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Lighting a Tudor fire without matches!

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There are literally hundreds of fireplaces in the palace, but did you ever stop to think how fires like the huge cooking fire of the great kitchen were lit before the days of matches? Our master cook shows you how dont try this at home!
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James Cyrus (9 months ago)
They were using tinder ever since... >_<
indez23 (1 year ago)
He must have asbestos fingers
Ed Ram (2 years ago)
How do you get rid of the smoke?
rmcdaniel423 (4 years ago)
Search YouTube for "Making Char Cloth". In essence, bits of cotton cloth are put into a sealed metal container and heated to the point that they "char", but don't actually burn all the way to ash. The process is stopped by sealing over a vent hole, depriving the inside of the can from oxygen. Once finished, the delicate charred cloth is capable of catching and holding tiny sparks just long enough to get some tinder ignited.
RoyalChammy (6 years ago)
Wow, very interesting. Just think if we still did that today... And I love the popping noises of a fire ^_^
Mrdbaker2u (6 years ago)
petrol makes good tinder
RebeccasRoses (7 years ago)
Is this a television series that was shown on TV? I would love to see it. Excellent!! Thank you. :)
mysticmagic4760 (8 years ago)
Great clips today.Very interesting to watch.

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