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The Story of Lady Margaret Pole

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Maragret Pole, the oldest female prisoner in the Tower of London's history, was imprisoned in 1538. These films are a teacher resource for Key Stages 2 and 3. http://www.hrp.org.uk/tower-of-london/learning/teachers/teachers-resources/
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darkbutterfly883 (1 month ago)
Poor woman rip
Basil P. Concepcion (1 month ago)
Henry Viii wanted to assassinate her son Reginald but failed so he have Margaret beheaded instead.
Sincerely Shajila (2 months ago)
This is great and very interesting thanks
Leah Walentosky (3 months ago)
Her father was excited by being drowned in a barrel of wine
Person Person (3 months ago)
I remember watching these a lot when i when i was 8. 14 now. I lost this channel bit found it again😃
Wendy Hull (2 years ago)
The execution of this poor old woman is proof of the Tudors cruelty.
Husk Dackloe (1 year ago)
Wendy Hull l
Wendy Hull (1 year ago)
I thought he did
elleanarchy (2 years ago)
Umm, had he not been executed by his brothers, George Duke of Clarence (Margarets father) was actually 2nd in line to the throne not 3rd.. until Edwards IV sons were born.
Ivan Reyes (1 year ago)
This narrator is not clear about time. She doesn't say around what time Margaret's father was 3rd in line. We do know that somebody that is in line gets pushed down by future births and deaths. But this is for sure. You and the narrator are wrong. England never practiced Salic law unlike France so girls were counted. When Margaret was born in 1473, her father was 6th in line after Edward IV's then 5 children. 3 days later he was pushed down the line by the birth of a son (The future Duke of York) and he would still be pushed down had it been a daughter.
Corrinna Pole (2 years ago)
Thanks for this! It was a cute way to share the tale but some bits were altered, such as her execution. When I visited the Tower I was told about her defiance in the face of death, running around the block and receiving 11 blows. We were also told this account was contemporary. I've always fascinated by her story. That link is the reason I decided to keep my maiden name.
kernowoggie (2 years ago)
Goodness, who isn't a direct descendant?
Phan Blossoms (8 months ago)
Thats an untrue rumor that was started much later about her not putting her head down. She was hacked 11-15 times but she placed her head down and i believe she was 67 at the time.
kernowoggie (1 year ago)
Nor me either! Her death was particularly gruesome, barbaric & nasty & proof of Henry VIII's paranoia. She was undoubtedly innocent of all charges, not that the truth really mattered one jot. This account isn't accurate because it does not explain that she refused to lay her head on the block & was reported to have said "no traitors hair among these strands of grey shall you find". She was very old (70) by Tudor standards which makes her death even worse. The executioner made his first blow and hit her shoulder and she then got up and ran & was literally hacked to death on her feet & it took more than a few blows to finally kill her. Just to add insult to injury the King refused to allow her body to be buried in the tomb she had prepared for her death in Christchurch Priory which can still be viewed. Maybe it's much better not to be kin to such tyrants as King Henry VIII!!
Scotty Watty (1 year ago)
not me thats for sure, pure peasant stock on both sides.
Nathann Rodriguez (2 years ago)
brent pal (4 years ago)
I am directly descended from margaret pole...very interesting video. :)
kaitlin seabright (3 months ago)
Her granddaughter, Catherine Pole only has two known living descendants, it's rather quite interesting 😂
Lala Bilec (3 years ago)
I am also a direct descendant.  It's rather odd to see things so sketchy.  Great video.
Dominick DelliPaoli (5 years ago)
and bid him if he would have her head, to get it off as best he could; so that he was constrained to fetch it off slovenly". And so he is said to have pursued her around the block, striking her head and shoulders with the axe until she finally succumbed to the onslaught, her mutilated corpse being buried in the chapel of St Peter. - The Book of Execution by Geoffrey Abbott (word for word)
Dominick DelliPaoli (5 years ago)
Incredible defiance rather than grace & propriety was shown when Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, mounted the scaffold. This elderly lady, whose family had fallen foul of Henry the 8th, had been imprisoned for 2 years, without trial, warmth or adequate clothing. Now her final moments had come, but, when she was told to lay her head on the block, she refused, saying: "So should traitors do, and I am none". When the executioner insisted, she " turned her grey head this way and that,
Alok Narain (7 months ago)
Dominick DelliPaoli . Margaret Pole said "I am no traitor " Well, she wasnt, judging by modern standards. . But in the reign of Henry VIII possessing Catholic leanings which, I suppose she didn't mask, was high treason. Moreover, her son , Reginald, was openly Catholic. The short tempered king did tolerate her for quite long.
Phan Blossoms (8 months ago)
No, that was a rumor started much later. She did put her head down.
Simon Mitchell (5 years ago)
*peter ad vincula

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