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This is a EXTREMELY requested video and people ask me ALL the time how to cash out. I thought it would be strange to make a video about it since it's so obvious for most people but I guess people that are new to CS don't know where / how to cash out. People wanted my help on how to cash out without getting scammed. That's why I made this video. :) Here's the picture with the money from the thumbnail. https://www.flickr.com/photos/pictures-of-money/17121923990
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Tony Wynn (14 days ago)
Hello, guess what happened!! I got perfect codes from codenimi. You can also receive them by searching in google as "Codenimi free". You'll find n "number" of authentic codes there.
Mr. Esculex (20 days ago)
Skins.cash is a great site too
Swe_pro (23 days ago)
How do you get a vanila knifes?
Takeouts (27 days ago)
me watching this after i got fucking scammed
Takeouts (24 days ago)
zdeepflshh through this site
zdeepflshh (24 days ago)
you got scammed by this site?
9000halNASA (29 days ago)
How can i sell my own skins for real monney? I use multiply softwere and im not bad. :)
Peter Trujillo (1 month ago)
Hiya, you know what!! I got best codes from codenimi. You can also get them by searching in google as "Codenimi free". You have bunch of codes there.
Mussiz (1 month ago)
fuk ye svenska personer
Mussiz (1 month ago)
r u swedish
Afif Shazwan (1 month ago)
hey can I add money from steam to hellcase?? if can plisss make video
Kolofs (1 month ago)
im only 15 years old, i dont like to gamble because fucking crash is shit i lost so much money but i profited in the end
Chewylouieroblox (1 month ago)
wait im not 18 is dis bad
Njörður Elís (2 months ago)
The bot doesnt want to trade with me tf
JackBender (2 months ago)
Thanks man! Funny as hell ending! LMAO
Tobias Trl (2 months ago)
it's hard enough to create a account....
h3x3 (2 months ago)
Op must hive him some moey , he got 1m views for the video
Emircan Avcı (2 months ago)
WillMBT (2 months ago)
Can you add steam money onto OPSkins then cash out that money???
bronze plays LoL (2 months ago)
сука блять
Tre Yokota (2 months ago)
i put my asimov awp into the site and took it and didnt give me my money
de don (2 months ago)
Tre Yokota in need of cash? DM vreal10 on Instagram right now.. He helps crediting PayPal with a huge amount
This Is fake no just kidding its maybe real but im permamently banned from opskins so kiss my ass anomaly <3
de don (2 months ago)
Dragonkiller0611 Norsk Gaming in need of cash? DM vreal10 on Instagram right now.. He helps crediting PayPal with a huge amount
Gunner1906 TV (3 months ago)
Does this work
Niovo (3 months ago)
bitskin only takes 5% total
EnriqueTheProGamer (3 months ago)
Can I get one of your knifes
Ripane (3 months ago)
i have steam games as gifts in my inventory, do somebody know a site where i can trade this game for skins?
t3rroris7 (3 months ago)
Can someone help me?OPSkins send the trade offer,then it sais that i have to try later amd after that my items were gone.Can i fix this?
White (3 months ago)
can you get the money on your opskins balence?
de don (2 months ago)
White in need of cash? DM vreal10 on Instagram right now.. He helps crediting PayPal with a huge amount
White (3 months ago)
sorry. I get it knowXD
Elite Sniping (3 months ago)
Just got scammed $110 off this site. I logged on, went to sell, selected my item and done everything there, clicked accept or whatever, got a trade offer, accepted that, never went to op skins, messaged the support team, they said it was not their bot and that I was scammed. I really don't know what happend.
Billy2112 (3 months ago)
I got a sick skin it is a Karambit factory new Doppler n I wanna see if I can get a brand new pc
so funny to watch anomaly with his "serious rape voice"
Lonlon Records TM (4 months ago)
get my 240 € from gloves ahahahaha lmaoooo
Rick Nelson (4 months ago)
I need your help I just got a souvenir factory new Dragon lore and was wondering if you could help me figure out what it's worth
MixxelDK (4 months ago)
It didnt work i just lost my knife on opskins!
