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Help support my channel if you can. Thank you for all the Likes+Shares :) ► https://patreon.com/Lockk9 ► https://paypal.me/Lockk9 The Worlds Greatest Motor-Sporting Event, The Isle of Man TT. Top speed 190-206mph over a 38 mile street and mountain circuit. Music by Dj Avalon, (When will you come home) ▐►Ulster GP 2013►http://goo.gl/sh0NBe【HD】Download. Use " JUMP35 " Discount Promo code - for 35% off. ▐►Ulster GP►http://goo.gl/gWMTb◄ HARD ROCK VERSION ►http://youtu.be/FOuh6D5Q_4I Original edit ►http://youtu.be/AxHzwWndtvk
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Text Comments (743)
Gavin Ferriter (6 days ago)
Absolutely class video! 👌 Anyone know the name of the song?
rahmad sumardi (29 days ago)
Life is about thrilling action Thumbs up for isle
David Barrel (30 days ago)
what an incredible track , what's the name of the song please?
David Barrel (30 days ago)
of course is a joke. The video is good tough
Osval Biker 17 (1 month ago)
someone who has the song that appears in the video .. please
jasondukebaird (1 month ago)
Riding a motorcycle must be uncomfortable with balls that big.
Andrei Labanz (1 month ago)
USA keeps restricting their Sports Island of Man keeps pushing the envelope
Ruthless Mothafucka (2 months ago)
matthew blackburne (2 months ago)
Micheal Dunlop not happy unless he’s doing 200 past a brick wall ......😳the best rider on this earth full stop
chris vann (3 months ago)
Bravest men on earth. Other motorsports are for pussies. This is as death defying as it gets. Even the grim reaper can't look.
lee walker (3 months ago)
Whats the tune ?
Jonnny Wod (4 months ago)
victory and glory ☝🏻😎
Stephanie Gillespie (4 months ago)
What song is this?? amazing video!
texascclp1445 (5 months ago)
not sure if insane even becomes close to identifying this Great Race
Ferid Aliyev (5 months ago)
02:34 what's the name of this guy? With a red bike and number 16?
Hans Franz (5 months ago)
Was für eine schwule Musik! Hast Du einen Schwanz im Arsch?
Larry McCauley (5 months ago)
They must have special saddles to accommodate giant balls.
Kevil Tran (6 months ago)
They are Superman, not biker :v
Setso Meyase (7 months ago)
phil green (7 months ago)
Guy Martin is incredible. The bravest and the most motivated man who has ever lived.
jonhy kim (7 months ago)
some one know this song ( Trance Emotion Vol 2 DJ Avalon ) 1:11 song name...?
Lyrics Studio (7 months ago)
music name
jonhy kim (7 months ago)
Music by Dj Avalon, (When will you come home)
Bogdan Berila (7 months ago)
andrewwest2003 (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f6GH8ULPyM When will you come home
Grant Novak (8 months ago)
god bless these boys! some one has got to push the limit!
Mark Yanakeff (9 months ago)
I really don't believe people realizes how much balls it takes to power around a corner at 150 and have a hill to dominate and have your front tire lift off the ground before you power around another corner. How could a person with any feeling do the math?
Ashield Gurlhosur (9 months ago)
This is why Aliens will visit us.
hayash aryan dangar (10 months ago)
which song is it of and its very very amazing video
Zack (10 months ago)
I wanna do this I love going fast but I don't really like how 1 fuck up means your probably dead
J Wright (10 months ago)
andrzej b (10 months ago)
Regret that I'm not able to do it phisically. 2,03 mtr. height, 130+ kg of weight. Bike for that never exist... :-) RESPECT !!! all knight's of asphalt...
Putin seine Mutter (10 months ago)
fuck off thing you are cool ? not wen you dead
Roberts Kipurs (10 months ago)
so fucken crazy INSANE brutal. I would die if i get such a dose of adrenaline. ; )
gundula gaukel (11 months ago)
big big big balls....and eyes and right hand handicap..............
eye (11 months ago)
Man first time I am watching and I really start believe that MEN EXIST WITH BIG BALLS.
Max Max (11 months ago)
Lauter Selbstmörder das ist die Wahrheit
Kotkruemel 98 (11 months ago)
Max Max lauter Typen mit eiern aus stahl meinst du Sagst du zu Formel 1 Piloten auch das alle Selbstmörder wären? Das ist ein Sport. Zwar mit hohen Risiken aber trotzdem muss das gefühl dort zu fahren einfach nur geil sein Und wenn du stirbst dann stirbst du wenigstens bei etwas das du liebst
DaBriars (11 months ago)
Respect They got some balls
sweynheim (11 months ago)
any news of the guy at 1:46?
Walter White (1 year ago)
Aż przypomniało mi się jak Pawlacz zapierdalał 2137 km/h na motorze
Renegade24 (1 year ago)
Wtf is this video not even a race nigga
Bordi the one (1 year ago)
whatever pushes these guys to do this? there are more riders dying in this race than in all other races together.
