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How to get a dofollow link on a University website.

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Getting links from educational websites like universities are among the most coveted links in the SEO space. In this video, we show you how we were able to acquire a do follow link from one of the United Kingdom's top universities. The link was acquired using an outreach method to the webmaster of the university's web page. I wanted to show that you can use white hat link building to effectively acquire highly authoritative links from educational websites such as universities. In order to create a strong pitch to acquire this type of link, we created content that would be valuable to their students. (You could say that this was a part of a content marketing strategy) By creating content that was specific to a particular audience, it was easier to pitch for the acquisition of the link. The content shared living experiences in Korea for students that want to consider teaching English in South Korea. Like you would find if you were implementing Brian Dean's Skyscraper technique, publishing valuable content will allow you to scale your link building efforts. In this case, we were able to pitch to several universities. Watch the video to see exactly how we implemented this tactic.
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Wayne Small (4 months ago)
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Delarno (9 months ago)
Hello there, Would you suggest me the type of message you sent to him? I would love to get a link to my blog: http://www.booboone.com
Delarno (9 months ago)
Okay thank you
Hi Delarno. You can easily share your stories to interest sites. Also consider sharing the images and writing guest blogs.

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