Jerry my smerry (4 months ago)
Because I know all my viewers are over 18 ✌🏻✌🏻
AivarasC9 (4 months ago)
FUCK ANOMALY PREMIUM PUMPER. i sell nudes for 20$ 30 pictures lmao
Robban (4 months ago)
NO do not trade or somthing like that becuse i got scammed on my huntman case hardned minimal wear DO NOT TRADE ON OPSKINS
Gabi021 (1 month ago)
are you sure?
sam M.Y (4 months ago)
What about credit cards?
whu u mad i dont now (4 months ago)
are you swedes
Danny (4 months ago)
i have like $80 on steam... how do i ...?
Mustafa Bin Yousaf (4 months ago)
We have Easypaisa in Pakistan just like swish pay money on phone number and have his name with 0 fees :)
oliverJ400 (4 months ago)
is it fully safe to buy skins on this website too, just want to check before i do
Detioroit (4 months ago)
subscribed keep it want more information about scams and authentic site
TheBigNoobOfDemmark (5 months ago)
IBradFrazer (5 months ago)
On the Steam Marketplace my entire PUBG inventory is worth £476 or $625, but on OPskins it says my entire inventory is worth £330 or $436. That's a difference of £176 ($230), I know they take a 10% commission on every item you sell, but all the commissions wouldn't add up to $230. So for example, I would like to sell my School Skirt on PUBG, and it sells for £306 ($403) on the Steam Marketplace, but on OPskins the School Skirt is selling for $316 (£240), that's £66 less! and on top of that they then take a 10% commission and a 2.9% Paypal fee, so after I sell all my items I am left with... £200 or $276, when my skirt alone on Steam is selling for £306, £106 more than on OPskins. I don't understand how the prices can be so different? why can't you change your currency?
Invincible (5 months ago)
I have a 600 dollar knife I wanna cash out on OPSKINS, what do?
Adam Thornton (5 months ago)
im 1 millionth veiw :D
Alessio Marin (6 months ago)
I'm 18 in 5 months and I want to pre-order Assassin's Creed Origins which comes out in 2 weeks. Fucks sake. I heard you can get your account frozen if they discover you made a paypal account under the age of 18.
Recep Ronaldo (5 months ago)
Dirty Sprite happened to me
PSYCHEDELIC (6 months ago)
noooo but you still have 2 dollar left how you cash that out
Jus t Fun (6 months ago)
This isnt safe i just lost 400€ because my op accoun got hacked...Yes i dont get my money back and yes i have used steam guard
dude, thats actually true, i got hacked, and someone sold my knife for $207 straight to his bitcoin account, and they just say they carent do anything regrading this situation, and then i ask if there has been any other ip`s on my account, and they answer that someone from Russia had been on my account, and they wont even give me the ip! btw its was a m9 bayonet marble fade, and yes, the support is useless!
Jus t Fun (6 months ago)
The support is fucking useless they wont do anything the just responding with copy past texts
Henry Morle (6 months ago)
does this still work and can i cash out 1000 dollars worth of items
AFie (6 months ago)
How many %?
SN -NasiR (6 months ago)
Is it wanted to level up steam
MarvinMfz (7 months ago)
I USE GAMEFLIP NOW .. EZer to use imo
MarvinMfz (7 months ago)
I got scammed trying to use this site.. I miss my Minimal Wear Slaughtered Bfly knife :(. My fac new Hydroponic and FN hyper beast :(
Hector Rodriguez (7 months ago)
I wanna fuck myself 2 lmao
Sethro66 (7 months ago)
ez pz
Anono_beast (7 months ago)
lmao the end
fizzybarrel (7 months ago)
Is the verification currently still not needed to cashout via PayPal?
Menno Brandt (8 months ago)
So can you only cash out with op points?
Ch1cKoUt (8 months ago)
hello i want to ask did i can cashout with mastercard or only pay pal
n0scop3d RBLX (8 months ago)
i insta sold my ak redline and got 5.60$ for it. when i go to cashout u put my paypal email but it says i dont have enough funds to cashout?????
