZING THE VECTOR & BLOOD DRAGON EASTER EGG (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/1EP4nYdoINE Far Cry 5 IMPOSSIBLE BRASS KNUCKLES CHALLENGE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/S1DsPuvikNs Far Cry 5 AK-M CUSTOMIZATION & PLANE CRASH (Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay) - https://youtu.be/TjNwWG8loj4 Welcome to my Far Cry 5 Free Roam series where we will be taking a look at everything this game has to offer without diving into the main missions. We look at outposts, hunting, missions and everything else that Far Cry 5 has to offer! Also taking a look at all the weapons, vehicles and shops that provide a level of customization that has not been available in Far Cry before including character, cars and wepaon customization. I currently play Far Cry 5 on PS4 Pro. Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series. The game is set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, where a preacher named Joseph Seed has risen to prominence. Seed believes that he has been chosen to protect the people of Hope County from an "inevitable collapse" and has established a congregation called Eden's Gate. Ostensibly, this is to fulfill his mission of leading the people to salvation; in reality, Seed is a radical preacher and Eden's Gate is a militaristic doomsday cult. Under his rule, Eden's Gate has used both coercion and violence to forcibly convert the residents of Hope County, and intimidation to keep them from contacting the outside world for help. When an attempt to arrest Seed ends with the deaths of several lawmen, the player is swept into the armed conflict between Eden's Gate and the remaining Hope County residents, who are organizing themselves into a resistance movement. ____________________________________________________________ Video created, uploaded & owned by WillyB. (Family Friendly)
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Text Comments (242)
Nate Baker (6 hours ago)
50 cal amo can only be stopped by certain armor
Ryder Suter (10 hours ago)
Make a gameplay with Cheeseburger and Boomer as helpers (for both at the same time, you need to learn a ability)
Evil Hades (13 hours ago)
Thanks for showing the Sniper Rifle. that is my favorite weapon of choice. And you have a new Sub. I have the Ps4 as well. So in a few days, I'll buy that game as well.
GPFhantom (15 hours ago)
The SA-50 will always be my favorite Sniper, and that one with explosive round too from Far Cry 4
Max Musterman (16 hours ago)
Try next time to onley use the the knife
Game Buddy (17 hours ago)
Armor will not protect against ....... FIRE!! I think they should have a 'Fireproof Suit" for sale. What do you think about that? BTW: Is there a way to choose when to use certain ammo, like: Incendiary Shotgun Round, etc ....? I know there's the option to choose Incendiary Arrows etc ... but I can't finger (figure) out if I can choose the Incendiary Shotgun Round ... etc ... DHU! :/ I subbed. All pls sub to me 2. TY. TC. All who dislike, must be D.O.R.K.S. !!
theultimatemadman (20 hours ago)
50 caliber rounds are made to go through VEHICLES and the rounds are HUGE a high level armor plate can only 308 rounds. 50 cal makes mincemeat out of anything but highly armored vehicles. In fact the guns themselves should have a lot more recoil and should slow you down a shitload. 50 cal. is massive overkill for the things that you fight in this game.
Clive Sinclair (22 hours ago)
The AS50 is not as powerful as the one in FC4 (even with the new AP ammo).
Karol Palazej (1 day ago)
Damn I can't even aim that well with a mouse and keyboard
paralentor (2 days ago)
Only problem is you are constantly running out of 50 cal ammo right when you need it most.
drhamdan khalib (2 days ago)
AJCuffs (2 days ago)
Th I gold barret is nice but it’s bolt action so you can’t get as many shots off as quick.
Jeff moosewaw (3 days ago)
I just bought this game, I love it
Dellas 71 (3 days ago)
I use this gun, cool gun loving the game
RVL REVLOTIN (4 days ago)
Best melee trick shot
Sharlene Morunga (4 days ago)
do ak47 challenge farcry 5
Platinum Theater (5 days ago)
You're pretty bad shoot, I do also use controller and I can shoot moving targets. Lol. It seems you need to go back to sniper training. Lol.
