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SEO expert chat with Louie Luc - The importance of valuable content, guestographics and more.

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I had a very interesting and fun chat with Louie Luc, an SEO and digital marketing expert from Portugal. He's been in the digital marketing space for a while and shared some insights which included building links to scale with guestographics, developing valuable content to incentivise natural links and his monetisation strategies for his current web projects. You can learn more about his ventures by visiting his website. http://www.buzznitrous.com/ https://twitter.com/BuzzNitrous https://au.pinterest.com/buzznitrous/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BuzzNitrous If you would like to learn more about SEO, you can check out my SEO ebook. http://businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com/ebook/
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Kim Official Channel (10 months ago)
Wow. That's awesome story. Thanks for sharing...
redhotmustang (9 months ago)
Thanks! :) (I'm Louie btw :P)
Thank you Kim :)
redhotmustang (10 months ago)
Awesome video David and Louie, great insight and knowledge shared! :)
Thank you +redhotmustang :)

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