AjijiAjit AjijiAjit (1 year ago)
Milan Kljajic (1 year ago)
3:!5 shit...shit...i cry every time...
Buhari buha (1 year ago)
M dunlop very fast
Yarnoshke (1 year ago)
smoke plumes for accidents to alert for caution ahead.
Yarnoshke (1 year ago)
They should have people around the track with smoke flares that plume up hundreds of meters so riders can see if there was a critical accident and caution ahead.
Sam Dilworth (1 year ago)
This video inspired me to sell my Honda F41 for a Honda CBR600RR. A year later I watched the video again and it once again inspried me to sell my Honda CBR600RR for my 07 Yamaha R1. I put 2 Brothers exhaust on it. The exhaust was Carbon Fiber Trim and it sat real nice on the paint Scheme of The Raven. Then a Dick Smoking Pussy Bitch stole my bike. 3 months later I was sitting at a red light on a Sunday morning at 6AM on the way home from work and I see my bike pull up next to me at the light. I followed him for about 15 minutes while on the phone with the police, he pulled up to a Texaco gas station for 5 minutes so I pulled up for a closer look without being obvious. He got back on the bike and a mile down the road he pulled into a 7-11 for breakfast. I was still on the phone with the police. The police coordinated how they would arrive on scene and about 6 squad cars swarmed the 7-11 and arrested the punk bitch while he was in line. Turns out he wasnt the one on camera who stole it. 2 black guys stole it and he was a Spanish kid. My helmet was stolen with the bike. when he was put in the squad car his nice helmet was on the bike. I put on the helemt to ride home and the cop stops me to say he wants his helmet. originally the cop said i could take it but once the kid said he wanted it, I had to give it back. I found out he was already on bail for beating his girlfriend, and for stealing the bike plus the previous charge he got 5 years in the slammer, He was 19 so he will be getting out when he is 24. He trashed the bike so im glad he got 5 years. He will probably drop the soap a few times and when he gets out he will never be able to sit on another bike. Since it was trashed I parked it at my grandmother's apartment in the garage, very nice neighborhood and it was stolen again. I miss that bike to this day and I still am always on the lookout for it. Maybe 1 day her and I will be reunited. If you have a motorcycle always lock it. Ride Safe out there and when in a car always watch for motorcycles
Edoardo Quiriconi (1 year ago)
Man,you make by far the best TT videos all around YouTube!!! The mix of images and music you choose is absolutely top rank. Keep up the good work!!! ;)
Bastien827 (1 year ago)
Cette musique est inssuportable ! Quel dommage .
Raynalda suatrian (1 year ago)
i don't how to call these racer but for sure they live the dream of all riders
the dude (1 year ago)
I hear you have to drop your pants and show the officials you have balls the size of pineapples or you cant race
Mohammad Basheir (1 year ago)
them people and their skills ! watching them run at 200 m/h is wonderfully amazing. your eyes remain wide open really . but i won't call them insane for i'm sure they are neither mad or maniacs. and i do respect their "'never give up spirit", one has to.
hamid bendadi (1 year ago)
top top.
Aby Mathew (1 year ago)
These guys have carbon fiber balls,which is stronger and lighter than normal balls..which allows them go faster...
Rudra 10 (1 year ago)
Aby Mathew 😂😂😂
Boris Meskov (1 year ago)
One of the best youtube clips for motorcycle i've ever seen
Robert Becksey (1 year ago)
bring on 2018 hopefully I'm gonna be racing 😁
George Laz (1 year ago)
Are you? OHHH man you're in for a treat!!!
ABC Vlogs (1 year ago)
His friend did and died
Mohammad Basheir (1 year ago)
perhaps he wanted to go fighting ! no offense intended though.
ABC Vlogs (1 year ago)
My dad competes in the TT his went off the mountain in a crash near the start🏍🙀🙀🙀
Peace Sniper (1 year ago)
Shut up. No it's not.
Darragh Lynch (1 year ago)
guy martin 2017 please god
Reaver R6 (1 year ago)
he's racing TT this year with Honda
Peace Sniper (1 year ago)
+Silent Storms I heard he's gonna be racing
Darragh Lynch (1 year ago)
Silent Storms ahhh I know ,another bad crash wit the way his back is ,he would never be right after it,,better of staying away
Silent Storms (1 year ago)
Guy Martin has stopped racing the TT, sorry buddy :)
Romi Mo (1 year ago)
Paresh Dalbehera (1 year ago)
everytime i see its gives me goosebumps
- conbleks - (1 year ago)
200 mph on public roads. Wet roads. No more words needed.
Bibina Zola (1 year ago)
- conbleks - And the roads in bad condition
One of the best TT videos out there.