Pmar Memr (8 months ago)
u need to add funds to ur pp
eliot (8 months ago)
I won't scam you, I will just verify your items. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
madskidles1 (8 months ago)
is a 74.6787% rare?M9 Bayonet | Urban Masked
Rainbow-S- (8 months ago)
5:30 ehh
GamingWithHybrid (8 months ago)
That ending though XDD
Rouvakani (8 months ago)
Brites mine (8 months ago)
i have banned my account misslcicked verificaition and banned my account in opskins
Jokermann (8 months ago)
Paypal works . Mastercard too?
Ryan Klein poelhuis (9 months ago)
I won a Flip lore from 40 cents
MR BOSS (9 months ago)
l am 17 years old XD
Fox (9 months ago)
Give me knifeeeee
Gaming Panda (9 months ago)
If you sell on opskins and they pay directly to your Paypal can you still get scammed? If they ask for a refund??
MrCoffeeMan (9 months ago)
Just use csgo.cash
Finn van Rijn (9 months ago)
I got scammed FUCK THIS SITE
Finn van Rijn (9 months ago)
Anyone who disagrees can fucking rot in hell
Ace (9 months ago)
Use bitskins.
40w meep-meep (9 months ago)
hahahahahahahaha ludwig how are u doing
Demian Vuković (9 months ago)
If you log in with steam on OPskins can you buy a skin with your steam wallet instead of the OPskins wallet?
Lemons YT (9 months ago)
I'm pretty sure on QIWI, you get the money on your account BUT you can't cash it out any place for actual money... so yeah that's a thing.
nl games do (10 months ago)
NikeSploit (10 months ago)
Can you sell csgo keys?
Mr. Corrupted (10 months ago)
ive wanted to play CSGO for a long time its so cool were all cool kids hang out :D
Cee Castle (10 months ago)
you're amazing man !
Dex tel (10 months ago)
Shayan Eu (10 months ago)
I'm 13 in 5 years I will be 18 ^_^
Shadez Entertainment (8 months ago)
damn lmao
PS2Damon (9 months ago)
I can tell you're 13 because you are a weaboo bitch
KvadratHuvud (10 months ago)
Russian friend = F1?
SmashAndKill (10 months ago)
Its ye boy sweden from Anomaly
h0lsteiN (10 months ago)
Does it sill work?
Isaac Chew (11 months ago)
Im only 1 year old ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ειμαι τανκσ (11 months ago)
Is there a way to cash out on Euros? I live in Europe and I have not searched into the matter at all. Can I receive the money via PayPal and make it into Euro or something similar?
ειμαι τανκσ (9 months ago)
As I mentioned, I live in Europe, so every online store is in Euro. I'm not quite sure if I can shop online with USD.
kuubσ (9 months ago)
A Ten Liter Bottle of Szechuan Sauce why? Its okay you got dollars on ur wallet why would you need € if you have $? The only thing would be f.e. if you have 1€ in ur wallet you would have like 1.10$ or so
FreaKy (11 months ago)
HI Anomaly I recently won an skin on h1z1 worth 1000$ and Im gonna use ur method to cashout. Jag är svensk också så #SWEDENPOWER . Skinet heter Cigar Hog Mask. Du kan söka upp det på opskins. Detta är min inv url så lycka mig tur!!! http://steamcommunity.com/id/12Freak3/inventory/#433850
Alex Larsson (11 months ago)
Anomaly I'm not 18-year-old I'm ten xDddddd
owen00707 (2 months ago)
Alex Larsson kys
CenterNova (11 months ago)
Anomaly you sent them things on my birthday Thanks bro
Logo • (11 months ago)
But now the site has changed
Parker Smith (11 months ago)
yeah I'm 18 ...*cough*..15
Vitonic Creis (11 months ago)
Since the money on here is converted into american currency, will paypal convert it back into canadian currency?
BasicallyEvan (11 months ago)
we have venmo is the us
Luke (11 months ago)
anomaly is selling skins to bitcoins and buy weed and guns in deepweb
Cristi Dumitrescu (11 months ago)
opskins is a scam
johnny (7 months ago)
salut , vreau si eu sa mi vand un karambit , merge ?
#PublicRelax newB (11 months ago)
Jakub Polzer (11 months ago)
Ludde, The holy blade

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