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FAST⚡NARROW ROADS ✔️ -IRISH-ROAD-RACING-☘ . . (Isle of Man TT type racing)

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Help support my channel if you can. Thank you for all the Likes+Shares :) ► https://patreon.com/Lockk9 ► https://paypal.me/Lockk9 #96► https://FB.com/96AndyFarrell 600cc ZX6R -IRISH-ROAD-RACING-☘ Cookstown Road Races, Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland 3.4 km / 2.1 mile - "Orritor" Street Circuit
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Text Comments (190)
Ramli Ramli (1 day ago)
Such a crazy thing....the road is too narrow....and to near the houses and buildings....
Nenad Bogoevski (1 month ago)
4:08 :O
Abhishek Roul (1 month ago)
Music to the 👂 s
Beard Wierd (1 month ago)
Why do we even put formula 1 on the telly when we have this?
Roberto Guadorosso (1 month ago)
Iron balls !!!!
shibrik (1 month ago)
That Bike's exhaust is just amazing
Phillip Hamilton Lee (1 month ago)
Balls of steel
Fun (1 month ago)
Lov that ass cam
rototo titir (1 month ago)
holly shit, roads are really narrow !
IBeProdigyWild 01 (2 months ago)
Baso farmers lanes these lads are nutters much respect for what they do
Patrick Apprend (2 months ago)
Ça arsouille fort ! Merde pléonasme.
Gabriel Videos (2 months ago)
o resto é mimimi... :o
Ahmad Phay (2 months ago)
nice sound!!!
Jason Ivie (2 months ago)
Catch that mfucker...
Tim Venables (2 months ago)
Wish I'd raced here! Which road circuit is this? Thank you.
Massimo Pavesi (2 months ago)
Bell video 🏁 ti manca un po' di motore.
max maguire (2 months ago)
Fucking qaulity
max maguire (2 months ago)
Stunning mate
2 Teker Osmaniye (2 months ago)
Ulaa Uçuyorum laa
Fruchart Cindy (3 months ago)
Tim Barry (4 months ago)
Patients in charge of the asylum
Sharon Davison (4 months ago)
That was very impressive 👌
Vangrand Vangrand (5 months ago)
U can not adjust something unless you place a metre... That thing holds a kilo of shit in my pants.. Base jump holds 930 grams.. Freestyle motocross 825 grams...paragliding 800 grs....
Gary Billington (5 months ago)
Crazier than the TT with them all starting at the same time and the roads seem narrower and "dirtier" is the only way i can think of describing them. Awesome skills.
Trevor Watson (9 months ago)
no even remote comparison to nascar, why do some of these videos have music? the sound of these bikes is the ultimate music. if i only had these kind of balls!
Petr Danek (9 months ago)
intercepting punch (10 months ago)
aww man this is so FUCKING COOL!
jmmoral1 (10 months ago)
Michael Davies (10 months ago)
At the start I was thinking " this isn't fast" then realised it's mph not kph
TheSighBored (10 months ago)
Little or no room for mistake, salute to the riders.
Michael Byrne (10 months ago)
Wow thats intense! I felt like I was in it! Great video!
Lê Thành Lâm (10 months ago)
i much respect citizens here :D they and their pets do love speed and danger @@ just wonder if a dog cross the street...
jordanaug81 (10 months ago)
Road racing is SO MUCH better than ovals or circuits.  Wish we had more of this in the states.
Lanang Bagus (10 months ago)
Alan sharif (10 months ago)
TT race is the most deadliest racing in the world, one mistake, rider is charred to death...
Anuar Ismail (10 months ago)
more crazy than moto gp
beni8978 (10 months ago)
This makes me sweat because of stress.
Irpan Irawan (10 months ago)
Great crazy motor race in narrow road of the town!!! Congrats for the racers and the major who managed this GP2. Love much of it.
Joel Paulle (10 months ago)
just above total insanety,i. ..l love it.
Victor Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Nice video man.. good editing.... stay in two wheels .
chronic yt (11 months ago)
Thank god for irish road racing, I wish we had this in oz but our government r sh!t cxnts ,gone r the days of bikes at Bathurst 😥, great vid m8 keep them coming 👊👍
SURF-4-LIFE (11 months ago)
thats a quick 600!!!
bmwdreiermax (11 months ago)
Die sind schon ein wenig wahnsinnig 😊👍👍
Ipanen (11 months ago)
How is this a thing but group b isn't
Paul Hull (11 months ago)
Outstanding Gerard,c'mon Andy Farrell #96 one quick guy and a top bloke.
