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CSGO: Why you should ALWAYS cash out

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Guys, make sure you always cash out, use opskins.com to cash out. I am not sponsored or anything, just giving you some advice Get 25c free to spend on skins at http://csgohouse.com/?rid=76561198121914733 Get 10 points free to spend on skins at https://csgoshuffle.com/referral?c=X4 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarisunnYT Trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=161649005&token=whFJlX0D 1v1 Funny/Rage Moments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az6lrns-bVM&feature=youtu.be -------------------------------------------------------- Use code Harisunn (or) HARISUNN at http://www.csgoegg.com/ & http://csgopolygon.com/
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Text Comments (47)
P4ro (1 month ago)
when i get skins (lets say i have 5 knifes) i cash 4 knifes out and keep the one knife just to play around with it
Sir Aeon Jay (1 year ago)
Misclicked and lost $50 rip
Dayz_legend (1 year ago)
when you cash out on opskins does the $5 charge come out of my opskins wallet or from my paypal account?
Dayz_legend (1 year ago)
A % comes off the money you are withdrawing, not from the balance. To add a bank account you need ID.
Javier Alvarez (1 year ago)
Dayz_legend so what was the outcome? Did they take away $5 and btw if you cash out from pay pal do you need to show your id
The Relic (1 year ago)
I don't think they charge you 5$ since they take a cut of each sale. There is just a 5$ minimum for cashing out.
Isak (2 years ago)
bad video -rep
Adam xD (2 years ago)
why cant i cashout? You do not have enough funds in your wallet to cashout. You currently have $0.00 in pending cashouts. $400.00 cannot be cashed out
Adam xD (1 year ago)
its ok i sorted it but thanks anyway
MegaMily (1 year ago)
did you pay for it or sell a knife?
O Hall (2 years ago)
Would a $400 pc build be good for csgo, gmod, and other games and video editing?
Evan Reid (3 months ago)
Lol 400
Ewizee (1 year ago)
that would be fine
Active EJ (2 years ago)
Not really I would go for at least 1k$ my pc was 2200$ it can run anything
Momentum (2 years ago)
Great video dude i totally agree...
Kurty (2 years ago)
Cash out?
LynxeXS (2 years ago)
Hey man, I'm so thankful I found this video. I bought my knife in December and saw the potential in this website for flipping. Seems like such a great market to get involved into and good indicators (volume, avg price, etc.). I also just thought of a new method I would like to discuss with you about. Thanks for this video man, hopefully we can talk soon.
fl0z (2 years ago)
Hey, do you give betting predictions?
Funding Things (2 years ago)
My friend had like 210$ in a site, and it shut down, lmfao
Evan Reid (2 months ago)
Felix Liang with me it was CSGOHouse
Felix Liang (2 months ago)
which site lol?
Evan Reid (3 months ago)
Fucking just happened to me, with only 65 but still
Pipenguim (2 years ago)
Assureddoge (2 years ago)
The reason i dont cash out yet is because if i do, i wont make it back to where i am now. I can make over $100 off of one trade where i am now, if i cash out, and restart, i will be back to making cents. its not worth cashing out until it is necessary.
Assureddoge (2 years ago)
+Jailbird x you could but it's not as effective, for example, I recently owned a collectors item worth 370 keys, if I'd have cashed out some I wouldn't be able to get it, instead I got it and sold it for 425 keys in nice items
O Hall (2 years ago)
Never played csgo before but if you have say $1000 couldn't you cash out 600 abd work with $400?
foxx (2 years ago)
Yeah you are absolutely right. Having more buying power is always better
Chase (2 years ago)
What if u don't want to put your ssn?
Chase (2 years ago)
whathow it aksks for my ssn
Rohan Mudumba (2 years ago)
+Chase I can use PayPal cashout and Bitcoin to deposit funds into OPskins and I haven't put in my ssn
Chase (2 years ago)
+Rohan Mudumba what's the point if you don't lmao
Rohan Mudumba (2 years ago)
You don't have to just use PayPal cashout
Macu (2 years ago)
I dont want to put in my government id
Macu (2 years ago)
i dont think so
JusticeAlong (2 years ago)
do you only have to do that if ur from usa
Nuxan (2 years ago)
The bigger your inventory, the more money you can make from trading or betting.
hammoutihamdi (2 years ago)
i totally disagree. why? let's say you have 100$ (in skins or steam money or whatever) you have two options: - cashout - reinvest that money/skins to gain more money and cashout later whenever you need to obviously, it's smarter to keep investing that money instead of cashing out
Flying_Doom (2 years ago)
+Harisunn thanks, i saw it today. it starts at 5$ :^)
Harisunn (2 years ago)
+Flying_Doom I think you can cashout at $5 or possibly $10
Flying_Doom (2 years ago)
+Harisunn how many is enough to cashout? how many do you need if you can cashout? i have 3$ and i cant cashout, i saw you got 9$ and its still not enough. how many $ i need to actually can cashout?
Harisunn (2 years ago)
+hammoutihamdi That's fine, but if you never cash out, you haven't made anything
Shuuji (2 years ago)
nah there are some stickers on the skins thats the reason why they are more expensive
Will Ridings (2 years ago)
How much real money have you cashed out? :)
JusticeAlong (2 years ago)
+Will Ridings 300
G'day (2 years ago)
you didnt really give any reason you just said that you dont make money until you cashout, i usually like your videos but this one i was open to your argument but you were just saying you should just cash, just cashout, but you didnt give a reason, sorry i just don't understand, i am keeping my skins so i can trade up more thats why.
vaniljaums (2 years ago)
King Duraid Anka (2 years ago)

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