Tony Sundo (1 year ago)
David Worthington (1 year ago)
1:35 life flashed before his eyes, yet still had composure
Sherman Hooper (1 year ago)
Big cemetery's there I bet
threepot (1 year ago)
nice compilation
subzero 87 (1 year ago)
what the song title please......
Stefalo Acha (1 year ago)
come home by DJ Rad
Milan Kljajic (1 year ago)
3:27 this is woman that every man need...lucky guy john mcguinness...
I flash to die (1 year ago)
Valentino Rossi be like 2:32 "this shit is real"
tristan Whyte (1 year ago)
I well do it
Alix Worsley (1 year ago)
1 guy put amerter racing is allways beter than pro racing think u got that a bit rong pal I think there more like the best of the best
PinkPunk PiratTank (1 year ago)
,,,ИДИ ДОМОЙ!!!.
TADHG MCKENDRY (1 year ago)
this song fuckes me up
voxac30withstrat (1 year ago)
I'm madly desperately clicking for the Rock version and it aint working.
voxac30withstrat (1 year ago)
That'd be almost funny if you had some idea what a Vox AC30 was. Or even a Strat for that matter. Nearly a good try though.
voxac30withstrat (1 year ago)
+TT -ROAD -WARRIORS - Lockk9 Thank you
Lockk9 TT Racing (1 year ago)
→ https://Youtu.be/FOuh6D5Q_4I :)
Thomas Evisthom (1 year ago)
isso sim testa as habilidades dos pilotos.corrida muito loca
Shivam Tiwari (1 year ago)
my dream once in my lifetime . I want to go in this race for racing, one of the deadliest lapses of the world
Max Mazourov (1 year ago)
oh and also an insurance cover in case of death for the participants costs... 25.000 euro for the race, double that for disability
Max Mazourov (1 year ago)
you can ride the circuit on Sunday, but you would by very unwise to push it - it's a f*cking tough track and ~38 miles too, so make sure you're fit enough.
Alex Fletcher (1 year ago)
Yuanhao Pan (1 year ago)
those people are real warriors!
goticab (1 year ago)
this song is fuckins awesome jajaja
Bertil Petersson (2 years ago)
watch John McGuiness video "the legend" explaining how to ride the mountain course and then watch him ride the fastest lap. There is nothing that comes close to what these guys do, every year, 5 times over...
the only Good
Mega Mills150 (2 years ago)
this takes balls and some serious skill
xXxXx XxXxX (2 years ago)
toda vez que assisto esse vídeo me arrepio
Kane Paranihi (2 years ago)
serious balls man.
QUÔC ĐiÊP (2 years ago)
Wasis Avriliany (2 years ago)
keren bgt
bob byo (2 years ago)
Crazy!!!!!! At 1:35 almost hitting the racer on the ground after the flames! These are different people than you and I.
Mike Parker (10 months ago)
think that was Guy Martin after the fireball?
ari susilo alo (2 years ago)
where is it (tt isle man )
Gordon Wilson (2 years ago)
+ari susilo alo Irish Sea, between Britain and Ireland.
EliteOps1 (2 years ago)
+ari susilo alo on the isle of man
ari susilo alo (2 years ago)
+kevin johnson because iam from indonesia
syauqi0602 (2 years ago)
men with a pair of iron ball
Pablo Alvarado (2 years ago)
Sick Ass Video! 👌 #BikeLife
lilevil 1955 (2 years ago)
I stopped the video at the 1:30 point and put my helmet on. Fuk me dead man!!!
Dean Joseph (2 years ago)
Another breed of motor sport racer - right up there next to a fighter jet pilot.
camokoy (1 year ago)
better than jet fighter pilot's these guys don't have parachutes
TheDeftonesmusic (2 years ago)
Only one word supersane
hazza gaming (2 years ago)
Best place in the world but the place where lots of people died and I hate to watch the crashed videos from the tt it makes me go all weird
Sunset Blue (2 years ago)
+hazza gaming - and yet, ironically, this didn't claim Yer Maun.
wutosigo666 (2 years ago)
One of the best TT vids
Lil James James (2 years ago)
all im goin to say is inches inches from the wall watch the video pause it on the fly by holy hell.famous last words.....oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
seanspiering (2 years ago)
2:32 dude peels layers off visor this race is so fucking intense my god
seanspiering (2 years ago)
+seanspiering i assume he does this to hve a fresh view and has multiple layers of thin plasitc film he can pull off.
619LILCHICO (2 years ago)
Anybody know how I can get this song on my phone ? I can't find it on ITunes
TheShunon (2 years ago)
If i only had 2 lifes, 1 of them i would use it here..
Govind Challuri (3 months ago)
the best comment i have seen about TT thank u TheShunon
Hanaan Ali (6 months ago)
TheShunon next minute you be like am in China
smaz eleu (1 year ago)
imagine the balls haveing one life and use it all here
Mario Lanz (1 year ago)
TheShunon if you had skill too...you could have three lives if you didnt have the skills. or you just saying they're just nuts with no skills.

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