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Using Sourcebottle com as a part of your link building strategy.

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In this video, I talk through how you can use the site Sourcebottle.com to secure web media features, citations and link acquisition opportunities. It works in a similar way to HARO. (Help a reporter out). Simply sign-up and start pitching your expertise or the value-proposition of your business. You can also learn more about securing these types of opportunities by purchasing our SEO ebook - http://businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com/ebook
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Brittnay Sharman (9 months ago)
Hi David, thanks for the informative videos! I have just a quick question, when building links for clients do you approach the webmaster as someone from the company your building links for or from an agency point of view?
You're welcome. I usually do. But most of the time I need to create a profile for them. So I tend to create an email address and build their online portfolio with social media channels as well. It requires more work, but it helps with getting more link acquisitions in my opinion. I hope that this helps.
Brittnay Sharman (9 months ago)
Thanks for the quick reply David! Would you ask the client for a company email address as a "spokesperson"? Thanks :)
Hi Brittany. Thank you for your question. It depends. The ideal scenario is to do link building on behalf of the client. So I tend to use a 'spokesperson persona'. However there are times when I need to mention that I am representing the company for link building efforts. The first approach has a better success rate in my opinion. I hope that this helps.

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