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What the cooks wore and why

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King Henry VIII is very particular about how his cooks dress. He doesnt want guests who pop down for a snack running into anyone working naked or in rags. Appropriate Tudor shirts, hats and jackets should be worn at all times.
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blatherskitenoir (2 years ago)
His doublet wouldn't have had buttons. Buttons would have been super expensive.
chris roberts (2 months ago)
blatherskitenoir but his doublet does have buttons so it must nor be
blatherskitenoir (2 years ago)
+blatherskitenoir or would the buttons have been something like the pleated skirt: a saved-up for status symbol?
I don't know how anyone works in such voluminous clothing. I'd have probably set myself afire.
wickandde (1 year ago)
Lol me too
Toast (8 years ago)
I'd love to work at Hampton court.

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