Jason Phillips (11 months ago)
These guys were "the shit" before "the shit" was even known as "the shit"
Nate Higgers (11 months ago)
In the Isle of Man type of races Gear is only used to increase the Aerodynamics since in case of a crash its completely useless
Migue L (11 months ago)
q aburrido... jajjajaj😅😑😑😑😑😑😑da ganas de dormir
Soft Revival (11 months ago)
A little earlier need opening the throttle in the turn
Ralf Ralf (11 months ago)
you are grate racer
N O O R (11 months ago)
good start up, bad @corner
Master Piece (11 months ago)
Great sound! A muffled mic tucked away does the job nicely!
tHCpsIlocyBIN 99% (11 months ago)
now this is the real racing oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :)
zdenek marik (11 months ago)
🔊 🎬
graham cutler (11 months ago)
Top fellas
Tshaj Lij (11 months ago)
great video I watch over and over again.
MrPepepim (11 months ago)
oh yeah...
Andrew Mapplebeck (11 months ago)
Every rider out there is bonkers! Fantastic!
daniel pascal (11 months ago)
I think I was good on speeding in my 125cc scooter 😂😂 But now I am relized, I am retarted
Simon Templecombe (11 months ago)
MrP020372 (11 months ago)
I help anytime (11 months ago)
I know it's an awesome adrenaline rush and passion, but a simple mistake could make it your last day... #RideSafe
Maverick Moto (11 months ago)
fookin superb
adam zabawa (11 months ago)
In first 2 seconds we are witnessing very unusual technique of making scrambled eggs... Which, as you can see doesn't really work if you have balls of steel...
Tùng Phạm (11 months ago)
r6,r6 and r6
Faris Mee (11 months ago)
What a pleasure to watch and HEAR the bikes instead of #[email protected]&%*! music.
Hanna Manzano (11 months ago)
this riders had some titanium balls
Reijo Reccu Lehtonen (11 months ago)
Finefinefine! All to Imatra June - 17
Howard Roark (11 months ago)
...the epitome of a true spiritual experience...
Paul Feighery (11 months ago)
wallace guni (11 months ago)
Alex Kunze (11 months ago)
Is it me or did this guy get passed by everyone under braking?
LRGHMN (11 months ago)
The last true bastion of racing ..... Of any kind !!
Juul de win (11 months ago)
That feeling when u look at the video and think they are going 50kph or something but they are actually going 100.. :O
Redline R6 (11 months ago)
He is loosing to much time on downshifting and slowing down
manx man (11 months ago)
Great on board....really enjoyed that....awsome
Kari Kepala Gajah (11 months ago)
you ppl are mad!
marlenesco (11 months ago)
I love this channel
John Brown (11 months ago)
This on-board is always site with ANDY FARRELL is one of the Best !!
Mr. Kitty (11 months ago)
Music to the ear....
Ibson vieira (11 months ago)
Insano ....
BrakelateVideos (11 months ago)
Looks like a typical "Breakfast Ride" with Xbacksideslider, Tetge, MikedeBike2002 and KneedragginChick to me.
ZackeryxEuler (11 months ago)
In my whole life of YouTube, I've never seen a quality such as 1440pHD!
Road racing media (11 months ago)
I was there it was good weather then it rained so heavy
brendanECS (11 months ago)
Great video Thanks for uploading 👍
Apex (11 months ago)
You have to think as well. Most of these lads have normal day jobs. So to be as good as what they are, you have to take your hat off to them. Balls of steel to ride them roads like that.
john o donnell (11 months ago)
One of the best on board i have ever watched and i have watched a lot keep them coming. Andy f 96 quality pilot.
Matt Bonneville (11 months ago)
Clipping that hedge at 100 mph, sweet.
Vabble (11 months ago)
Lock, do have any more from cookstown that will be up soon?
Fiona Ferris (11 months ago)
Just spent the weekend working at this nice to see some actual racing!!!
Missy Dee (11 months ago)
These folk are all madder than a box of frogs. Brilliant!
passive101 (11 months ago)
what type of racing is this? I want to find more of it!
Vabble (11 months ago)
passive101 irish road racing. check out more of this channel for the best footage. I would also recommend just searching "isle of man tt" although, national races in Ireland are just as good. You could also search, nw200, ulster gp, kells, skerries, faugheen and more.
Bradley Johnston (11 months ago)
was 100x better in person you don't understand the speed and risks these guys and girls take
Ljubo Rajic (11 months ago)
Lockk9 - POWER - Thanks ;-)) RESPECT - VERY NICE VIDEO
Alain Chouinard (11 months ago)
crazy sport for crazy people! i like it!!!!!
blipco5 (11 months ago)
How on Earth do they fit their balls down those narrow roads???
Loyd Daez (1 month ago)
blipco5 look ahead
Scott Murray (11 months ago)
Big massive balls that must take.
maloon26 (11 months ago)
great pics Gaz
Dewilly101 (11 months ago)
It's downright scary watching someone go into a blind corner (over a fucking crest!) at 160km/h. I'd probably shit myself! :-D
Tim Barry (4 months ago)
Probably? I definitely would.. while crrying
jonathan gormley (11 months ago)
sounds nice

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