Emily Hill (5 days ago)
wow you are terrible at this
Shaider Ramos (5 days ago)
$10.000 is alot lol. It's not alot
Magus8019 (5 days ago)
Subbed and liked just for that double deer kill lol great vid
jordan isle (6 days ago)
i want the Z93 bolt action rifle in farcry 5 like if u agree
grd90u (7 days ago)
That gun makes the game way too easy
Barry Hemmy (7 days ago)
Willy B,Seems like this game is therapy for you
JBontheheat BOSS (7 days ago)
Who has a PS4
MrJayel27 (7 days ago)
Theres no such thing as the only gun you need. By the looks of it you havent got very far at all lol. Did you buy this the day before trying to make out youre an expert on it or something?
teppolundgren (7 days ago)
I played through the entire game with a silenced 50 sniper rifle. Which is the smart way to do it. But it gets old fast. So I'd say that the only weapon anyone needs (in ANY game), is Far Cry 4's Buzzsaw.
Lasciel The-Fallen (8 days ago)
I love the.50 call semiautomatic sniper. It is really nice to take out moose and squirrel with it.
Parker Dillard (8 days ago)
They can
Don Hoggard (8 days ago)
Different types of. 50 armor piercing are available... standard tungsten, armor piercing incendiary, SLAP (sub caliber in a plastic "shoe"), no one really good for tanks... but will RIP up light armor
Nate Martinez (8 days ago)
All rifle rounds "spiral." Comes from the Rifling in the barrel, hence the name rifle. It'll Rip your arm off because of the amount of hydrostatic force a round that large going that fast transmits through soft tissue
scotv96c (8 days ago)
If you use a bow you get 4 skins instead of just 2. It's just not as fun. And yes, a .50 will take off an arm or almost cut a man in half. Too bad they didn't make it authentic. There should at least be a cloud of red mist.
James Stevenson (9 days ago)
all bullets come out spiraling, primarily because every gun barrel short of smooth bore shotguns have rifling down the barrel, so small channels running along the interior of the barrel in a slight twist cause the gasses from firing the bullet to spiral coming out, applying more consistent energy and increasing the accuracy of the shot otherwise. And yes, .50 will rip off limbs with its stopping power, especially closer to joints.
fotis stylos (9 days ago)
the game is good for hunters.....and fishermans... far cry make me cry....:PPP
Steven Geuns (9 days ago)
I love fc5, but it’s too easy.
jordan isle (6 days ago)
put it on hard then
JacksonTube JD (9 days ago)
you should do the AR-CL or the .308 Carbine
Funky Boy (9 days ago)
I am using the same, It is lovely :) everything dies in one shot
Tyler Mundorff (10 days ago)
A 50 bmg can kill someone without hitting them however it doesn't have to do with the rifling it has the do with the shockwave from the round going about mach 2 and it depends on the armor they do make body armor to stop a 50 but it's never been issued by the military and isn't that common in the private contracting groups so using armor piercing 50 ammo is a waste unless you want to take down a vehicle and even then they make a sabot round which shoots a small tungsten projectile ridiculously fast which is made to go through tank armor and would be a better choice then just regular ap 50 rounds
Justin Bouchard (10 days ago)
Do an outpost with non-explosive thowables. Knives shovels ect
Captain Hwawrang (11 days ago)
This episode demonstrates why it is best to conserve ammo and salvage weapons at the beginning of the game. Saves money and time getting armanents. That being said, 50 calibre ammo is the most deadly and rare of ammo types in Farcry 5 - at least from what I've seen.
Deepak Deep (11 days ago)
Try the m60 LMG please!
ROCK USA (11 days ago)
I hate the grass and trees in this game. No motion to wind at all. Details sucks really bad
Ivan Todic (11 days ago)
I have bought that sniper but only more expensive version and I maxed it out and it is a beast
Dino Cikotic (11 days ago)
This game is getting little boring
jordan isle (6 days ago)
reset outposts dino hat is why u find it boring because do have done everything and there is still hunting and fishing and some cultists to kill in farcry 5
milkmandan77 (11 days ago)
Uninstall it and start all over 😀
Dino Cikotic (11 days ago)
Bobby Shotz I like this game,I even buyed gold edition
Dino Cikotic (11 days ago)
Bobby Shotz I didn't meant really boring
Bobby Shotz (11 days ago)
So stop playing it
honorbound12 (11 days ago)
Once you liberated most of the outposts gets less an less enemies kinda sucks
Moosa Klare (12 days ago)
been here since like 80K
Adam Burk (12 days ago)
Armor piercing .50 is usually for penetrating through vehicles. Using AP rounds on people would be useless.
Everton 9870 (12 days ago)
Try and liberate Falls End undetected
Megazombieslayer97 (12 days ago)
Armor piercing for .50 bmg is more for certain vehicles
Megazombieslayer97 (11 days ago)
honorbound12 I didn’t say it was? Re read what I said
honorbound12 (11 days ago)
Megazombieslayer97 BMG means browning machine gun doesn't mean armour piercing.
Jacob Plunkett (12 days ago)
Do more fire with animal videos
Raging Bull (12 days ago)
You should do a vid on Jacobs rifle
Jason Itter (12 days ago)
ive seen 50BMG go through an entire Gun safe, so the armor would need to be about an inch thick, or more. AP 50bmg can go through an engine block.
Vital Signz (12 days ago)
Have you heard about the perpetual night time bug ? I've had it for almost a week now and it's a real bummer
yo boi judah (12 days ago)
3rd LMG!!
Logan Elledge (12 days ago)
This youtuber deserves a lot more subscribers. Keep up the awesome work.
You are probably in a liberated area. When you go to a reagion you haven't liberated there are lots of enemies.
L1A1Rocker (12 days ago)
Where were you hunting at the beginning of the video?
Zavier Frank (12 days ago)
play more watch dogs 2 pls
Noam Elshar (12 days ago)
I'd like to see you play with the revolvers in this game!
Ahammed Yasin (12 days ago)
Do an outpost with magnopulser
Damian Dalton (12 days ago)
Can I buy this game at GameStop for the ps4
Salem Aimes (9 days ago)
Damian Dalton duh
Seba da whale (12 days ago)
I once got the sickest snipe from so far away, except it was the prisoner In the back of the van
De American Opossum (12 days ago)
MBP .50 next video
fab q (12 days ago)
Its a f***ing excuse man!! U r standing on that f***ing burgger and shooting while u r so visible to the enemies and u r expecting them not to see u wtf!!
Toxic Vortex (12 days ago)
I love your videos so much they always make me laugh keep up the good work👍
Charlie Theroux (12 days ago)
Such a boring video, felt like going to sleep! And I can't understand why they made the bullet velocity so low, it's like shooting in slowmotion, totally unrealistic!
Salem Aimes (9 days ago)
Charlie Theroux L
Life Saver (12 days ago)
Great video as always been here since 30k! Also u should do a pistol/sidearm only outpost and if there aren’t enough handguns just any semi automatic small weapon.
robert plazola (12 days ago)
Can do the a99 plz
The Epicalizer (12 days ago)
Why not
Error Name Not Found (12 days ago)
Error Name Not Found (12 days ago)
The Epicalizer (12 days ago)
Hi, what is dat username
ShiningArmor359 (12 days ago)
I use that rifle all the time... definition of OP if you know what you are doing...
ryan kho (12 days ago)
umn is it me or mb 50 wei moer pwrful than sa 50
Brayden Smith (12 days ago)
Do u live in Australia
Nicholas Lemmon (12 days ago)
Also it would not rip your arm off because all guns with a rifled barrel make the bullet spin and when it does it goes faster and since it is faster it actually goes through easier and faster witch therefore makes it go through and make a tinier hole
Nicholas Lemmon (12 days ago)
It depends on the thickness and rating of the armor if it were 8” steel armor no no chance but ap rounds could go farther but still not through but it matters the rating though
Badger1002 (12 days ago)
Bro you should do more hunting videos. I'd like to see that
Robert (12 days ago)
Can you start showing some map locations where you're playing? Just pop into the map viewer every now and then?
Asmin Skenderovic (12 days ago)
Damn dude your channel is doing well, keep on the good work.
Tiger Tank2 (12 days ago)
Plz review the MS16 Scout
Random Asian Guy (12 days ago)
IBeProdigyWild 01 (12 days ago)
50 cal bullets can go through certain materials quite a lot they pack a punch there would be nothing left of a person if you shot some one with one so armour piecing will be used for tanks and armed vehicles to immobilise them in combat not on people unless they need to cos it would destroy them like there wouldn't be anything left 😂😂😂😂
FPS Freak (12 days ago)
Do the other 50 cal
WILLYB SUPPORTER (12 days ago)
can you please have the face cam
John Boshoff (12 days ago)
The bullet spins just like any other round and doesn't twirl, also, on the other questions, Hanky Bannist8r answered those. Also, realistically the .50 cal should be able to go through 2 targets on a body shot as well as a head shot, though there won't be much head left afterwards. Love the vid btw ;)
Darrius James (12 days ago)
John Boshoff he shot a heavy so it didnt but i usually kill three people one bullet one this game,but in real life i saw a video a 50 cal bullet missing a deer and still blew its brains and eyes out them bullets are crazy.
CallMeMrX (12 days ago)
Good gun but let down by limited ammo capacity, even with increased ammo perk
Cole Savoy (12 days ago)
How can you dislike WILLYB
john firerazor (12 days ago)
I just realised what happened to him being called bangura
trill full (12 days ago)
bro you make watching this game fun 😂
trill full (12 days ago)
I’ve saved 144k in this game and I’m still saving money 💰
Max Musterman (16 hours ago)
He is a 5 star 10 prestige lv 85 General he dont need guns he is the Bear Grill off Far Cry the Undertaker off the Holey Cugar Clan
MrJayel27 (7 days ago)
You must be having an incredibly boring time lol. Try actually playing the game
kdagisz (12 days ago)
Gepard gm6 lynx semi automatic sniper irl it's a Hungarian gun heard it's really popular around PMCs
Sven Zwaaneveld (12 days ago)
Very nice videos broo! And daamn what a shots!💪🏼💪🏼
Joshua Niblett (12 days ago)
Play rainbow six plz
Shadow Of Aura (12 days ago)
I personally don't like the intro
Salem Aimes (9 days ago)
Shadow Of Aura Like this L
Dr. phil (12 days ago)
There's not much a fifty cant go thorough armour piercing .50 rounds are used mostly to destroy engine blocks
Stefan Agte (12 days ago)
Wen i Start a New game in far cry 5 what happend With the spezial reward weppon sorry my inglish is Not so god
👍 Big like for you Do an M60 video .Pls 😘😊 Full upgrades
Tpuff58 (12 days ago)
I wanna see the AR-CL
Nick Bell (12 days ago)
The .50cal BMG round is a boattailed round technically purposed for "anti-material" engagements. Earlier on in OIF, we'd claim we were aiming at an enemy's equipment(rifle) and not the person. It was considered excessive use of force and inhumane by the Geneva Convention. Any bullet that doesn't have rifling(spin) is considered armor penetrating in general. Because kevlar vests absorb the impact from a round by allowing the bullet to twist the material around it, dispersing the impact. SAPI/ESAPI(Ceramic/acrylic) armor is a different story, that's what most forces will use in conventional warfare.
Uncharted Gaming (12 days ago)
SA50 for da win!
Uncharted Gaming (8 days ago)
ryan kho, to slow for me.
ryan kho (12 days ago)
Uncharted Gaming what about mb 50
cat lord on ps4 (12 days ago)
Will I would like to see you try to take out a outpost with only throwing weapons.
Camdon Dykes (12 days ago)
make a sniper shotgun. just put on a scope and use slugs.
Michael Matos (12 days ago)
I wish the extendo Mags we’re visibly extendes
Michael Stokes (12 days ago)
Quick tip: Don't bother using ammo for farming animals. Use the Fast drug and the Furious drug and equip the steel knuckles. Having fun one-punching bears into orbit for clean kills.
Richard Ponec (1 day ago)
then proceed to spend weeks searching for the corpses to skin them xD
Dellas 71 (3 days ago)
Michael Stokes good idea dude

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